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I've been in a road traffic accident

If you are injured in a car crash (either as the driver or a passenger), whether it is simple bruising and whiplash or something more serious, it is worth finding out if you can claim compensation for those injuries, how long the claim will take and the potential costs involved in claiming.


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Are you sure that someone else was to blame for the accident?


your consumer right

Did you suffer an injury or other form of loss as a result of the accident?


Make sure you have a note of the make, colour and model of any other vehicles involved, together with their number plates

Note any damage to other vehicles involved


Make a note of the other drivers' names and addresses


Make a note of any witness names and addresses


Do not make any admissions about liability


Try and draw a rough sketch plan of the accident scene and where the vehicles ended up (if possible go back later and take some proper measurements)


Write down your version of what happened.


See your doctor so that your injuries are assessed and documented.


NOTE: You must report road traffic accidents to the police within 24 hours if you have not stopped and/or not been able to provide your name and address, car registration number and insurance details to the other parties.

NOTE: Notify your insurers as soon as you can after the accident.

IMPORTANT: If the accident was not your fault and you have been injured then you should consider making a claim.

You DO NOT have to use the solicitors chosen for you by your insurers. If you need help with your claim our specialist team can provide you with initial advice on whether you have a claim and organise for one of our specialist panel solicitors to represent you.

You will not have to pay anything as the other side will pay 100% of your legal fees.








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