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Changes to the law when someone dies without a Will

06 October 2014 - This week the new Inheritance & Trustees Powers Act 2014 came into force in England and Wales, which has introduced numerous changes to what happens when someone dies without having left a Will, otherwise known as ‘Intestate’. The mai ... read more »

New protection for Consumers against rogue traders

06 October 2014 - As a champion of people’s rights I am delighted to announce that a new law has come into force this week that provides consumers with greater rights and protection in relation to unscrupulous rogue traders. This new law is called the Consumer P ... read more »

Phones 4U go bust - know your rights

22 September 2014 - Last week Phones 4U was the latest High Street brand to collapse leaving many customers in doubt as to where they stand with their contracts and purchases. At the moment the company is in administration, which is a bit like a life support machine and ... read more »

Co-Habitees Rights

22 September 2014 - I keep being asked about what your rights are when you live with someone but are not married. It’s a good question as your rights as cohabitees are very different to that of a married couple, despite the age-old myth about ‘common-law wiv ... read more »

Dont let fraudsters get fat on slimming pill scams

21 September 2014 - For many people reading an advert about a super sliming pill where you can loose a significant amount of weight and benefit from a FREE trial is simply too hard to resist. But beware as nothing in life is free and the majority of these offers and not ... read more »

Tax discs - the new law

08 September 2014 - Since 1921 vehicles have had to display the iconic round disc. However, all is about to change and if your not up to speed with the new rules you could find yourself on the end of a £1000 fine. Here’s what you need to know: When do the ch ... read more »

section 75 - when you can and cant use it

08 September 2014 - I have been beating the section 75 drum on numerous occasions over the past 12 months, as it is a valuable consumer protection that many people do not know about. To recap, if you purchase goods or services on your credit card and purchase price is b ... read more »

RBS/Natwest fined £14.5m - are you entitled to compensation?

01 September 2014 - Over the past few weeks I haven’t had cause to write about financial institutions doing wrong and I was starting to think that perhaps we are turning a corner. I was wrong as this week the Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest (both part of the RB ... read more »

Sneaky Bank Fees - Help us to stop this

01 September 2014 - Time to get on my soapbox about a subject that I am passionate about, ‘bank charges and fees’. I have been campaigning about this for a long time to try and get the banks to be more transparent and fairer with their charges. Whilst the ba ... read more »

How to complete Section B of CPP claim form

24 August 2014 - Ive had a flurry of emails from people reclaiming CPP (card protection) asking me what they should write in Section B of the CPP Claim Form so here’s a guide: 1. Identity Protection policies It has been identified that CPP exaggerated the risk ... read more »

Your Rights when your luggage is lost or delayed

24 August 2014 - Thousands of holidaymakers will either lose their luggage or experience a delay in retrieving it, when going or returning from holiday this year. Whilst watching an empty carousel go round without your luggage is a horrible feeling you do have rights ... read more »

Experiencing bad mobile phone coverage?

18 August 2014 - Ofcom, the mobile phone regulator, has found that a third of rural customers are dissatisfied with their mobile phone service, mainly due to poor signal. Sound familiar? Here’s what you need to know: Firstly, the phone provider’s small pr ... read more »

5 Things you need to know about consumer credit laws

18 August 2014 - Credit cards, loan agreements and hire agreements are all part of everyday life for most people. It is therefore imperative that you know what laws govern and protect you in relation to these. The law in question is the Consumer Credit Act 1974, amen ... read more »

Dont be fobbed off by a warranty provider

03 August 2014 - Its an all too familiar scenario, you buy good from a shop, at the check-out the sales person convinces you that you should take out a warranty to protect you if the goods develop a fault and then 12 months later the warranty provider fobs you off wh ... read more »

Your Rights when you use the NHS

03 August 2014 - I keep receiving emails asking me “do I have rights when it comes to the NHS”? The answer is “yes” and the next time you have a cause to use the NHS you really need to know what they are. The NHS Constitution sets out what you ... read more »

Guide to Reclaiming PPI - Part 4

27 July 2014 - 4. Other common questions How far back can I claim? If your account was still active during the last six years you can claim. So a loan taken out ten years ago, repaid in full five years ago is fine. In some cases you can go back further. I cannot fi ... read more »

Guide to Reclaiming PPI - Part 3

27 July 2014 - 3. How do I know if I was mis-sold PPI? PPI may have been mis-sold to you if it turns out that the policy is not appropriate for your needs. Set out below is a list of the reasons why such a policy may have been mis-sold to you. You were aged under 1 ... read more »

Are you being chased for a debt?

27 July 2014 - Every year banks and other financial institutions review their debtor books (i.e.: outstanding customer loans) and decide which ones are proving difficult to collect and therefore unlikely to be repaid in the short-term. These loans are then generall ... read more »

WIN a new Apple IPad2 - courtesy of Consumer UK - Free Entry!

27 July 2014 - Win the all new iPad with this fantastic FREE competition from consumeruk. Enter now to be in with a chance of winning this amazing price. To enter simply read our Prize Draw Rules and fill out the form below. Prize Draw Rules 1. Entry to the competi ... read more »

Guide to reclaiming PPI - Part 1 - 2

27 July 2014 - 1. What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)? The idea behind PPI is that it covers your debt repayments if you cannot work – for example, if you become ill, have an accident or if you are made redundant. For this reason it is commonly sold al ... read more »

Compensation to be increased for power cuts

27 July 2014 - Compensation payments for customers who experience a power cut for more than 24 hours is being tripled. The Regulator Ofgem has announced that the minimum compensation payment will rise from £24 to £70 and the maximum amount that can be c ... read more »

Guide to Reclaiming PPI - Part 5

27 July 2014 - 5. How do I claim? If you have determined from the above that you have a claim you should take steps to claim without delay. You have 2 ways of pursuing your claim: By using a claims management company or solicitor: or Pursuing the claim yourself. At ... read more »

New costs cap to be introduced in relation to Payday loans

23 July 2014 - I am delighted to say that this week has signalled another victory for consumers in the quest to properly regulate payday lenders and to step on their bad practices. The financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has therefore announc ... read more »

Do the Money Shop owe you money?

23 July 2014 - Here’s yet another example of a payday lender doing wrong. This time the culprit is The Money Shop, that well known lender with shops on the high street. So, if you have loaned money from The Money Shop here’s what you need to know: What ... read more »

A Guide to your rights when buying online

21 July 2014 - Your Rights when shopping online As well as your normal statutory rights you also get some extra protection when shopping online under The Consumer Contracts Regulations. Your right to cancel an online order When buying goods online you have the righ ... read more »

Don’t get caught out with a second hand car

14 July 2014 - Consumer tips for buying a second hand car Over the past few months I have received lots of emails from readers who have had disasters with faulty second hand cars. Before you buy a second hand car here’s what you need to know: Who are you buyi ... read more »

More delays for flight delay compensation

14 July 2014 - Jet2 puts the breaks on flight delay compensation Last month I wrote about the victory to consumers in relation to flight delay compensation after one brave passenger took on the airline and won. As a result of this case it meant that the ai ... read more »

Five top tips to keep your money safe when jetting away this summer

07 July 2014 - Don’t risk a hol lot of trouble When you’re spending your hard-earned cash on a family holiday, you want it to be perfect, but sadly, that’s always the case. Tens of thousands of families find their summer breaks turn into a nightma ... read more »

Long line of problems at Heathrow Terminal 5

04 July 2014 - Heathrow Terminal 5 lost baggage - Your rights to claim The news has been filled with stories of holidaymakers struggling to get away hassle free. The latest being that many British Airways passengers who have flown in the past week from Heathrow Air ... read more »

La Senza falls back into administration - Know your consumer rights

01 July 2014 - High Street lingerie retailer La Senza has entered administration La Senza falls back into administration for the second time in two years It has been reported that lingerie chain La Senza has fallen into administration for the second time. The news ... read more »

Win a Alice in Wonderland Mug courtesy from Beautiful Writing on Everyday Things

30 June 2014 - Win a English Bone China Mug in ConsumerUK Free Prize draw Discover a great cuppa and Win a mug from Beautiful Writing on Everyday Things We have joined up with Beautiful Writing on Everyday Things to give away a Beautiful English Bone China mug. Thi ... read more »

How to right a Wonga scam

30 June 2014 - Wonga to pay £2.6m compensation for faked debt firm letters When I started writing for the Sunday Mirror, almost a year ago today, the first thing I wrote about was payday loans – and in particular the bad practices adopted by Wonga. At t ... read more »

Lender to return overpaid loans

29 June 2014 - West Brom Building Society to pay out £2m in compensation Over 7,500 former mortgage customers of the West Bromwich Building Society were overcharged when they redeemed their mortgagees. Here’s what you need to know: Am I affected? If you ... read more »

Lost out over BT's loss of service? Find out if you have a claim

28 June 2014 - Know your rights if you suffered loss due to loss of BT internet BT left the majority of it's 7 million subscribers tearing their hair out after problems with broadband stopped customers from getting online. The company soon faced a backlash as f ... read more »

Jane Norman enters administration for a second time

27 June 2014 - Jane Norman enters administration - Know your consumer rights High Street fashion retailer Jane Norman has entered administration Up to 157 jobs are at risk, at Jane Norman after parent company Edinburgh Woollen Mill has confirmed it is to place it&# ... read more »

West Brom Building Society to pay out £2m in compensation

26 June 2014 - West Brom Building Society overcharges mortgage customers Thousands of West Bromwich Building Society customers are to get a share of £2 million compensation after the building society admitted it had charged too much interest on some accounts ... read more »

Have you been Add? Latest Holiday scam costs victims a fortune

23 June 2014 - Jetting away this summer? Protect yourself from bogues travel sites Take these simple steps to avoid new holiday scam alert Here’s what you need to know to keep you and your family safe from phony travel websites. It has been reported that ther ... read more »

Independent opticians sweep consumer poll

20 June 2014 - Should have gone independent optician Where is the best place to buy glasses 2014? New research provided by Which? reveals the best and worst places to buy glasses, with local independent opticians coming top and some of the well-known brands ... read more »

Tough new Consumer laws

20 June 2014 - Consumer rights shakeup Consumer law changes 2014 Thanks to a new European Law known as “The Consumer Rights Directive” our consumer rights have been considerably strengthened. Under the new rules consumers are given higher levels of prot ... read more »

Virgin mid contract hike puts customers out

20 June 2014 - Virgin Mobile customers face 2.5% mid-contract price hike Around 800,000 customers are facing yet more mid-term price hikes despite Ofcom’s intervention earlier this year. Virgin Mobile is raising its pay-monthly contracts by 2.5 per cent from ... read more »

Another victory for delayed air passengers

19 June 2014 - Victory for passengers after ruling on flight delay compensation Millions of Jet setters who have experienced delays or cancellations in the last six years could find that they are entitled to claim compensation from their airline thanks to a landmar ... read more »

Lakeland Leather enters administration

18 June 2014 - Lakeland enters administration - Know your consumer rights A leading fashion retailer with 22 stores across the country has entered administration Up to 200 jobs are at risk at Lakeland after specialist administrators McTear, Williams & Wood were ... read more »

Jet2 ruling sees delayed customers compensated

16 June 2014 - FLIGHT DELAY COMPENSATION - UPDATE How to get compensation for delayed or cancelled flights from so called extraordinary circumstances We had a real David v Goliath moment this week when a consumer took on an airline ( over its refusal to pa ... read more »

Ofgem announces 3 day energy switching

16 June 2014 - Three-day energy switch thanks to Ofgem’s new rules New rules to energy switching will see process taking just three days by the end of 2014 What are my consumer rights when 3 day switching? The Energy regulator Ofgem has announced that a three ... read more »


15 June 2014 - Holidaymakers may be compensated due to Passport delays Can I get compensation from uk passport delays? Consumers have been suffering a ‘holiday nightmare’ before even stepping foot on a plane in recent months due to long-delays with pass ... read more »

Earn 12% interest on your money - you wont get that from a bank!

13 June 2014 - A few weeks ago I was contacted by a developer who wanted to explain their new investment scheme and how great it was not only for their business but for investors who want to earn more than the few percent on their money that the bank will currently ... read more »

Insist on a fair deal for faulty phones

09 June 2014 - Can I leave my 2 year contract early if my handset is faulty? Have you taken on a new iPhone or similar smart phone recently and, if so, did you agree a two-year contract so that you could get the handset for free? It might seem like a great deal but ... read more »

Short changed by PPI payouts

09 June 2014 - Are you due a slice of the PPI shortfall? Being compensated fully for one of the biggest banking financial rip-offs seems to be a never- ending story. And it still doesn’t look like going away as many people who have had a pay out have been sho ... read more »

Top tips to avoid data roaming charges at the Brazil World Cup

06 June 2014 - Don't come back to high phone bills this World Cup Thousands of England football fans will soon be heading out to Brazil for the start of the 2014 World Cup. If you're lucky to be one of them you will know only too well how expensive 2014 Wor ... read more »

GameOver Zeus threatens us all - Protect yourself from becoming their next victim

04 June 2014 - GameOver Zeus virus - Protect yourself against dangerous malware If you are one of millions of Microsoft users in the country you need to be aware of a dangerous malware that has infected thousands of computers. GameOver Zeus virus - What has happene ... read more »

Know your rights if goods are dangerous or unsafe

02 June 2014 - Consumer rights on dangerous goods After reports this week of Bosch and Hotpoint dishwashers catching fire. I was flooded with emails asking about your rights if you buy a faulty item. In some cases the fires have caused substantial damage to homes & ... read more »

How to end your neighbor hell

02 June 2014 - Your legal rights over Problem Neighbours I receive a lot of letters and emails from people whose lives have been made a misery by noisy neighbors. It is a common problem and it can be tricky to deal with. Always try speaking to the neighbor first. I ... read more »

All change for child support

27 May 2014 - Changes in child maintenance - parents need to agree or face fees Anyone who is divorced with children will know the Child Support Agency deals with child maintenance – and has come in for a lot of flack over the years. Is has been accused of b ... read more »

Payment slip costs Scottish Power 750k

26 May 2014 - Ofgem penalises Scottish Power 750k for mis-selling energy You'll know by now that mis-selling and scandals over admin errors are a regulator topic in this column. Well, this week it's Scottish Power's turn. They have been hit with a &pou ... read more »

Do I have to pay Npower's delayed bills?

