If it's not right COMPLAIN

Its official, we are a really polite nation that does not like to complain. In addition to this we are a nation that generally does not know its rights and as a consequence is not confident in complaining. We have to change this!

So, here is my guide to complaining:

1) If its not right COMPLAIN

You need to get in the mindset that if you buy goods or services and you do not get what you thought you was going to get, complain. The fact that you are reading this means that you are prepared to complain so see it through.

2) What are you complaining about?

You must know exactly what it is you are complaining about, what has gone wrong or what did you not get? Set all of this out on a piece of paper.

3) Who are you complaining to?

Contact the organisation that you are complaining about and ask them for their complaints procedure and who you should complain to.

4) Complain in writing

Armed with your piece of paper that sets out your complaints, draft a letter of complaint and tell them 1) what you purchased and when 2) what you was expecting 3) what you have not received and therefore precisely what your complaint is and 4) what you want them to do

5) Give a time limit

In your letter of complaint give them a time limit of either 7 or 14 days to respond.

6) Don't give up

If the person that you complain to rejects your complaint escalate the matter to the official body that regulates them.

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