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Circumstances when a gas/electricity company may enter your home

An employee of a gas or electricity company may enter your home in any of the following circumstances :

  • You agree to let the official enter
  • A magistrate has given the official a warrant authorising the official to enter
  • There is an emergency and the official has reason to believe that there is danger to life or property.
A gas or electricity board employee/representative is entitled to ask to enter your home, or to apply to a magistrate for a warrant, in order to :
  • Inspect, substitute or re-install a meter (including a pre-payment meter)
  • Add, alter or repair supply lines or pipes and other fittings
  • Remove from a pre-payment meter money or tokens belonging to the supplier
  • Inspect any other fittings
  • Disconnect the supply or remove a meter or other fittings in certain circumstances.
In order to obtain a warrant, the official must show that :
  • You have been given at least twenty-four hours' notice (except in certain circumstances where at least 2 or 5 days or up to a week may be required)
  • He or she has asked to be admitted and you have refused
  • The premises are unoccupied.
Entry must be at a reasonable time and the official must leave the house as secure against trespassers as it was when he or she arrived and make good any damage caused.
It is a criminal offence to intentionally obstruct a person who has a warrant or who asks to be admitted in an emergency.  The maximum penalty is a fine on level 3 (currently £1000).  It is not an offence to refuse to let the official enter if there is no emergency and the official does not have a warrant.







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