23 May 2014 - Energy regulator orders Npower to fix customer bills There have been horror stories about people getting power bills from their old supplier months or even years, after leaving them. But now regulator Ofgem had told Npower it must end the scandal of ... read more »

Go offline with new web rules

19 May 2014 - The Right to be forgotten If you’ve ever googled yourself you’ll know the internet is a wealth of personal information – and not all of it is flattering. But if you fear that information you might not want it to be know to friends, ... read more »

Get on to E.ON for a slice of £12m

18 May 2014 - E.ON “Sorry” for Miss-Selling This is getting like Ground hog Day, with me telling you yet again about a mis-selling scandal involving a household name. The regulator Ofgem has concluded that energy suppler E.ON failed to have in place su ... read more »

Aviva 'sorry' for you confusion

13 May 2014 - Confusion over Aviva's payouts for past underpayments Many of you have written to me saying you are confused about Aviva’s payouts for past policy underpayments. You’ve said that even though you think you might have a claim you have n ... read more »

Halal Suppliers could be sued

12 May 2014 - What are my consumer rights over mis-labeled Halal meat? One of the big stories of the week has been about some supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways using Halal meat without telling us. I has been reported that big names including Pizza Express, A ... read more »

OFT tells Debt management firms to clean up act

09 May 2014 - Debt rogues on borrowed time Debt management firms told to clean up act Debt management firms have been told to clean up their act by the financial regulator. The Financial Conduct Authority says too many firms are encouraging people to sign up to ex ... read more »

Don't let fraud catch you out

09 May 2014 - How can I protect myself from being scammed? If you're elderly or struggling financially you're facing what Citizens Advice calls an "invasion" of scams - online, by phone, through your letterbox and on your doorstep. May is Scam Aw ... read more »

Refunds are on the cards

28 April 2014 - Mis-sold CPP card protection: Claim your refunds Last year I wrote about card protection policies which had been mis-sold by banks and how many people who signed up for them were owned compensation. A scheme was set up so that, if customers and the H ... read more »

You've got the power to save

14 April 2014 - Save hundreds on your energy bills through collective switching Many of you have told me you're struggling to pay your gas and electricity bills In fact, since I wrote about Ofgem's investigation into the big six suppliers. I've been inun ... read more »

I'd steer clear of logbook lenders

13 April 2014 - How risky are logbook loans? Logbook loans are promoted as a fast and easy way to borrow money without going through a credit check. Like payday loans they attract crazy interest rates - typically 300 percent - but the difference is you have to put u ... read more »

Lloyds bank uses loophole to shortchange PPI claimants

07 April 2014 - Mis-sold? Now don't miss out If you won a pay-out after being mis-sold a PPI policy you’re probably delighted with the extra cash – but you might have been short-changed. Customers who received a payment from Lloyds Banking Group &nda ... read more »

New rules make bad lenders pay

07 April 2014 - New rules govern dodgy payday lenders Despite all their vows, many payday lenders are still reneging on promises and breaking the rules – and it’s the customers who suffer. The good news is that this week the Financial Conduct Authority ( ... read more »

Ofgem's investigation into the Big Six energy providers is long overdue for consumers

31 March 2014 - Ofgem's investigation into the Big Six energy providers The the energy regulator Ofgem has finally got tough with the 'Big Six' providers and referred them for a full competition investigation. So what does this ­actually mean and how ... read more »

A Guide to School Admissions

21 March 2014 - Guide provided by Part 1: Choosing schools Find out what schools are in your area. Find out the admissions criteria for the schools you’re interested in. Your local council will be able to help with this. Applying to schools outside ... read more »

Bedroom Tax Legal loophole – Thousands to get refunds

20 March 2014 - Claim back your bedroom tax cut If you live in social housing you could be one of thousands of people hit by the so – called bedroom tax. But, it has now emerged that some tenants wrongly lost cash for having a spare room – and can claim ... read more »

Don't let a trim be a saw point - Your rights on overhanging trees

17 March 2014 - Know your rights when your neighbours tree overhangs in your garden If your neighbour’s tree overhangs your garden it can be tempting to give it a trim – especially if it blocks out all-too-rare sunshine. I’ve had lots of questions ... read more »

It's still not too late to make a compensation claim if you were mis-sold PPI

10 March 2014 - Can I still reclaim Payment Protection Insurance? Over the past few weeks I’ve had lots of people asking me if they can still reclaim payment ­protection insurance (PPI) premiums. The short answer is yes, if the policy was mis-sold to you a ... read more »

Help me clean up payday loan hell

09 March 2014 - Don't suffer payday loan hell in silence Payday lenders are still giving consumers plenty to be wary of despite being pressurised to clean up their act. I have written and campaigned extensively about payday loans over the past year and I am plea ... read more »

Internacionale UK has entered administration

28 February 2014 - Internacionale UK collapses into administration This morning the woman’s fashion chain Internacionale entered administration The high street fashion retailer has 89 stores and employs around 1,000 staff. It has been reported that Bruce Cartwrig ... read more »

The Pledge in the Press

27 February 2014 - The Pledge in the Press ... read more »

Rail passengers should know their rights

24 February 2014 - Rail passengers should know their rights This week I found myself stranded at London Euston railway station for hours due to major disruptions. Lots of people were complaining but it was clear that very few people actually knew their rights. In fact ... read more »

Big six give your cash back to you

24 February 2014 - How to get YOUR money back from the bank accounts of the Big Six energy firms Read your meter: Get an accurate measure of your energy use Gas and electricity firms love you to pay by direct debit and that does mean you have one less bill to remember ... read more »

Power cuts? - Get the compensation that you are entitled to

09 January 2014 - Electricity suppliers are set to pay out millions in compensation to its customers following the power cuts, which many people experienced during the flooding. If you have been left without power you may be entitled to compensation, here’s what ... read more »

Don’t let retailers discount your rights

09 January 2014 - We are now one week into the January sales and already we have seen some bumper deals from the retailers who are clearly trying to get a head start with their 2014 sales. All sounds great, but what happens if you want to return something that you pur ... read more »

Tips for returning unwanted christmas gifts

02 January 2014 - What rights do I have returning unwanted gifts? We all receive Christmas presents that we don’t want, sometimes because we simply don’t like them and on other occasions they are the wrong size or colour, or perhaps they are broken. It is ... read more »

Changes to flight delay compensation announced – but when are they landing?

02 January 2014 - I have written about flight delay compensation fairly extensively this year as it is a subject that touches many people, obviously meaning that flight delays are very common. I have also heard hundreds of stories about your delays and more importantl ... read more »


01 January 2014 - Npower agrees to pay £3.5 million to help vulnerable customers Npower will be paying out £3.5m to customers following the findings of Ofgem, the energy regulator, that they have mis-sold energy contracts to customers both on doorsteps and ... read more »

Beware of the Store cards this Christmas

23 December 2013 - Millions of people will have turned to credit this year to cover the cost of Christmas and many of those will have succumb to the sales patter convincing you to take out a store card. Many high street retailers therefore tempt customers to sign up to ... read more »

Christmas shopping - Your rights when shopping in store

20 December 2013 - Know your Consumer Rights this Christmas It’s that time of year again when we are all in a shopping frenzy leading up to Christmas. It is therefore important that you know your consumer rights. Here’s what you need to know when shopping & ... read more »

Another Banking scandal - Lloyds Banking Group fined a record £28 million

16 December 2013 - Yet another story about a bank ‘mis-selling’ has hit the news This time the Lloyds Banking Group, which includes Lloyds TSB, the Bank of Scotland and Halifax, have been fined a record £28 million by the Financial Conduct Authority a ... read more »

Be Internet Zavvi - Your rights on good delivered by accident

13 December 2013 - Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after delivering wrong goods I have received lots of emails this week about the online store Zavvi. Shoppers who ordered the PS Vita game, which costs £19.99, got a surprised when the goods were deliv ... read more »

Another IT Glitch for RBS/Natwest/Ulster Banks

08 December 2013 - Natwest fails customers on 'Cyber Monday' - How to get compensation 24 million NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers found themselves unable to withdraw cash, use credit cards or make online transactions last Monday. To make matters worse, M ... read more »

Major networks all agree to cap bills for stolen phones and halt mid-contract price hikes

08 December 2013 - Mobile phone customers will be protected from bill shock if their phones are stolen Good news for mobile phone users Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, as they have become one of life’s necessities. However, they are also a cause of ... read more »

A Step closer to proper regulation of the payday lenders

01 December 2013 - Payday loan Interest rates will be caped under new rules I have written extensively about Payday lenders where my message has always been that there is a place in the market for them but they must treat consumers fairly and must be tightly regulated. ... read more »

Beware of Gift Vouchers This Christmas

24 November 2013 - Giver beware - Christmas gift vouchers could become worthless Many of you will either be considering purchasing or will have already purchased a gift voucher as a present for someone this Christmas. However, what many people do not realise is that wh ... read more »

New Consumer Laws For Christmas

24 November 2013 - The Government is to extend consumer rights We are all being given a gift this year in the form of additional shoppers rights to be wrapped up in a new Consumer Rights Act. This new act combines eight separate regulations and pieces of legislation an ... read more »

Snow your Employment rights this Christmas

14 November 2013 - Ice Work if you can get there Severe weather has been forecast for the lead up to Christmas and in fact snow has been predicted for as early as next week. This will therefore mean schools closures, travel disruption and issues with getting to work. S ... read more »

Bank insurance mis-selling - CPP card protection

10 November 2013 - CPP SAFEGUARD YOUR CLAIM Several weeks ago I wrote about card protection policies being the subject of the latest mis-selling scandals by the banks. Since then those who took out CPP would have received a letter explaining about the compensation sche ... read more »

Do you know about Home Heat Helpline?...thought not

25 October 2013 - The Home Heat Helpline This week saw the launch of the Home Heat Helpline campaign, backed by Energy UK - which represents the energy companies. The campaign launches as new research shows that hundreds of thousands of households will be left in poor ... read more »

Help with Fuel Payments

10 October 2013 - Don't miss out on between £100 - £300 in tax free cash Under the Government's Winter Fuel Payment scheme, you could get between £100 and £300 tax-free to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 5 Janu ... read more »

Minimum wage rises to £6.31 across the UK

02 October 2013 - What is the National Minimum Wage? Minimum wage increase starts today Today (1st October) sees a rise in the National Minimum Wage but workers lose out as inflation outstrips the rises. These are the new rates which have come into force. National Min ... read more »

Family awarded €1,600 (£1,238) in compensation from Thomson after flight delay

01 October 2013 - Your rights when the airline refuses to pay compensation Most people are not aware that if they have suffered a lengthy flight delay they can claim compensation. Many people have faced cancelled flights, delayed flights, or even denied boarding, and ... read more »

FCI finds 'serious issues' with PPI complaints at 12 firms

26 September 2013 - Are you unhappy with the way your PPI claim was handled? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found serious problems with the way some firms handle complaints about mis-sold payment protection insurance. In some cases claims for compensation are ... read more »

Beat phone bill run up by child

23 September 2013 - How to get your money back when kids purchased apps Parents have been hit with big bills after their children played games on their ipad and iphone. Obviously prevention is better than cure, so if your child plays with games online consider taking ac ... read more »

Protection from energy being cut off for the elderly, financially hard-up and people that are unwell

16 September 2013 - Don’t let your energy supplier leave you out in the cold Most of the UK’s energy suppliers are signed up to something called “The Energy UK Safety Net” and as such have pledged to never knowingly disconnect a vulnerable custom ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - procedural impropriety - Part 4

15 September 2013 - There has been a procedural impropriety by the council The council has not complied with the Regulations This means that the council has not complied with the Regulations made under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) or the relevant regulations. F ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets -The relevant Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is invalid - Part 3

15 September 2013 - The relevant Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is invalid. This means that the TRO was invalid or illegal. What is a TRO? A TRO is the legal instrument by which traffic authorities implement most traffic management controls on their roads. Under the pro ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - The penalty charge exceeded the amount applicable -Part 2

15 September 2013 - This means that the council has asked for more than it was entitled to under the relevant Regulations - The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (Guidelines on Levels of Charges) (England) Order 2007. Levels of Penalty Charge Band>>>& ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - Grounds of Appeal -Part 1

15 September 2013 - Parking tickets - Grounds of Appeal The contravention did not occur The Ticket should not have been issued For example: The signs and lines were wrong The PCN was not served The events alleged did not happen The vehicle was entitled to park For examp ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - owner is a vehicle hire firm - Part 6

15 September 2013 - The owner is a vehicle hire firm and: The owner of the vehicle (i) the vehicle was on hire under a qualifying hiring agreement; and (ii) the hirer had signed a statement of liability for any PCN issued during the hire period. This ground applies only ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - vehicle was taken without the owner consent Part 7

15 September 2013 - The vehicle was taken without the owner's consent. My car was stolen This ground covers stolen vehicles and vehicles used without the owner's consent. It could apply, for example, to a vehicle taken by "joy-riders". It does not gene ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - Penalty has already been paid - Part 8

15 September 2013 - The parking ticket has already been paid The penalty has already been paid: (i) in full; or (ii) at the discount rate and in time. If you decide that you dont have any grounds of appeal you may have mitigating circumstances. If you do, you should wri ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - Mitigating Circumstances Part 9

15 September 2013 - Fighting Parking Tickets - Mitigating Circumstances Example Mitigating Circumstances This is not an exhaustive list, but rather some examples: You were parked due to an emergency You was only loading or unloading so was not actually parked You was on ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - Appeal process - Civil parking tickets Part 10

15 September 2013 - How do I appeal against a parking fine? Appeal process - Civil parking tickets STAGE 1. MAKE AN INFORMAL APPEAL This will apply to you if you had a ticket put on your car (not if you were clamped, had a ticket through your door or was towed – i ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets - did not own the vehicle Part 5

15 September 2013 - The appellant did not own the vehicle when the alleged contravention occurred. You didn't own the vehicle at the time For example: They never owned it They sold it before or bought it after the date of the contravention. The appellant should prov ... read more »

Fighting Parking tickets

14 September 2013 - A GUIDE TO FIGHTING PARKING TICKETS If you get a parking ticket you first need to consider if you have any grounds of appeal: Grounds of Appeal1. The contravention did not occur 1. The Ticket should not have been issued For example: The signs and lin ... read more »

Flight Delay Compensation - update on how far back you are entitled to claim

08 September 2013 - Flight delay compensation- how far back you can claim Have you tried to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight only to receive a letter from the airline stating that you cannot claim as you are outside of the 2 year limitation period? I ... read more »

New Facebook email malware - “Pages you might like"

05 September 2013 - Be wary of emails from Facebook which suggests “Pages you might like” The email addresses you by your first name and contains a series of pictures that take you to compromised websites hosting malware. If you do accidentally open the emai ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life

04 September 2013 - A guide on how to fund care in later life Funding long term care is a complicated area and one that causes a great deal of worry for many people. Care doesn’t come cheap that is why it's worth taking time to consider how you will fund your ... read more »

Bank insurance mis-selling - CPP card protection - How to claim

01 September 2013 - Another Insurance Mis-Selling Scandal - Your Rights to claim More than seven million people (including me) have been sucked in to their bank's or card provider’s sales pitch that they ‘needed’ CPP insurance (card and ID protecti ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 15 - Using a no-win no-fee solicitor

31 August 2013 - Using a no-win no-fee solicitor Bott & Co as the leading flight claim specialists in the UK offer a 100% “no-win, no-fee” service in which you will receive a qualified legal opinion on your prospects of success, proper representation ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 5 - What if my flight is cancelled?

