Your Council Tax Bill

Unfortunately all households have a council tax liability and failure to pay it will end up with you appearing in your local Magistrates Court!

Like everything else in life you need to fully understand what your obligations are with council tax and importantly what your rights are in respect of what you have to pay and what you can claim etc...

How is Council Tax calculated?

To find out how much your Council tax is you need to consider:

1. ‘Which valuation band your property falls within (see below);

2.  How much your local council charges for the band that your property is within; and

3. Whether you are entitled to any discounts or exemptions on your full bill.

Your valuation band


Below is a standard table showing council tax banding. This will give you guide but you will need to go on to your local councils website to see exactly how they band properties in your area.
Council Tax valuation bands Ranges of values in England Ranges of values in Wales
A Up to £40,000 Up to £44,000
B Over £40,000 and up to £52,000 Over £44,000 and up to £65,000
C Over £52,000 and up to £68,000 Over £65,000 and up to £91,000
D Over £68,000 and up to £88,000 Over £91,000 and up to £123,000
E Over £88,000 and up to £120,000 Over £123,000 and up to £162,000
F Over £120,000 and up to £160,000 Over £162,000 and up to £223,000
G Over £160,000 and up to £320,000 Over £223,000 and up to £324,000
H Over £320,000  Over £324,000 and up to £424,000
I   Over £424,000

Ways to pay your council tax bill


You can usually pay your Council Tax bill in one of the following ways:
1.By post; or
2.By direct debit; or
3.By standing order; or
4.In person at your council's offices; or
5.Using 'Paypoint', 'Payzone' or 'Quickcards' for cash payments at post offices, banks, newsagents and convenience stores


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