31 August 2013 - Flight Cancellation Compensation If you want to find out if you can claim for flight cancellation compensation, check the following. Step One. Did the flight in question depart from an EU member state? Or Did the flight land in an EU country AND is t ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 11 - Other points to note

31 August 2013 - Other Points to Note When do the airlines have a right not to offer compensation? The regulations do offer the airlines a statutory defence, but this is only in relation to "extraordinary circumstances." These would include such areas as Po ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 8 - How Long Will A Flight Compensation Claim Take?

31 August 2013 - How Long Will A Flight Compensation Claim Take? Recovering your compensation can be a long process if the airlines are not prepared to pay the compensation due to you. Some passengers have written to airlines and been ignored or told there is no comp ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 9 - Right to reimbursement or rerouting and right to care

31 August 2013 - Right to Reimbursement or Re-routing and Right to Care In the event that you are unjustifiably denied boarding or your flight is cancelled with insufficient notice you have a right to reimbursement or re-routing and also for care. In terms of reimbur ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 10 - Your rights when Downgrading Your Flight

31 August 2013 - Your Rights when Downgrading If the air carrier places you in a class higher than that which you have paid for, it may not request any supplementary payment. If they place you in a lower class than that which you paid for, then they must pay you: 30% ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 12 - Example lead cases

31 August 2013 - The Lead Cases It is always good to be able to quote legal cases when complaining: Nelson and Others v Deutsche Lufthansa AG and C-629/10 TUI Travel and Others v Civil Aviation Authority The Court of Justice confirmed its previous ruling that passeng ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 13 - What about contacting the CAA?

31 August 2013 - What about contacting the CAA? The Civil Aviation Authority is the UK’s Natural Enforcement Body and the aviation regulator. If you contact them with details of your claim they will provide you with a ruling as to whether you have a valid claim ... read more »

New variation of 'Emergency holiday money' phishing scam hooks consumers

31 August 2013 - New emergency holiday money scam on the rise A new variation of the 'emergency holiday money' phishing scam has appeared in the last week. BT internet subscribers have been contacted by fraudsters via email who claim that a new upgraded servi ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 14 - Can I claim myself

31 August 2013 - Can I claim myself or do I need to use a law firm? The costs of claiming yourself can be very high if the airline defends the claim in court and you end up facing hours and hours of detailed technical defences and paperwork. The obvious benefit of pu ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 1 - What is Delayed Flight Compensation?

30 August 2013 - What is Delayed Flight Compensation? Passengers travelling by air are now able to claim up to €600 each if their flight is cancelled, delayed for more than three hours, or if they’ve been denied boarding. This compensation has been set by ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 2 - How do I know if I have a claim?

30 August 2013 - How do I know if I have a claim? You must ask the following key questions: 1. Was the delayed flight departing from a European Union (EU) country or arriving into an EU country on an EU based airline? IF NO, YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLAIM 2. Was the flight ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 3

30 August 2013 - Extraordinary Circumstances for Flight Passenger delays Airlines do not have to pay compensation for delayed or cancelled flights if the cause of such delay or cancellation is down to "extraordinary circumstances" (this is due to Regulation ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 4 - Passenger Rights

30 August 2013 - Passenger Rights If you are the victim of a delay then the airline has a number of obligations to you as a passenger. You have a right to compensation, a right to a refund or re-routing on a different flight, and a right to care. Airlines will usuall ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 7 - How to claim delayed flight compensation

30 August 2013 - How to claim delayed flight compensation Unfortunately, recovering your compensation from the airline can be a lengthy and complicated process if you’re doing it on your own. You will need to write to the airline explaining the circumstances of ... read more »

Guide to Delayed Flight Compensation - Part 6 - How much can I claim?

30 August 2013 - How much can I claim? Regulation 261 sets out a range of claim amounts that are designed to compensate passengers for their time, not for the cost of a ticket. This means that even if you’ve bought cheap tickets on a budget airline, you will st ... read more »

Top tips for tenants - What you need to know

29 August 2013 - Tips on Tenants rights - A fact sheet for your rights and obligations You are likely to be an assured shorthold tenant if your landlord is a private landlord and the tenancy began on or after the 28th February 1997 and the house or flat is let as sep ... read more »

Hospitals increase parking charges by up to 100 per cent

29 August 2013 - Hospital car parking charges Hospital car parking price hike NHS Trusts and local councils in England are colluding with each other to get extra cash from anyone who parks in or near major hospitals. Some hospitals are increasing their parking fees b ... read more »

PPi nuisance call keep on coming dispute public outcry

29 August 2013 - PPI nuisance calls The public is facing a deluge of unsolicited text messages, phone calls and emails about claiming for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, two thirds of British adults have received ... read more »

Bankruptcy Q&A

28 August 2013 - What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a formal court procedure which can be started by you or by someone that you owe money to (your “Creditors”). Once you have been made bankrupt, you don't have to deal with your Creditors. An official c ... read more »

Off on holiday? - make sure you know their laws & customs

28 August 2013 - Before going on holiday make sure you check overseas laws Can I sun bath topless while i'm on the beach? Whilst on holiday this Summer, you might come into contact with the legal systems of other cultures. It is important to note that just becaus ... read more »

Your rights - if you want to cancel your holiday to Egypt

28 August 2013 - How can I cancel my holiday? The news has been filled with scenes of protests and violence in Egypt recently and horror stories of hundreds of people being killed in the clashes. If you’ve got a holiday booked to Egypt and no longer want to go, ... read more »

Banks hit for £1.5bn mis-selling bill for ID theft insurance

24 August 2013 - By Mark Kleinman, City Editor - Sky News Britains banks face yet another mis-selling scandal from miss-selling ID theft insurance Britain’s banks will face up to another major mis-selling scandal on Thursday when the City regulator announces de ... read more »

Law reforms may mean that minor crimes would be tried by magistrate

14 August 2013 - Possible magistrate reforms could mean minor crimes could bypass court Reforms to the magistrate court system could mean that shoplifting and some minor crimes could be dealt with by magistrates sitting in an office rather than a court. Thousands of ... read more »

Ten top tips if you have been delayed while on holiday

06 August 2013 - How to get compensation if you have been delayed by train, plane or coach Did you know that there is a full set of passenger rights for all modes of public transport? These rights cover the entirety of the EU. You are covered irrespective of whether ... read more »

The Owners of killer dogs could face life in prison

06 August 2013 - Owners of dangerous dogs that kill could face life in prison Owners of dangerous dogs that kill could face life in prison under new legislation which will treat dogs as deadly weapons if they are used to attack people. The new rules should come into ... read more »

Have a driveway near a busy train station? Get ready to make some extra cash

05 August 2013 - Your right to rent your driveway Householders may soon have the right to turn their driveway into a car park without requiring planning permission under Government plans to tackle the excessive parking charges imposed by town halls. The Communities S ... read more »

Rail passengers demand same rights as farm animals

05 August 2013 - During heatwave tube temperatures were higher than what would be illegal for cattle, goats and pigs Rail passengers are demanding to be treated no worse than farm animals after it emerged that train operators are allowed to carry commuters in tempera ... read more »

Save Legal Aid - Our campaign with the Sunday Mirror

05 August 2013 - Save Legal Aid - Legal Aid cuts - No to PCT The Legal Aid system was introduced in the 1950’s after World War Two and was designed to provide a safety net for those who could not afford to pay privately for legal assistance and therefore was su ... read more »

British Gas are trailing "Free electricity on Saturdays" scheme

04 August 2013 - British Gas will soon trial a new scheme which will give its customers free electricity on Saturdays British gas will trial a new scheme which will give smart meter customers an opportunity to join a new tariff, which will mean that using electricity ... read more »

Are nuisance calls bothering you? TPS shamed into doing better

01 August 2013 - TPS under fire for not doing enough to protect people from unsolicited sales calls Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) are to look into the work of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to see if it is protecting consumers from ... read more »

Police send warning not to fall for “China Sports Lottery” scam

01 August 2013 - “China Sports Lottery” scam The scam letter tells the recipient that they have won more than £800,000 in the China Sports Lottery. The letter persuades trusting readers to contact an address in Beijing and London. The warning from C ... read more »

Vodafone raises pay-as-you-go call costs

01 August 2013 - Vodafone pay-as-you-go customers will have to pay more for calls Mobile phone giant Vodafone raises call cost for its pay-as-you-go customers, as it will start charging users per minute instead of per second. Obviously, this will mean that calls will ... read more »

Another bank under investigation over PPI complaints

01 August 2013 - FCA will start an investigation over how Lloyds Banking Group has been handling PPI complaints The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is investigating Lloyds Banking Group over the way it handles complaints concerning the mis-selling of Payment Protec ... read more »

Your rights to holiday pay

31 July 2013 - Your rights for annual leave and holiday pay The majority of workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. This is known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave. The only exception is people who are self employed. Almost all ... read more »

Supermarkets to simplify price labels

31 July 2013 - Aldi, Co-op and Waitrose have anounced decision to simplify their price labels Morrisons, Aldi, Co-op and Waitrose respond to consumer campaign by promising to simplify price labels Shoppers should be able to compare prices and special offers more re ... read more »

Government considers crackdown on nuisance calls

31 July 2013 - Call centers could be closed down if they continue to annoy their callers Under possible changes, call centres will be licensed and could be shut down if they fail to clean up their act. If calls are considered to be "annoying", "incon ... read more »

Postal porn scam hits doormats at random exposing kids to hardcore DVD’s

31 July 2013 - Police & Royal Mail are working together to investigate reports from households who have received unsolicited hardcore DVDs The graphically explicit DVDs came in the normal post in plain packaging and were often opened in front of children and ot ... read more »

Do you have a zero hour contract - Do you know your rights?

30 July 2013 - Sports retailer Sports Direct employs over 20,000 staff on ‘zero-hour’ contracts - are you one of them? Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced an investigation into zero-hour contracts. More than 20,000 part time staff at Britain&rs ... read more »

A guide to zero hour employment contracts

30 July 2013 - What are zero-hours contracts? They are a type of contract used by employers whereby employees agree to be available for work even though they have no guaranteed hours and are only paid for the work that they do. They are being increasingly used by c ... read more »

Barclays announces extra provision of £1.35 billion for mis-sold PPI

30 July 2013 - Barclays finances are worse than thought as the bank announces £12 bn shortfall Barclays have announced today that they will be making an extra £1.35 billion provision for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and another £650 ... read more »

Don't get coned by new sky card scam

29 July 2013 - Be on your guard when cold callers come knocking - new Sky Card scam In the latest variation of scam artists pretending to represent businesses and organisations in order to steal confidential banking information, Police are advising home owners to b ... read more »

Customers need to know if high energy prices are fuelling excessive profits

29 July 2013 - Are high energy prices fuelling excessive profits? A committee of MPs has recommended that energy bills need to be made easier to understand allowing prices to be compared with those of other companies. The Energy and Climate Change Committee also cr ... read more »

Your PPI questions answered - top ten

29 July 2013 - Lots of questions about PPI this week, here’s the top 10: 1. I cannot find any paperwork, can I still claim? Yes. You are entitled to request a copy of the paperwork from the lender. To obtain this you simply have to write to the lender and req ... read more »

How much can letting agents charge in fees? How to complain if you are overcharged

29 July 2013 - Don’t get ripped off by a Letting Agent The lettings market is booming as more and more first time buyers struggle to get on the property ladder and others struggle to obtain a mortgage and therefore turn to rented accommodation. As always, whe ... read more »

What compensation do you get if your flight is delayed?

28 July 2013 - Holiday Flightmares The Denied Boarding Regulation provides protection to air travellers and in certain situations entitles travellers to free food, refreshments and accommodation and to compensation for delayed flights. However, despite the law bein ... read more »

Fraudsters target Deaf people in scam

26 July 2013 - Scottish Police are warning deaf people about an advance fee fraud which is directed towards them The scam works by sending a message via a hacked Facebook account about a new allowance that is being given by the Government and Deaf Commission Action ... read more »

Financial crisis hits disabled people the hardest

25 July 2013 - Financial crisis deepens for disabled people The financial crisis is hitting disabled people disproportionately hard with many of them having to resort to using doorstep loans to make ends meet. A recent study from the disability charity Scope has re ... read more »

Employee owner contracts explained - Would you trade your employment rights for shares?

25 July 2013 - Should I think about signing up to employee share ownership? The Government is attempting to create a new employment status of worker who owns shares in their company in return for having fewer employment rights, though they will retain their right t ... read more »

A guide to Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) Orders

25 July 2013 - Information about Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders (DNAR) are a highly emotive area and the media has often misrepresented the true situation calling it euthanasia by stealth. It is extremely rare for a DNAR Ord ... read more »

What to consider if you are planning on driving in Europe this summer

24 July 2013 - A Guide to driving abroad this summer Driving your own car - Does your current car insurance cover you abroad? You need to check if your insurance covers driving abroad and if it does for how many days per year. You also need to check if third party ... read more »

More details of the Government Help To Buy guarantee scheme have been revealed

24 July 2013 - Fresh details on Government's Help-to-Buy scheme Chancellor George Osborne has met housebuilders and mortgage lenders to extend the scheme to any home rather than just new build homes from January 2014. There have been claims that the new measure ... read more »

Don't get coned into giving crooks access to your computer

24 July 2013 - Con artists claiming to be from OnlineTec are trying to get access to personal computers Members of the public are once again being warned about receiving phone calls from bogus "computer support" people who trick vulnerable people into giv ... read more »

New laws to block child abuse images

22 July 2013 - How can I protect my child from online porn? New internet laws to shield children from abusive images Under new internet laws, every internet user will have to opt in to access internet porn. In addition, violent scenes showing simulated rape will be ... read more »

Family court system will be more transparent and accountable under new guidance

22 July 2013 - Will a custody battle or care order be published? The decisions and workings of family law courts are to be far more open after a landmark ruling. From now on judgments determining custody battles, care orders and whether children should be rehomed w ... read more »

Credit card transaction fees are to be capped under EU proposals

22 July 2013 - High card tansaction fees should be a thing of the past Card transaction fees to be capped under EU proposals Brussels has come to the decision to cap fees paid by retailers and businesses to banks. Currently this cap will only apply to cross-border ... read more »

Mid term hike – How Can I break my mobile contract mid-term and not pay any penalty fees?

19 July 2013 - Can you cancel your phone contract if prices rise? Some frustrated T-mobile customers who complained because their contract had been hiked have won the right to leave their contracts penalty-free. Earlier this year both Orange and T-Mobile who are pa ... read more »

Fed up of excessive letting agent fees? - Urgent regulation is needed for the letting industry

18 July 2013 - The letting industry needs to be urgently regulated so that all the costs involved are presented up front The lettings industry could be regulated for the first time after the Government announced a possible future decision on rogue letting agents. W ... read more »

Santander to discontinue its packaged accounts - how will you be affected?

18 July 2013 - I'm being charged £20 a month for Santander's packaged account, which I was pushed into getting - What can I do? From October Santander packaged account customers will be moved to its free Everyday current account Packaged accounts bund ... read more »

Employment rights - how hot is too hot to work?

17 July 2013 - I have had heat stroke as a result of hot working conditions - What are my rights? The rules covering workplace temperatures place a legal obligation upon employers to provide a “reasonable” environment in the workplace. The rules are lef ... read more »

Hot and bothered? Can my employer force me to where a tie?

17 July 2013 - What are my employee rights in soaring temperatures? Employers can legitimately instruct their employees to dress in a certain way at work and such instructions can appear in contracts of employment. In some cases these instructions pertain to health ... read more »

Don't get coned by Ukash loan fee scam

17 July 2013 - I have been asked to pay a fee for a loan with Ukash - Am I being scammed? Beware of fraudsters operating a loan fee scam The eMoney company Ukash is warning members of the public about a scam involving fraudsters claiming to be from various loan com ... read more »

Winter Fuel Payment

16 July 2013 - How old do you have to be to get heating allowance? If you are over 60 you are entitled to a Winter Fuel Payments of between £100 and £300 depending on your age and circumstances. The payments are not yet based on income. Disclaimer Whils ... read more »

A guide to Benefits at your home - Mortgage Interest Payments

16 July 2013 - More than half the homeowners retiring in 2013 still owe money on their mortgage. How can older home owners get help with mortgage in retirement - Help to pay your mortgage The Pension Service on 0845 60 60 265 should be able to help homeowners with ... read more »

BT Basic - The Social-tariff

16 July 2013 - Would you like to only pay £4.95 a month for your land line rental? People who receive Pension Credit (Guaranteed Credit) can qualify for cheap line rental from BT. The Government forced BT to provide a service which lets people on low incomes ... read more »

News update – Dwell orders may be delivered

16 July 2013 - Where is my dwell order - will it ever turn up? – Your consumer rights Despite the Luxury furniture chain being taken over at the start of July there is still little information on whether consumers' orders will ever arrive. After ceasing t ... read more »

A guide to Benefits at your home - Disability Facilities Grant

16 July 2013 - How can I get money for larger home improvements? Financial Assistance for repairs and alterations If you or someone you live with is disabled, you might be able to get a Disability Facilities Grant. The grants are available from the local authority ... read more »

Dwell has been saved but customer’s orders remain undelivered

04 July 2013 - Dwell rescued from collapse, but still no news on undelivered orders After two weeks in administration the administrator Duff and Phelps has announced that Aamir Ahmad has bought the company back. It is unclear which of the 18 stores will reopen, wha ... read more »

Phones 4 u's insurance claim handler has been fined £2.8 million

04 July 2013 - Phone 4u insurance provider fined £2.8m The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined Policy Administration Services (PAS) £2.8m over customer complaints. Thousands of customers' complaints where wrongly turned down and ignored The ... read more »

The luxury fashion chain Nicole Farhi enters administration

03 July 2013 - 114 jobs are at risk as the upmarket fashion label Nicole Farhi collapses into administration. The luxury fashion chain will continue to operate as normal hopefully until a buyer is found Will I still be able to spend my Nicole Farhi gift vouchers? Z ... read more »

Long broadband contracts should be a thing of the past says Ofcom

03 July 2013 - The telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced that superfast broadband customers should get cheaper and shorter deals and be able to switch between providers if they offer better value. Why do I have to have a long broadband contract? Under the new plan ... read more »

Egypt travel advice urges british tourists to avoid areas

03 July 2013 - Booked a holiday in Egypt - know your legal rights The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all travel to parts of Egypt. What is the FCO’s advice when traveling to Egypt? Resorts on the Red Sea coast are considered to be s ... read more »

EasyJet introduce new hand luggage rules

02 July 2013 - From today EasyJet passengers face new rules for hand luggage. The budget carrier EasyJet has reduced the size of hand luggage that it guarantees it will store in the cabin by 37 per cent. Hand luggage that doesn't meet new requirements might hav ... read more »

Pay day lenders may face an advertising ban under new rules

02 July 2013 - Pay day lenders, charities and Government ministers met last week to discuss the 'widespread' problems with the loan industry. As a result, the new City Watchdog is considering a ban on TV advertisements for payday loans. How does the Financi ... read more »

Be warned Mobile malware is on the rise

01 July 2013 - Mobile phone users have been warned that malware is on the rise How can I protect my smart phone from malware? In the last year malware on androids has risen by more than 600%. Android handsets appear to be the main targets of malware creators with m ... read more »

Modelzone is the latest retailer to enter administration

01 July 2013 - Modelzone is the latest retailer to enter administration The loss making toy and model retailer Modelzone went into administration last week after it was unable to pay its quarterly rental bill putting 400 jobs at risk. Shops will remain open as the ... read more »

Maternity Rights - Study shows not many women know their rights

01 July 2013 - Nearly half of working women are unaware of their rights New survey reveals that almost half of working women fear possible rejection when telling their boss about pregnancy. According to a survey, half of working women fear the possible rejection fr ... read more »

New deal guarantees hundreds of thousands of households to continue to get flood insurance.

29 June 2013 - How can I get cheep home insurance if my property it at risk of flooding? If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of UK citizens who have found that their home insurance is unreasonably high due to your home being in a flood area you will be plea ... read more »

Have you had problems with cancelled subscriptions

28 June 2013 - The Financial Conduct Authority has announced new rules concerning the cancellation of Continuous Payment Authorities. How will the new continuous payment rules make cancelling gym membership easier? Currently it is relatively easy to set up a Contin ... read more »

New Passenger rights - better protection for bus and coach travel

27 June 2013 - Everyone's belts are tightening this Summer and holidaying in England is becoming increasingly popular. Companies like National Express and Megabus provide affordable long haul transport to the entire country. Did you know that if you book a bus ... read more »

Mobile phone insurance - The FCA found too many consumer who are being let down

27 June 2013 - How does the FCA plan to clean up the mobile phone insurance industry? A review by the Financial Conduct Authority has found that many consumers are being let down by their mobile phone insurance. Many insurers have rejected insurance claims on the g ... read more »

Going to a music Festival? Make sure that your festival tickets aren't fake

26 June 2013 - What can I do if I have brought fake Glastonbury tickets? Festival goers are being warned about fake tickets being sold for events during the Summer. Bogus tickets cost festival goers £2.7 million during 2012 and those in the 21 - 30 age group ... read more »

Important advice for American jet setters - Beware unofficial Esta websites

25 June 2013 - Make sure that you check esta status through official esta travel authorization application Travellers who need to get Travel Authorisation to travel to America are being warned to only use Esta's official site. All visitors to the United States ... read more »

Scam using the law firm Braund & Fedrick Solicitors

20 June 2013 - Phishing emails from the law firm Braund & Fedrick Solicitors Emails are being sent by someone claiming to be David Fedrick LLB, Senior Partner at Braund & Fedrick Solicitors relating to obtaining the benefit of investment funds from a previo ... read more »

Furniture chain Dwell ceases trading

20 June 2013 - Update: the firm's administrators have said that no deliveries will be made and customers with outstanding orders will have to resort to credit card regulations to get refunds. Upmarket furniture retailer Dwell has ceased trading with immediate e ... read more »

Payday loans banned from marketing quick cash to aid 'Social life'

19 June 2013 - It has been reported that consumers have been getting text messages saying "Hi mate. I'm still out in town, just got £1000 in my account from these guys..," "I'm still out in town, just got £850 in my account from t ... read more »

EU holiday roaming charges could be axed if new law goes ahead

17 June 2013 - Plans to make it fairer to use your phone while holidaying around the EU have been tabled by Lawmakers. Expensive roaming charges and extras for things like receiving a call abroad would be banned if plans become law in the coming year. What is the c ... read more »

Consumer Bill of Rights - Good but more is needed

16 June 2013 - The consumer bill of rights 2013 - more rights against cowboy builders At present consumer laws are contained within 8 complicated pieces of legislation, some of which dates back to the 70s. As a result the current laws are difficult for consumers to ... read more »

Avoid a holiday nightmare - know your rights

14 June 2013 - How can I protect myself while booking a holiday? Tips when booking a holiday to protect your consumer rights We are fast approaching the holiday season and with this being the case many of you will be spending you’re hard earned cash on family ... read more »

Fraudsters use fake bills to target Homeowners

13 June 2013 - In a new scam home owners are being targetted with fake bills for non existent council work Letters are sent requesting that residents submit their bank and debit card details so that work on internet upgrades can take place. In other instances payme ... read more »

Your rights on cancelled flights – as French air strike hits Europe

12 June 2013 - Since Tuesday, a massive battle has been taking place over European skies. Strikes have been sparked over plans to simplify the patchwork of air traffic control systems and open up more of the air travel duties to private enterprise. The series of st ... read more »

New consumer rights unveiled

12 June 2013 - The consumer minister Jo Swinson will unveil new measures to enhance consumer rights in Parliament today The new measures will make consumer rights easier to understand and should come into effect next year The new or enhanced consumer rights bill wi ... read more »

Did Prism break any laws - what are my rights?

11 June 2013 - Did GCHQ break any laws - what are my rights? It has been uncovered that America has been collecting anonymous data from other countries and passing it onto British Intelligence. Edward Snowden's NSA leaks raise many ethical and legal concerns on ... read more »

Lloyd’s caught cheating the system to keep PPI payments

11 June 2013 - Been fobbed off by Lloyds TSB when calming mis-sold PPI? mis-sold PPI? If you have been fobbed off by Lloyds TSB when trying to make a claim for mis- sold PPI insurance you aren’t the only one as it has been revealed today that the biggest sell ... read more »

New rules to give extra support for child witnesses

10 June 2013 - Young victims of serious crimes to be given the right to pre-record witness statements New rules will be brought in to allow young victims of sexual abuse and other serious crimes to give pre-recorded witness statements. Previously video links or in ... read more »

Watch your back as cash machine fraud is on the rise

07 June 2013 - Beware cash machine fraud The number of attempts to steal people’s bankcards and pin codes whilst they are using cash machines has trebled in the past year going up from 7,525 incidents in the first four months of the year, compared with 2,553 ... read more »

New on the spot penalty fines for middle-lane hogging and tailgating

05 June 2013 - The Government has announced that motorists across Britain who put others at risk through careless driving face an on the spot penalty. From July Police will be able to issue £100 fines and three points for offences such as tailgating or middle ... read more »

Property developers are tricking struggling buyers with Help to buy scheme

05 June 2013 - Help To Buy was announced by George Osborne in April's Budget but it is already being manipulated. The £130 billion scheme allows borrowers to purchase a newly built property worth less than £600,000 with just a 5 per cent deposit. Pr ... read more »

3 Network Failure

04 June 2013 - We are hearing reports that the 3 mobile network is down and that it is causing serious disruption. Please let us know if this has affected you and more importantly if you have suffered any loss as a result. ... read more »

How to combat double charging from contactless cards

04 June 2013 - Recently we have had many comments from customers who have been accidentally charged through their contactless card. Some people have been charged twice for things like bus travel if they have two or more contactless payment cards in the same wallet. ... read more »

Don't get stung with a big mobile phone bill when abroad

02 June 2013 - Vodafone have charged me a hundred pounds while on holiday? What are my rights? Have you got back from being away abroad only to find that your smartphone or mobile broadband operator has stung you with a massive bill for your holiday usage? For many ... read more »

Crimestoppers launches service to target charity fraud

17 May 2013 - The move is designed to stop people defrauding registered charities in the UK of over £1 billion every year. Charity fraud occurs when money raised for a cause is used on something else. Members of the public who have knowledge or well-grounded ... read more »

New malware attacks Facebook accounts

15 May 2013 - Microsoft has issued a warning to users to protect themselves against malware, which hijacks Facebook accounts. The malware has been describing itself as a web browser add-on. Once on your machine Trojan:JS/Febipos looks to see whether users are curr ... read more »

A guide to claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI - Part 1

14 May 2013 - How to find out if you have been mis sold PPI If you currently have or have had credit it is likely that you also had PPI and if this is the case it is also likely that you may have been mis-sold the policy. If you think this could apply to you, here ... read more »

The Government is to extend consumer rights

08 May 2013 - These Government plans where outlined in todays Queen speech
 The so called "Bill of Rights" for consumers will include many reforms covering digital content, insurance, and mis selling of goods & services. 

Consumers ... read more »

New financial rights are planned for carers

08 May 2013 - The Queen's Speech The Queen's Speech has promised carers new rights as the number of elderly and vulnerable people being looked after by family members continues to rise. The move is designed to help family members who have to give up jobs t ... read more »

A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life - Part 3

03 May 2013 - What tax do I have to pay once I have reached retirement age? Paying Tax You only pay Income Tax if your taxable income - including your private pension and State Pension - is more than your tax-free allowances (the amount of income you’re allo ... read more »

May is Scams Awareness Month

02 May 2013 - People are being urged to ‘spot scams to stop scams’ by Action Fraud. Scams come in all shapes and sizes. They can appear in the form of adverts, people knocking on your door, emails, letters, phone calls, texts and over the internet. How ... read more »

Another grey day for Santander who raised capped rate

25 April 2013 - Abbey's mortgage holders face capped rate soar - FCA tells consumers to claim compensation An agreement has been reached between Santander UK and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to contact more than 270,000 customers about unclear informati ... read more »

Consumers are being warned of the dangers of being scammed by doorstep fraudsters offering "Green Deals"

25 April 2013 - Criminals are taking advantage of a Government "Green Deal" scheme where you can make energy saving improvements to your property without having to pay for everything up front. People are being targeted at their door step to be told that th ... read more »

Don’t get scammed when booking your holiday

19 April 2013 - ABTA launches campaign to raise awareness of holiday fraud The Travel Association (ABTA) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of holiday fraud. Fraudsters scammed travellers out of £1.5 million in 2012 with accommodation, group tours and ... read more »

Another mis-sold Card Protection & ID Protection scam

19 April 2013 - Soon those who have been mis-sold identity protection and card protection policies from a bank or credit card firm will be able to claim a refund. Can I claim compensation for mis-sold Card protection & ID protection? The Financial Conduct Author ... read more »

Ofcom plans to stop mobile operators charging for 0800

18 April 2013 - Ofcom to stop mobile operators charging 0800 Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator plans to ban companies profiting from customers using their mobiles to ring 0800 numbers, which in principle are free. This investigation was sparked as many of us are only ... read more »

Car Recall – Your Rights

12 April 2013 - Important info for 2013 car recall A vehicle recall due to faulty passenger air bags will affect about 152,000 UK drivers. This recall is not confined to new cars as many to be recalled are 10 years old. The main responsibility is with the car manufa ... read more »

A Guide to your rights when your iphone breaks out of warranty

11 April 2013 - My iphone breaks out of warranty, but I'm still in contract, what can I do? This is becoming an increasing problem, especially with iPhones. Here’s the scenario which for many people will sound familiar. You go to a shop to buy an iPhone an ... read more »

Ten Top tips for managing your benefits

11 April 2013 - The process of claiming benefits can be complicated and confusing. There are many forms to fill in and when things go wrong it may take time for things to be put right. Below you will find some tips that should prevent problems arising in the first p ... read more »

New rules for credit and debit card surcharges

11 April 2013 - From the 5th of April the Government banned “excessive” fees for using a debit or credit card to complete online purchases. Under the new law traders are still allowed to levy a “small charge” to cover processing costs. Since ... read more »

Changes to Disability Living Allowance

08 April 2013 - What are the changes to Disability Living Allowance As of the 8th April 2013 the Disability Living Allowance is to be replaced by the Personal Independence Payments scheme in the north of England as part 
of the welfare reforms introduced durin ... read more »

A Guide to s:75 - claiming back from your credit card provider

05 April 2013 - Your rights where you purchased goods using a credit card Not many people know about this and it is really useful. If there’s something wrong with your goods and you bought them on credit, you may be able to claim compensation from the credit l ... read more »

A Guide to your rights when caught speeding

04 April 2013 - YOUR RIGHTS IN RELATION TO SPEEDING If you are flashed by a speed camera, the registered keeper of the vehicle should receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) within 14 days. If you hear nothing within this time, you should be ok. It is possibl ... read more »

A Guide to your rights with Restaurant bills

04 April 2013 - Your rights in relation to restaurant bills When you go into a restaurant and order food, you are essentially entering into a contract. The restaurant agrees to supply you with food and you agree to pay for it. Furthermore, the restaurant is by law r ... read more »

A Guide to your rights when buying a car

04 April 2013 - Your rights when buying a car When you buy a car from a car dealer or an online car dealer (also known as traders), the car must be: of satisfactory quality, e.g. the windscreen should not be chipped fit for purpose, e.g. if you ask for a car that ca ... read more »

A Guide to saving money on your Motor Insurance

04 April 2013 - Save money on car insurance How can I save money on my car insurance? SHOP AROUND Never just accept the renewal quote you are offered. It is always worth getting quotes from rival insurers and with several comparison websites available it won't t ... read more »

A Guide to what to do after a road traffic accident

04 April 2013 - What to do when you have been in a road traffic accident If you are injured in a car crash (either as the driver or a passenger), whether it is simple bruising and whiplash or something more serious, it is worth finding out if you can claim compensat ... read more »

A Guide to your rights when a bailiff calls

03 April 2013 - YOUR RIGHTS IN REGARD TO BAILIFFS Having a visit from a Bailiff can be a frightening and daunting experience. However, you should not despair as a Bailiff does not possess as many rights as you might think. IF YOU RECEIVE A BAILIFF'S LETTER First ... read more »

Your employment contract

03 April 2013 - Your rights in contracts of employment Every employee has the right to either a written contract of employment (a formal contract) or written statement of terms (usually in the form of a letter). The basic terms to which you are entitled in a contrac ... read more »

Driving offence table

03 April 2013 - Driving offence table What points do I receive Offence Imprisonment Fine Disqualification Penalty points *causing death by dangerous driving 14 years Unlimited Obligatory – 2 years minimum 3-11 (if exceptionally not disqualified) *Dangerous dri ... read more »

A Guide to basic employment rights

03 April 2013 - Your basic employee rights What are my employment rights? Nearly all workers, regardless of the number of hours per week they work, have certain legal rights. There are however some workers who are not entitled to certain statutory rights (see below) ... read more »

A Guide to saving money on petrol

03 April 2013 - Save money on petrol How do I save money on petrol? The price of fuel is rising and with this being the case it is now more important than ever that you pay particular attention to the amount of fuel that you use. Here are our top tips on saving fuel ... read more »

A Guide to drink driving

03 April 2013 - ConsumerUK Guide Drink driving What is the alcohol limit in the UK? The BAC (blood alcohol content) drink driving limit in the UK is: 35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath OR 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood OR ... read more »

Tax and Benefit changes - the basics you need to know

03 April 2013 - The 2013 Budget has brought about some major changes to Tax and Benefits, as follows: Income tax In the current tax year (which ends on 5 April) people aged under 65 can earn £8,105 a year before they start to pay income tax. The tax free perso ... read more »

A Guide to PIP breast implants

03 April 2013 - Key facts about PIP Breast Implants The French and German Governments have taken the responsible decisions, which of course must be the correct decision, to insist upon the removal of all PIP breast implants. However, closer to home, the British Gove ... read more »

A Guide to your rights - The Horsemeat saga

03 April 2013 - The Horsemeat Scandal – Your Consumer rights Over the past few months we have been hearing the horrifying story of how various supermarkets and fast food outlets have been selling food products containing horse meat. What makes this worse is th ... read more »

Job seekers are being targeted by fraudsters advertising non existent jobs

02 April 2013 - Danger Job Scam How to avoid overseas Job Scams Members of the public are being asked to pay a £25 fee for a Criminal Record Bureau background check as part of an application for a fictitious "Security Officer" post at the Department ... read more »

Small Claims Court Limit raised to £10,000

02 April 2013 - Small claims court limit up to £10,000 From 1st April 2013 consumers can now take larger claims to the small claims court in England and Wales, as the maximum claim limit has risen from £5000 to £10,0000. The Small Claims Court was ... read more »

A Guide to boundaries

02 April 2013 - Boundaries, fences and walls Establishing the boundaries and ownership If a dispute arises between neighbours about the boundary between their properties, it will be necessary to establish who owns the disputed land. The primary evidence will be cont ... read more »

A Guide to fighting a parking ticket

02 April 2013 - How to fight your parking ticket We all get them but do you know your rights when it comes to parking tickets and that there are many occasions when you simply do not have to pay them? Grounds for appealing your ticket There are 6 main legal grounds ... read more »

A Guide to Children and Medical consent

31 March 2013 - Young people and medical treatment In most cases it is necessary for medical professionals to obtain consent before a patient is examined or treated. If a medical professional went ahead with an examination or treatment without obtaining consent then ... read more »

A Guide to Special Educational Needs

31 March 2013 - ConsumerUK Guide What are special educational needs? Section 312(1) of the Education Act 1996 defines a child as having special educational needs if he or she has a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision 
to be made f ... read more »

A Guide to Disabled Children's Rights

31 March 2013 - The rights of a disabled child Disabled children and human rights Disabled children have the same rights as all other children. These rights are unforced under the UK Convention on the Rights of the Child. The laws concerning disabled children and th ... read more »

A Guide to Parental Responsibility

31 March 2013 - Parental Responsibility Parental responsibility is defined in law as being: "All the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child have in relation to the child and his property". The much praised C ... read more »

A Guide to the law regarding smacking children

31 March 2013 - What is the law on smacking children? Under section 58 of the Children Act 2004; It is unlawful for a parent or career to smack their child except where this amounts to "reasonable" punishment. Whether a smack is regarded as "reasonabl ... read more »

A Guide to Adoption

31 March 2013 - Adoption What is Adoption? Adoption is a legal process where adults who are not the natural parents of a child may act as the child’s parents. Adoption is normally used to create a stable and permanent family environment for younger children. A ... read more »

A Guide to Free school transport entitlement

30 March 2013 - Guide provided by All children between 5 and 16 qualify for free school transport if they go to their nearest suitable school and live at least: 2 miles from the school if they’re under 8 3 miles from the school if they’re 8 or old ... read more »

A Guide to Home schooling rights

30 March 2013 - Guide provided by You can teach your child at home, full or part-time (‘home schooling’) - but you must tell the school and your local council if you’re taking them out of school. NOTE: As a parent, you must make sure your ch ... read more »

Domestic violence definition widens from 31 March

28 March 2013 - In a dramatic shake-up the definition of domestic abuse is to be widened from the 31st of March to encompass a wide range of coercive or threatening behavior. From now on men and women who bully their partners by verbally abusing them, taking control ... read more »

A Guide to Parents Learning Allowance

28 March 2013 - Guide supplied by Part 1: Overview Full-time students with children could get up to £1,508 a year to help with their learning costs. This is called Parents’ Learning Allowance. The money can help pay for books, study materials and ... read more »

A Guide to Childcare Grant

28 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: Overview Full-time higher education students with children can apply for a Childcare Grant of: up to £148.75 a week for 1 child up to £255 for 2 or more children The grant helps with childcare costs for ch ... read more »

A Guide to Disabled Students Allowance

27 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: Overview As a higher education student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a: disability long-term health condition mental health condition specific learning dif ... read more »

A Guide to Sure Start Maternity Grant

25 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: Overview You could get a one-off payment of £500 to help towards the costs of having a child. This is known as a Sure Start Maternity Grant. You usually qualify for the grant if: you’ve no other children - ... read more »

A Guide to getting a Passport for your child

25 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: When you can apply Children under 16 years old You can usually apply for a passport for your child if: they’re under 16 you legally have ‘parental responsibility’ for them You automatically have pare ... read more »

A Guide to Adult Dependents' Grants

22 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: Overview Full-time students in higher education with an adult who depends on them financially can apply for an Adult Dependants’ Grant of up to £2,642. You can apply for this grant on top of any other stud ... read more »

A Guide to the new tax-free childcare scheme

20 March 2013 - The UK Government is introducing a new £1,200 childcare tax break for working families. This will run alongside the current voucher scheme, which will be closed to new applicants from the autumn of 2015. From autumn 2015 parents will be able to ... read more »

A Guide to Child Trust Funds

19 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: Overview A Child Trust Fund (CTF) is a long-term tax-free savings account for children. All children eligible for a CTF account should now have one. Eligibility Your child is entitled if all the following apply: they ... read more »

I have savings with the Bank of Cyprus UK! Will my savings be raided?

18 March 2013 - If you have savings with the Bank of Cyprus UK your savings will not be raided The bank has announced today that British Customers with Cyprus’s UK won’t have their accounts raided, following the bailout agreement which could mean Cypriot ... read more »

A Guide to Flexible working

16 March 2013 - Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs. This can mean they work certain hours of work from home. Anyone can ask their employer to work flexibly. If an employee is caring for someone (eg a child or adult) they have t ... read more »

A Guide to Childcare and Tax credits

16 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: What you'll get You could get extra tax credits to help pay for some of your childcare costs while you’re working. You could get: up to £122.50 a week - for 1 child up to £210 a week - for 2 chil ... read more »

Fraudsters used Wongers lax security protocols to raid innocent peoples accounts

15 March 2013 - In a move unlikely to endear the debt company to anyone dozens of fraud victims who had Wonga loans taken in their names saw their bank accounts raided 
for more than £30,000. Wonger refuses to explain how and why the fraud is occurring o ... read more »

A Guide to unmarried fathers rights

13 March 2013 - Consumer UK Guide Your rights as unmarried fathers WHAT IS PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY AND DO I HAVE IT? When a baby is born, his or her mother automatically gets Parental Responsibility (PR). PR is a legal term which means 'all the rights, duties, p ... read more »

A Guide to claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI

08 March 2013 - If you currently have or have had credit it is likely that you also had PPI and if this is the case it is also likely that you may have been mis-sold the policy. If you think this could apply to you, here is some key information which you should know ... read more »

A Guide to your rights if you damage your vehicle in a pothole

08 March 2013 - One of the consequences of the bad Winter that we have experienced so far is potholes in the roads. It has been reported that there are thousands of roads of disrepair across the UK and in some places potholes have been seen up to 2 feet deep! At con ... read more »

A Guide to Equity Release

08 March 2013 - A Guide to Equity Release What is Equity release? Equity release is a scheme under which homeowners release money from their home while they still live in the property, or in other words where they 'cash in' the equity in their home. The sche ... read more »

A Guide to Council tax

07 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUk 1 Recent developments and future changes The Government is planning major changes to the welfare benefits system. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 provides for the abolition of Council Tax Benefit from April 2013. It ... read more »

A Guide to Planning a Funeral

07 March 2013 - Planning a funeral - An expert guide to your consumer rights You may want to consider a pre-paid funeral plan. With these schemes you choose the kind of funeral you would prefer and pay for it in advance at the current or a slightly reduced rate. Whe ... read more »

Another computer glitch at Natwest

07 March 2013 - Natwest customers are tonight reporting that their bank accounts have been frozen and that they have been unable to draw cash. This sounds like yet another banking computer glitch. We will report further on this when we hear further information. ... read more »

A Guide to managing affairs for someone else

07 March 2013 - Guide provided by Citizens Advice About this Guide This Guide has information for people who want to manage someone else's affairs. It also has information if you want someone else to manage your affairs for you. Managing someone else's affai ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes - What to look for

06 March 2013 - What to look out for when choosing a care home? Choosing the right care home for you is a very important decision; because unlike any other service customers can't just move their business elsewhere if things turn sour. Make contact with a few fr ... read more »

A Guide to obtaining help with heating costs

06 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUK How to save on my heating bills Save money on heating bills - Energy efficiency You can make your home warmer and reduce your fuel bills by improving your home’s insulation, taking a few energy-saving measu ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 3 - Help paying your rent

06 March 2013 - I can't pay my rent and service charges – what help is available? You may be able to qualify for Housing Benefit. The housing benefit department of your local council can help with your housing costs and service charges. They will take your ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 5 - Large home improvements

06 March 2013 - Money for Larger home improvements Financial Assistance for repairs and alterations If you or someone you live with is disabled you might be able to get a Disability Facilities Grant. The grants are available from the local authority to assist owners ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 7 - Equity Release

06 March 2013 - Have you considered equity release? Releasing money tied up in your home may not be the best option. If you have considered equity release you should read our guide on A complete guide to Equity release Remember: Don't sign anything without getti ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Your legal rights

06 March 2013 - A Guide to Care homes - Your local authorities duty of care While you are in long term care there are many groups of people who are responsible for your care one group is your local authority. Every care home should be monitored and inspected on a re ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Your rights on where you live

06 March 2013 - Your rights on where you live You have the right to choose where you live, even if the local council is arranging and paying for your accommodation.You should not be simple told where to move. After an assessment that you need to go into long-term ca ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes - England & Wales

06 March 2013 - Care home fees for England are Wales explained Do I have to pay to stay in a care home? If you have been assessed to need to be cared for in a care home, your local council will decide how much of the care home fees will be paid by you by carrying ou ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Personal Expenses

06 March 2013 - Your Personal Expenses Allowance When the council assesses what contribution you have to pay, your local council must leave you with a Personal expenses Allowance of £23.50 per week this is for your personal expenses. This sum is set by the Gov ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Your home

06 March 2013 - Your home, your assets and your residential care Your home If you own your home its value shall be included as part of your capital assets in the means-test for residential care; on the other hand the property should be disregarded if your spouse or ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Do you have to pay for care homes?

06 March 2013 - Paying care home fees Payment arrangements The local council who has a responsibility to ensure that the care fees are paid can pay all the fees (minus any nursing payment made by the NHS) to the home, and can collect your contribution from you. On t ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – 2017 reforms

06 March 2013 - Changes in calculating income from 2017 In 2017 (approximately) the reform on funding care and support will come into effect which should save many elderly people from having to sell their homes. How the care fee reforms may affect you The Government ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Fees & Contracts

06 March 2013 - Fees and contracts - a guide to residential care Fees and contracts When you find a care home which you are happy will meet your needs, make sure the fees and contract terms are acceptable. If you are funding your own care you should be given a writt ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Moving care homes

06 March 2013 - Moving to another care home If your preferred care home is full you can be placed on a waiting list. Your local authority should make any necessary arrangements to meet your needs until a space becomes available; if you are currently living at home t ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Ordinary residence

06 March 2013 - What happens if you have recently moved local authorities? Ordinary residence If you have recently moved to another local authority you might find that there is some disagreement regarding who should be responsible for your care. key points to mentio ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Problems & complaints

06 March 2013 - Resolving problems and complaints while in residential care Problems and complaints If you believe that you have not been given a reasonable choice of care home, or that the local authority wants an inappropriate top-up payment, write to complain to ... read more »

A Guide to Care Homes – Finding the right care

06 March 2013 - How do I find out about local care homes? Get a feel of what care homes are like in your area by visiting them. Ask around to find out which ones has a good reputation. To work out which care home is right for you, you need to match up your needs wit ... read more »

A Guide to Age Discrimination at Work

06 March 2013 - ConsumerUK Guide Your rights regarding - Age discrimination at work As at 15 February 2013 Equal opportunities law aims to create a 'level playing field' so that people are employed, paid, trained and promoted only because of their skills, ab ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home

06 March 2013 - Elderly Benefits at home As at 17 January 2013 This Guide will give you advice on everything that you could be entitled regarding your home. Mortgage Interest Payments Housing Benefit Small household repairs Large home improvements - Disability Facil ... read more »

Dreams tumbles into administration

06 March 2013 - Bed retailer Dreams falls into administration with 400 jobs lost A further blow to High Street as the beds giant Dreams falls into administration with a loss of 400 jobs. Dreams has been forced to appoint Administrators Ernst & Young to oversee t ... read more »

A Guide to Carers Credit - Part 1

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP Part 1: Overview If you’re caring for someone for at least 20 hours a week, you could get Carer’s Credit. This is a National Insurance credit that helps build your entitlement to the basic State Pension an ... read more »

A Guide to Additional State Pensions - Part 1 - What is an Additional State Pension?

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP What is an Additional State Pension? The Additional State Pension is an extra amount of money you could get with your basic State Pension. It’s based on your National Insurance contributions. How much you get de ... read more »

A Guide to your rights when a retailer goes bust

05 March 2013 - When a business goes bust it is catastrophic for the owners and the employees who all lose their jobs. However, it can also result in consumers losing their hard earned cash and in this respect it is vitally important that you know what your rights a ... read more »

A Guide to stopping unwanted calls and texts

05 March 2013 - With claims management companies on the increase and other forms of business realising that they can get their sales message directly in front of consumers by targeting phones and other electronic devices, unsolicited phone calls, text messages and e ... read more »

A Guide to Making a Will

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUK Part 1: Overview Your will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. If you make a will you can also make sure you don’t pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to ... read more »

A Guide to Tax and National Insurance after retirement age

05 March 2013 - A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life This guide will explain what tax you will have to pay, and if you will still need to pay National Insurance contributions after you reach retirement age. This guide is broken down in the fol ... read more »

A Guide to Early Retirement and your Pension

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP Part 1: State Pension When you can get State Pension The earliest you can get your State Pension is when you reach your State Pension age. If you retire before you reach this age, you’ll have to wait till then t ... read more »

A Guide to Over 80's Pension

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP Part 1: Overview The Over 80 Pension is a State Pension for people aged 80 or over who have little or no State Pension. It can give you £64.40 a week in 2012 to 2013. Part 2: What you'll get What you get dep ... read more »

A Guide to Cold Weather Payments

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP Part 1: Overview If you’re getting certain benefits, you may be able to get a Cold Weather Payment. Payments will be made when your local temperature is either recorded as, or forecast to be, an average of zero ... read more »

A Guide to your rights at work

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by 1 Recent developments  The Court of Appeal, in the case of Woodcock v Cumbria Primary Care Trust, decided that an employer was right in dismissing an employee facing redundancy- just before he turned 50. ... read more »

A Guide to Funeral Expense benefits - Part 1 - Financial help

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP How can I get financial help with planning a funeral? If you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging, you could get a Funeral Payment. How much you get depends on your circum ... read more »

A Guide to Deferring your State Pension

05 March 2013 - Deferring your state pension How to defer your State Pension If you defer your State Pension you may get extra money. You could get this as either extra State Pension or a lump sum payment. Extra State Pension If you put off claiming your State Pensi ... read more »

A Guide to Attendance Allowance - Part 1

05 March 2013 - An overview of Attendance Allowance Guide provided by DWP You could get £53 or £79.15 a week to help with personal care because you’re physically or mentally disabled and you’re aged 65 or over. This is called Atten ... read more »

A Guide to Disability Living Allowance

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP Part 1: Overview You could get between £20.55 and £131.50 a week to help with the extra costs caused by a disability. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is paid at different rates depending on the level of ... read more »

A Guide to what to do when someone dies

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUk Introduction When someone dies there are many things to do, often at a time of great personal distress when we feel least able to manage. This guide gives brief, practical information about what you need to do an ... read more »

A Guide to Saving Energy

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUK Your Home Energy Hand book - Energy savings measurement guide Our guide to energy saving will teach you how to vital cost-free money saving measures like the benefits of insulation and draught-proofing. Why save ... read more »

A Guide to Council tax for the over 60's

05 March 2013 - ConsumerUK Guide Your Council Tax Bill Unfortunately all households have a council tax liability and failure to pay it will end up with you appearing in your local Magistrates Court! Like everything else in life you need to fully understand what your ... read more »

A Guide to your Water Supply

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUK 1 Introduction Saving water at home will help the environment and may help you to reduce your bills if you are using a water meter. You can only be supplied by your regional water company. You cannot change to an ... read more »

A Guide to TV License concessions

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUK 1 Introduction You need a television licence to use any television-receiving equipment including TV set, set-top box, video or DVD recorder, PC or mobile phone to watch or record programmes as they are being br ... read more »

Guide to claiming from an estate

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by Part 1: Overview When someone dies with no will or known family, their property passes to the Crown as ownerless property (or ‘bona vacantia’) . It can be any kind of property, like buildings, money or personal po ... read more »

A Guide to Bereavement Payments

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by DWP Part 1: Overview If your husband, wife or civil partner has died you may be able to get Bereavement Payment: a one-off, tax-free, lump-sum payment of £2,000. Part 2: What you'll get You can get a £2 ... read more »

A Guide to Additional State Pensions - Part 5 - Inheritance

05 March 2013 - Can I inherit an Additional State Pension? If your spouse or civil partner dies, you may be able to inherit part of their additional State Pension. Contact the Pension Service to check what you can claim and how. You’re under State Pension age ... read more »

A Guide to Carer's Allowance - Part 5 - Carer’s Credit

05 March 2013 - What happens if I can get carer's allowance? Carer’s Credit If you cannot get Carer’s Allowance and look after one or more disabled people for a total of 20 hours or more a week, you may want to apply for Carer’s Credit. Carer&# ... read more »

A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life - Part 4

05 March 2013 - Making sure you've stopped paying National Insurance National Insurance contributions build up your entitlement to your State Pension If you’re employed you pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions as a percentage of your earnings. If y ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 8 - Keeping warm

05 March 2013 - Help to keep warm this winter If you are over 60 you are entitled to a Winter Fuel Payments of between £100 and £300 depending on your age and circumstances. The payments are not yet based on income. You should not have to apply for Winte ... read more »

A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life - Part 6

05 March 2013 - Age-related tax allowances As you get older there are allowances that can reduce your tax. Increased Personal Allowance from age 65 If you’re eligible for a Personal Allowance the amount increases in the tax year of your 65th birthday, dependin ... read more »

A Guide to Funeral Expense benefits - Part 2 - What will I get

05 March 2013 - How much can I get towards a loved ones funeral expenses? How much you get depends on your circumstances. The Funeral Payment can help pay for: burial fees cremation fees, including the cost of the doctor’s certificate up to £700 for fune ... read more »

A Guide to Funeral Expense benefits - Part 3 - Eligibility

05 March 2013 - How do I find out if I am eligible for Funeral Expenses? To get a Funeral Payment you must be responsible for the funeral and: claim in time get certain benefits or tax credits meet the rules on your relationship with the deceased The rules are diffe ... read more »

A Guide to Funeral Expense benefits - Part 4 - How do I claim

05 March 2013 - How can I claim for Funeral Expense? You can claim the Funeral payment: by post - send form SF200 to your local Jobcentre plus by phone - only if you’re the surviving partner Telephone: 0845 606 0265 Welsh language: 0845 606 0275 Textphone: 084 ... read more »

A Guide to Carer's Allowance - Part 1 - What is Carer's Allowance?

05 March 2013 - What is Carer's Allowance? Carer’s Allowance is a weekly payment of £59.75 to help you look after someone with substantial caring needs. To be a carer who receives a Carer's Allowance you don’t have to be related to, or live ... read more »

A Guide to Carers Allowance - Part 2 - How can I qualify

05 March 2013 - How can I qualify for Carer's Allowance? Eligibility Conditions you must meet You might get Carer’s Allowance if you: are 16 or over spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone have been in the UK or the Isle of Man for at least 26 we ... read more »

A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life - Part 6

05 March 2013 - How can I get my tax bill reduced? You can get an allowance to reduce your tax bill for maintenance payments you make to an ex-spouse or civil partner if: You or they were born before 6 April 1935 You’re separated or divorced and you’re m ... read more »

A Guide to Carers Allowance - Part 3 - What happens if my circumstances change?

05 March 2013 - What happens if my circumstances change? You must tell the Carer’s Allowance Unit as soon as possible if any of your circumstances change Examples of changes include income, employment, holidays or stays in hospital. How can I report changes? Y ... read more »

A Guide to Additional State Pensions - Part 6 - Divorce or dissolved civil partnership

05 March 2013 - What happens to my Additional State Pension if we devorce? If you get divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved the court can decide that your additional State Pension should be shared as part of the financial settlement. You’ll have to f ... read more »

A Guide to whether you can afford to Retire

05 March 2013 - Guide provided by AgeUK Can you afford to retire? For most of us, having the standard of living we want in retirement will depend on making our money work for us as effectively as possible. In this guide we look at some of the main ques ... read more »

A Guide to Additional State Pensions - Part 4 - How can I claim

05 March 2013 - How can I Claim for my Additional State Pension? You don’t have to do anything. If you’re eligible, you’ll automatically get it when you claim your State Pension. After you claim, the Pension Service will write to you and tell you h ... read more »

Tax and National Insurance after retirement age – Part 7

05 March 2013 - Claiming back tax or National Insurance National Insurance refunds If you’ve overpaid tax or National Insurance you can claim it back. Tax refunds If you’re on a low income and have savings, you can claim back tax deducted from the saving ... read more »

A Guide to Additional State Pensions - Part 2 - How much will I get

05 March 2013 - How much is my Additional State Pension Worth? There is no fixed amount for the Additional State Pension. How much you get depends on: how many years of National Insurance contributions you have your earnings whether you’ve contracted out of th ... read more »

A Guide to Carer's Allowance - Part 6 - Carer’s Credit application

05 March 2013 - How to claim for carers credit Apply via the Carers Credit application form The form includes a Care Certificate - ask a health or social care professional to sign it for you. You can also get a form by contacting the Carer’s Allowance Unit. Ca ... read more »

A Guide to Attendance Allowance - Part 4 - How to apply

05 March 2013 - Part 4: How to claim You can apply for Attendance Allowance: online by post - use form AA1A Form AA1A comes with notes to fill it out - it will tell you where to send it. The interactive version can be filled out on a computer. pdf claimform Help to ... read more »

A Guide to Attendance Allowance - Part 2 - What you'll get

05 March 2013 - What could I be entitled to? Attendance Allowance is paid weekly at 2 different rates - the one you get depends on the level of help you need. Attendance Allowance rates Rate Level of help you need Lower rate - £53. Frequent help or constant su ... read more »

A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life - Part 5

05 March 2013 - Tax on your State Pension and other income If your total income from work, private pensions and the State Pension is more than your tax-free allowance you’ll have to pay tax. Your allowances may change with age. If you’re getting a privat ... read more »

A Guide to Attendance Allowance - Part 3 - Eligibility

05 March 2013 - Eligibility criteria You can get Attendance Allowance if you’re 65 or over and the following apply: you have a physical disability (including sensory disability, eg blindness), a mental disability (including learning difficulties), or both your ... read more »

A Guide to Carers Allowance - Part 4 - How to Claim

05 March 2013 - How can I apply for Carers Allowance? You can apply for Carer’s Allowance: Online or By downloading this form If you are receiving a state pension Click hear to Download this form What you need to know It can take 4 to 6 weeks to process your c ... read more »

A Guide to Additional State Pensions - Part 3 - Eligibility

05 March 2013 - Am I eligible for a Additional State Pension? Once you’ve reached State Pension age and are claiming the basic State Pension you’ll automatically get any Additional State Pension you’re eligible for. There is no need to make a separ ... read more »

A Guide to finding employment after your 60

04 March 2013 - 7 Tips to Help You Find employment in Your 60s 1) Identify the skills you have to offer. You need to understand both the skills you have to offer as well as the skills in demand in your area. If you have just come out of full-time employment, think a ... read more »

A Guide to dealing with Bullying and Harassment at work

04 March 2013 - Consumer UK Guide What is bullying and harassment? These terms are used interchangeably by most people, and many definitions include bullying as a form of harassment. Harassment, is unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic, whi ... read more »

A Guide to Redundancy

03 March 2013 - ConsumerUK Guide General advice Redundancy arises where an employee is dismissed because (Section 139 of the Employment Rights Act 1996): the employer has ceased (or intends to cease) to carry on business; or the employer's requirements for emplo ... read more »

A Guide to Grandparents rights

03 March 2013 - Guide provided Grandparents are a huge asset to any family. Not only do they have a lot of love to give to their grandchildren, but these days they’re often called on as carers while the parents are at work. They play ... read more »

A Guide to Fathers rights

01 March 2013 - Consumer UK Guide Your rights as unmarried fathers WHAT IS PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY AND DO I HAVE IT? When a baby is born, his or her mother automatically gets Parental Responsibility (PR). PR is a legal term which means 'all the rights, duties, p ... read more »

A Guide to Divorce

01 March 2013 - Your rights in divorce - the facts If either spouse feels that they cannot continue with their marriage, either the husband or wife can apply to the court in order to have it dissolved. This application is called the Petition and the person who makes ... read more »

Nationwide reveals email addresses in monthly newsletter

25 February 2013 - Nationwide customers should be extra vigilant against spam emails after email addresses were shown in the building society's monthly newsletter. The error occured when customers tried to enter a competition by clicking a link to confirm the custo ... read more »

Police investigate alleged Tesco Clubcard fraud

20 February 2013 - Police are currently investigating allegations that a small number of Tesco customer Clubcard accounts may have fallen victim to online fraud. Tesco customers who use the Tesco Club Card get points which are converted into quarterly gift vouchers. Th ... read more »

If it sounds too good to be true... It probably is

17 February 2013 - ...then it almost certainly is!! Remember this if you ever get offered something that does not ring true. Before you act upon it do your homework to make sure that what you are being offered is 'genuine'. ... read more »

OFT calls for an end to surprise letting charges

15 February 2013 - The letting industry needs to be urgently regulated so that all the costs involved are presented up front. The OFT has analysed nearly 4,000 complaints made by people renting or letting out a property. The findings are that both tenants and landlords ... read more »

Your rights regarding - Age discrimination at work

15 February 2013 - Age discrimination at work - know your basic rights at work and know how to flight back Equal opportunities law aims to create a 'level playing field' so that people are employed, paid, trained and promoted only because of their skills, abili ... read more »

The Horsemeat saga - Can consumers claim?

07 February 2013 - Over the past few weeks we have been hearing the horrifying story of how various supermarkets and fast food outlets have been selling food products containing horse meat. What makes this worst is that those products did not openly say that they conta ... read more »

A Guide to getting out and about for the over 60's

05 February 2013 - What help is available for getting out and about for the over 60's? A guide for people over 60 on getting out and about If you are less mobile find the help you need getting out and about. The Disability Living Allowance The Disability Living All ... read more »

A Guide about Pets and older people

05 February 2013 - This guide will explain; Things to consider if you are getting a pet for the first time How to find a list of care homes which accept pets What help is available if you become unable to care for your pet What help is available if you can't afford ... read more »

A Guide to Budgeting for your family

02 February 2013 - Family Budget Planner Knowing exactly what money you have available to spend on your families everyday needs is vitally important and planning such spending is therefore imperative. Firstly you need to prepare your family budget, which is basically a ... read more »

A Guide to Cohabitees' Rights

02 February 2013 - Your rights in cohabitation - what you should know Property rights for cohabiting couples If you have just been living together then you should be aware that there is no such thing in English law as a "common law wife" (or husband for that ... read more »

A particle guide to changes of benefits when a couple moves in together

01 February 2013 - When a couple decides to move in together the framework of how benefits are assessed changes. My partner and I are not married. Would we be financially better of if we wed? The majority of benefits treat couple that live together exactly the same way ... read more »

A complete guide to buying an annuity

29 January 2013 - You probably have paid into a private pension, either a company or personal scheme, that is to say you might have a couple of pension pots which you added to throughout your career. What is included in this guide? What is an annuity? What happens if ... read more »

A guide to care homes

25 January 2013 - How can I find a good care home for my dad? Every care home should be monitored and inspected on a regular basic. The frequency of these visits depends on its previous rating and information supplied by residents, the public or local authorities. Eac ... read more »

Lloyds apologies after Faster Payment System glitch

22 January 2013 - Lioyds payment glitch Customers of Lloyds and Halifax couldn't transfer cash yesterday using The Faster Payment system, due to a system crash. Lloyds have said that all other transfers have been unaffected. The Faster Payment scheme which was lau ... read more »

HMV will accept gift vouchers

21 January 2013 - Are your gift vouchers worthless? Customers of the collapsed music and DVD retailer will be relieved to find that HMV's administrators have done a U-turn on their decision not to accept gift cards. The administrators who were called in last week ... read more »

Loan sharks problems - what are your legal rights?

18 January 2013 - What are my rights when dealing with loan sharks? Loan Sharks, otherwise known as "illegal money lenders" are on the increase as consumers find it more and more difficult to obtain loans from high street banks. Whilst they may seem like the ... read more »

Blockbusters have gone into administration

16 January 2013 - Blockbusters UK back into administration Here we go again, one day after the terrible news that HMV have gone into administration now yet another high street brand has gone pop! It has therefore been announced that accountants Deloitte have been appo ... read more »

HMV calls in administrators - Your gift voucher rights

15 January 2013 - HMV enters administration The last major music and DVD retailer on the high street called in the administrators last night after poor sales failed to back a dying business model. The 92 year old firm appointed Deloitte as administrators. Deloitte hav ... read more »

Don't let claims companies take your Uniform Tax Rebate

14 January 2013 - Uniform tax rebate for washing your own uniform If you wear a uniform or protective clothing at work, and have to wash it yourself you can claim tax relief of up to £60 a year. There are also other tax-deductible expenses you may be able to cla ... read more »

Winter car maintenance tips that can help you save money

14 January 2013 - Car maintenance tips that pay off big During the coming weeks of ice and snow millions of us will be dependent on our cars to visit friends and family. Avoid expensive call out fees and hours of waiting at the side of the road by minimising the risk ... read more »

Protecting your consumer rights this holiday season

14 January 2013 - How can I protect myself while booking a holiday? Tips when booking a holiday to protect your consumer rights We are fast approaching the holiday season and with this being the case many of you will be spending you’re hard earned cash on family ... read more »

Limited edition signed print Titled 'Supermoon'

14 January 2013 - Click on the pic to access WhimSicAL LusH facebook page ... read more »

High Street camera retailer Jessops goes into administration - Your rights

09 January 2013 - Jessops falls into administration - Know your rights The announcement from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who have been appointed as the administrators of the ailing retail outlet, puts 2,000 jobs at risk as a buyer of all 193 stores seems unlikely. Un ... read more »

Your rights to return Christmas presents

31 December 2012 - Retailers are under no legal obligation to exchange or refund a gift unless: it was faulty when bought it is not as described it is not fit for purpose. REMEMBER: If you receive a gift which does not fit you properly or you simply do not like it, you ... read more »

HSBC and RBS to refund forgotten ATM cash

30 December 2012 - HSBC and RBS have now announced that they will repay those people that 'forgot' to take money that they withdrew from an ATM machine. Both banks have confirmed that they will go back to 2005 and analyse circumstances where customers withdrew ... read more »

Another banking horror story!

30 December 2012 - 'The cash machine took back my money' What to do if you are charged for a withdrawal but didn't receive the money. Over the past few years it feels like we have heard one shocking story after the other involving banks treating its custome ... read more »

Mortgage arrears

29 December 2012 - Mortgage arrears Out of all the people that you may owe money to your monthly mortgage is one payment that should try to prioritise. However, it is also the one organisation that will potentially be the easiest to negotiate with as they have 'sec ... read more »

New consumer rights laws may force business to repay consumers for mis-selling

20 December 2012 - The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has launched a consultation that could see businesses made to give money back which was gained from over-payments or mis-selling. It was announced that authorities like Trading Standards will b ... read more »

Government to halve redundancy talks to 45 days

18 December 2012 - Redundancy consultations - what you need to know The Government is to half the 90-day period of consultation for redundancies that companies are required to take before making large-scale redundancies. Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson said th ... read more »

New film highlights fraudsters targeting deaf people in adoption scam

06 December 2012 - Film warns deaf residents about internet fraudsters A new film has been created by Lancashire Constabulary and East Lancashire Deaf Society to warn deaf people about internet fraudsters. The film was created after police became aware that the deaf co ... read more »

A Guide to Uniform tax rebates

04 December 2012 - Get a uniform tax rebate if you wash your own uniform If you wear a uniform or protective clothing at work you should see if you can get a uniform tax rebate If you wear a uniform or protective clothing at work, and have to wash it your self you can ... read more »

Neighbours from hell

29 November 2012 - Neighbours from Hell! There is nothing worse than having a dispute with your neighbour. Any such dispute must therefore be handled carefully and effectively, to stop it spiralling out of control. If you experience a dispute with your neighbour you sh ... read more »

Buying a house

29 November 2012 - Purchasing a house – useful tips Surveys Although your building society will carry out a “valuation”, this is not a full survey and it may be worth thinking about having a full structural survey carried out depending on the age of t ... read more »

Neighbour disputes - trees

29 November 2012 - Neighbour disputes with trees Overhanging branches If a neighbour’s tree hangs over an adjoining property, the tree owner should be asked to trim back the tree. If this is not done, the complainant has the right to trim the tree back to the bou ... read more »

A major benefit to online shopping

24 November 2012 - 14 day cooling off period uk When you buy something online you get what is called a "14 day cooling off period". This means that you are perfectly entitled to change your mind about what you have purchased within 14 days of delivery and if ... read more »

Check your direct debits to make sure that you are not losing out

23 November 2012 - Every year thousands of people join gyms or other similar organisations, sign up a direct debit ("DD") and then when they stop using the service they forget to cancel the DD. This is very common. Ask your bank for a list of your DD's an ... read more »

I'm having Difficulties with Re-mortgaging? My consumer rights

23 November 2012 - As with energy supplies there is always a better mortgage deal on the market which can save you money long-term as well as lowering your monthly costs. However, if you have had the same mortgage for some time you may be surprised how difficult it has ... read more »

Government Energy proposals - what does it mean to you?

21 November 2012 - As consumers we have all had a fairly bad deal when it comes to gas and electricity prices in recent years. In this respect we have had an energy market full of overly complicated tariffs which most consumers simply could not fully understand and to ... read more »

Postal Scam email from Parcel Delivery Service

21 November 2012 - Hoax email from PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) Many people are receiving a chain email mostly on social media that warns people about a postal scam that could leave you £315 out of pocket. This email is a hoax and the information contained in it ... read more »

Car Insurance- How to save money and get the best deal by switching

18 November 2012 - I need to find lower price car insurance Search and find a cheaper car insurance in 3 easy steps Click here to start seaching for low cost car insurance ... read more »

Car Insurance How to save money and get the best deal by switching

18 November 2012 - I need to find lower price car insurance Search and find a cheaper car insurance in 3 easy steps Click here to start seaching for low cost car insurance ... read more »

Comet sale accelerates - but beware of your consumer rights

18 November 2012 - Comet is preparing to close up to 40 stores by the end of the November. This means that the administrators are stepping up the deals to get rid of stock as quick as possible. However, beware that if you buy something from Comet which turns out to be ... read more »

UK Payment email scam

13 November 2012 - Scam emails from UK Payment - What you need to know Many people are receiving emails from a company pretending to be UK Payment This is a scam and any email and attached links should be ignored. The email looks like this: Subject: Trouble with UK Pay ... read more »

National Consumer Week 2012

13 November 2012 - National consumer protection week National Consumer Week 2012 will be launching on the 12 November and is organised by the Trading Standards Institute. This years theme is 'cold calling don't buy it'. Say NO to cold callers The aim of the ... read more »

An easy money saving tip - Drop one non essential item each week

12 November 2012 - Save money by dropping non essential items One way to limit your spending is to have a look at what you spend each month and split your expenses into two different lists, essentials and non-essentials. First list: Essentials are items such as food an ... read more »

Consumer UK are now in Partnership with the Office of Fair Trading

12 November 2012 - Consumer UK are now in Partnership with the Office of Fair Trading, shortly we will be publishing a number of new campaigns on various consumer rights issues, Dean Dunham from Consumer UK will be fronting the campaigns, watch this space. ... read more »

Beware fake government websites

09 November 2012 - Warnings over fake government websites set up to trick consumers and the OFT are warning consumers who wish to access government services to check whether they are visiting the official government website or the website of a business ... read more »

Comet is now accepting gift vouchers!

08 November 2012 - Update on Comet administration: gift cards The decision to suspend the use of gift vouchers in comet stores has been reversed after it emerged that disabled children, who had received vouchers from the Family Fund charity, where amongst those caught ... read more »

Your rights when buying in the 'sales'

08 November 2012 - What are my rights when buying in the sales You do not lose any of your consumer rights just because the item is in the sale. The Sale of Goods act applies to sale and non- sale items and says they must be: as described of satisfactory quality fit fo ... read more »

Supermarkets cut petrol prices by as much as 2p

07 November 2012 - Four of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK have cut there petrol and diesel prices by as much as 2p. Asda said the cuts are due to wholesale prices. Sainsbury's, Tesco and finally Morrisons followed suit to also say they are cutting gas pri ... read more »

Ofcom text message scam

07 November 2012 - Warnings over latest text message scam Many people are getting text messages form a company pretending to be the communications regulator Ofcom asking for personal details. It should go without saying that this is a scam. Organisations like Ofcom wil ... read more »

Always read through your online or paper bank statements

05 November 2012 - Protect yourself from Direct Debit fraud A quick check once a month can help guard against financial heartache. Checking your online or paper statements alerts you to a non-payment of a bill, fraudulent activity, bank charges and even a direct debit ... read more »

Comet suspends gift cards as chain goes into administration

03 November 2012 - If it is not bad enough that comet collapsed into administration this week it has now emerged that its administrators have suspended the use of gift vouchers even though all comet stores remain open. It has been reported that the staff have been inst ... read more »

With comet in administration here are your consumer rights

01 November 2012 - Comet retailer to go into administration It’s not really any great surprise to see another retailer on the verge of collapse. This time it is Comet that are believed to be on the brink of administration, which will be one of the biggest casualt ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 2 - Calculating your income until 2017

31 October 2012 - Calculating your income until 2017 If you have over £23,250 (in England) in capital (notional capital and actual capital) you have to fund for your own care home fees until the capital drops beneath the threshold. The upper capital limit is &po ... read more »

Do the new Child benefit cuts break EU Laws?

29 October 2012 - Is it legal for child benefit to be means-tested? On 7th January 2013 a new Child Benefit Scheme is being introduced which will affect 1.2 million families. Under the new scheme if you or your partner earns more than £50,000 per year you will b ... read more »

Have you suffered flight cancellations due to Hurricane Sandy - know your rights

29 October 2012 - The majority of flights to and from the East coast of America have been cancelled due to the news of Hurricane Sandy. This is devastating news for those who were planning on travelling to the US on holiday for the half-term break, but if this has aff ... read more »


27 October 2012 - ... read more »

How can I switch my bank account and get a better deal?

26 October 2012 - Change my bank account - what are the best deals To check out the best banking deals for my personal bank accout click here Moving your bank account can seem like a scarey prospect, but when you choose the right current bank account for you, you coul ... read more »

OTF tells schools not to force parents on where they buy uniforms

25 October 2012 - 75% of state schools tell parents where to shop for uniforms. The Office of Fair Trading's (OFT) recent report on school uniforms found that a staggering 74 per cent of schools impose restrictions on where parents can buy their child's unifor ... read more »

What you need to know about European Health Insurance Card

24 October 2012 - The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC provides UK residence access to reduced or free state – provided medical care while on holiday in the European Economic Area. Including Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The EHIC is compl ... read more »

Top tips European Health Insurance

24 October 2012 - Did you know that British residents are eligible for healthcare in EU countries? If you are planning to take the kids to France during the half term or escape the winter in the Europe than you could save by getting your free European Health Insurance ... read more »

Are you paying too much for Gas and Electricity?

18 October 2012 - Energy saving tips for homes It’s that time of year again when we start to consider energy prices and more importantly when people who cannot afford to heat their homes really suffer. This is also a really topical subject this week due to the G ... read more »

Energy companies to be forces to automatically offer their best deals

18 October 2012 - Listen to what Dean Dunham said in a radio interview CLICK HERE Cameron will force energy firms to offer their lowest tariff automatically The Prime Minister has announced that Legislation is to be presented to parliament, which will force energy fir ... read more »

Universal Credit: '500,000 disabled people could stand to lose out'

17 October 2012 - Join us in asking the government to reconsider Universal Credit Welfare reform Universal Credit is a new benefits system set to replace a number of key current benefits, including some Income Support; Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Housing Benef ... read more »

Starbucks told investors one thing and the UK tax man another

17 October 2012 - The news agency Reuters has uncovered, after a four-month investigation, that in the last 14 years the global brand has only paid £8.6 million in tax in the UK. It has been reported that the coffee giant told investors on the one hand that the ... read more »

Use your credit card when buying online so you are protected

17 October 2012 - When buying online you never really know what you are going to get or indeed if you are even going to receive the goods, especially if you buy from a website that is not a well known brand. With this being the case you should always try to use a cred ... read more »

World Food Day 16th of October:

16 October 2012 - Food Bank feeds a record 110,000 Britons in six months. The food bank The Trussell Trust network fed over 110,000 people since April this year compared with a total of 128,697 in the whole of 2011-2012. Trussell's food banks provide at least thre ... read more »

Starbucks did not pay corporation tax for the last 3 years on sales of 1.2 million pounds in the UK

16 October 2012 - Starbucks told investors one thing and the UK tax man another The news agency Reuters uncovered in there four-month investigation that in the last 14 years the global brand has only paid £8.6 million in tax in the UK. It has been reported that ... read more »

The Home Secretary opted-out on mass on EU Law's.

15 October 2012 - The Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the Government plans to exercise its rights to opt out of all 140 EU measures on Law and Order. Under the Lisbon Treaty, the British Government has the option of opting out of more than 100 EU regulations ... read more »

How can I save money on my water heating energy bill?

12 October 2012 - You can lower your water heating energy bill by using and wasting less hot water in your home. By fixing leaks, installing low-flow fixtures will help you conserve hot water. Next time you need to buy a dishwasher, or washing machine look an into ene ... read more »

British Gas customers will face a price increase of £1.50 per week due to costs out of the companies control.

12 October 2012 - British Gas will increase energy prices by 9% from November the 16th Phil Bentley, the Managing director of British Gas has said: "Britain's North Sea gas supplies are running out, and British Gas has to pay the going rate for gas in a compe ... read more »

Another Natwest IT glitch - Now their APP does not work!

11 October 2012 - Natwest glitch - ALART The Natwest IT department is in turmoil ‘again’. This time it has had to suspend part of its mobile phone application that lets customers withdraw cash without a debit card due to attacks from fraudsters. The bank s ... read more »

Sky announce 18% price increase of its line rental

11 October 2012 - Sky price rise December 2012: Your Right to switch If it is not bad enough that the energy suppliers are set to increase prices it has now emerged that Sky are set to increase the price of its telephone line rental by a wopping 18 per cent! As a resu ... read more »

British Gas bills to increase by £100.00

11 October 2012 - British Gas raises gas and electricity prices We hate to say it but there is more heartache for consumers on the way. The Evening Standard have therefore this evening (11 October) reported that British Gas is set to announce a rise in energy prices o ... read more »

Save 25% on a weekly shop by buying only what's needed

11 October 2012 - How can I save money on my weekly shop? Top tip to save yourself 25 ser cent on your weekly food shop UK Households waste on average 25% of all the food they buy. Purchase only what you expect to eat over the coming week in your weekly shop, and you ... read more »

Churchcastle who fronted 'Word search' puzzle scam, hit by record fine.

11 October 2012 - PhonepayPlus dishes out record fine to premium rate prize promoter Wordsearch game tricked venerable individuals into phoneing premium rate phone numbers. Churchcastle, who are a premium rate prize promoter, have been given a record fine of £80 ... read more »

Tesco discount online

11 October 2012 - Tesco are giving £10 off when you spend £75 or more on Tesco direct (their online portal). All you need to do is enter discount code: TD-MXTN when you get to the online checkout. Disclaimer Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the l ... read more »

Be warned to read the small print on M&S new savers account which is claiming to pay out 6%. A must read for savers

10 October 2012 - Is the new M&S Monthly Saver account all its cracked up to be? What you need to know about the new M&S Monthly Saver account The M&S Monthly Saver offers a fixed rate of 6% gross AER (or 4.8% after tax) to those who can deposit between &p ... read more »

Tesco discount

10 October 2012 - How can I save money shopping at tesco? Tesco are giving 25% off Wine by the case for new customers using eCoupon code XXKXFP. ... read more »

Earn £4,250 a year TAX FREE from your home

02 October 2012 - Households could generate £65 billion of income ‘tax free’ each year by taking advantage of the Rent a Room scheme Times are obviously still hard for the vast majority of people and with this being the case it is advisable to look a ... read more »

Earn 'tax free' money from renting a room in your home

02 October 2012 - Rent a Room scheme - take advantage of hidden revenue from your home Households could generate £65 billion of income ‘tax free’ each year by taking advantage of the Rent a Room scheme Times are obviously still hard for the vast majo ... read more »

How to minimise the risk of falling victim to skiing holiday fraud

01 October 2012 - Minimise the risks of falling victim to skiing holiday fraud It is that time of year where consumers are starting to book ski holidays and this means that the scammers are out in force, trying all sorts of tricks to con unsuspecting people looking to ... read more »

Two people who sent millions of spam text messages face being fined up to £500,000

01 October 2012 - Spam text senders face fines of up to £500,000 We are all experiencing an increase in unsolicited ‘spam’ text messages, usually about PPI, reducing debt or other similar services offered by claims management companies. These texts a ... read more »

Hackers target GMail, Yahoo and AOL passwords

01 October 2012 - Fraud alert: Microsoft Services Agreement email hoax Security firm Sophos has warned users to be wary of emails which claim to come from The emails, which are cleverly designed to resemble official alerts from Microsoft, tell u ... read more »

Ten Top tips when buying a car that you can't live without

01 October 2012 - Top tips when buying a car Decide exactly what you want and need - consider this very carefully so that you can look for exactly what you need. Research how much the car should cost - you can research the market by looking at second hand car advertis ... read more »

Agency Workers

29 September 2012 - AGENCY WORKERS REGULATIONS 2011 The Agency Workers Regulations came into force on 1 October 2011. The effect is that agency workers are now entitled to various new employment rights and information on these rights. Agency workers are now entitled to ... read more »

Waitrose offer £50 off your first 'five' online shops

27 September 2012 - Waitrose are offering £50 off your first five online grocery shops. To qualify you need to: 1. Spend £75 or more 'per shop' 2. Place your first offer for delivery by 3 November 3. Receive your fifth delivery by 15 December 2012 Di ... read more »

A great money saving tip - STOP buying useless insurance policies

27 September 2012 - Useful Tips - Do I need to buy a warranty Insurance is really big business and is a significant money spinner for those that provide it, but how useful or indeed 'appropriate' are many of these insurance policies? In recent times we have seen ... read more »

An end to cheaper car insurance for women

27 September 2012 - Millions of women drivers could face paying an extra £362 a year for their car insurance after a ruling by the European courts. The increase follows a decision that men cannot be charged more for their policies than women and is due to take eff ... read more »

Ladies - protect your cheap car insurance -Act now!

26 September 2012 - As a result of an EU ruling the likes of Sheilas Wheels and other 'female' car insurance companies will not be able to offer 'cheaper' car insurance for women. This takes affect from 21 December 2012. Act now, we recommend that you tr ... read more »

New minimum wage - October 2012

26 September 2012 - Minimum wage to increase from 1 October 2012 The national minimum wage, which employers must pay their employees, will increase from 1st October 2012. The main rate for workers aged 21 and over will increase from £6.08 per hour to £6.19 p ... read more »

Tesco mobile customers get 12 months free broadband

26 September 2012 - Customers with a mobile subscription with Tesco are being offered 12 months' free home broadband and calls when they also take out line rental. All Tesco Mobile customers - including pay monthly, pay-as-you-go and SIM-only users - are entitled to ... read more »

National minimum wage set to increase

26 September 2012 - The national minimum wage, which employers must pay their employees, will increase from 1st October 2012. The main rate for workers aged 21 and over will increase from £6.08 per hour to £6.19 per hour and apprenticeship rate will increase ... read more »

JJB sports closing down - act NOW if you have unused vouchers

25 September 2012 - JJB Sports in administration - spend voucher while you still can If you have any unused vouchers from JJB sports use them NOW before it is too late. Also, if you have an unwanted purchase from JJB that you want to return, do so immediately. If you le ... read more »

An end to cheaper car insurance for women

25 September 2012 - Millions of women drivers could face paying an extra £362 a year for their car insurance after a ruling by the European courts. The increase follows a decision that men cannot be charged more for their policies than women and is due to take eff ... read more »

Asda and Sainsbury cut petrol prices

25 September 2012 - In a move that clearly goes against recent trends Asda has cut its fuel prices pleadging that unleaded petrol will cost "no more that " 135.7 pence-per-litre at its forecourts and that diesel will be cut to 139.7 pence-per-litre. Sainsbury ... read more »

Have you paid for care? Is your time up to claim?

24 September 2012 - How to reclaim care home fees yourself There are just days left to take action if you feel that you have a claim in relation to fees for care that you have paid. However, despite the fact that the deadline is 30th September, which really means 28th ( ... read more »

Avoid Losing Your Child Benefit In January

24 September 2012 - New rules regarding child benefit - What you need to know Over the next few weeks the government will be sending over one million letters out to families that are set to loose their child benefit from January. If one of the parents earns more that &p ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 92 days to go

24 September 2012 - Christmas cards In all honesty they are probably the biggest waste of money at Christmas. Why not send an e-card (there are lots of websites that do these) instead for free? ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 96 days to go

23 September 2012 - Make your own presents. Why spend your hard earned on presents if you can make your own. There are so many great presents that you can make yourself that it is worth looking into this. ... read more »

New Child Benefit Scheme

23 September 2012 - New Child Benefit Scheme will affect 1.2 million families On 7 January 2013 a new Child Benefit Scheme is being introduced which will affect 1.2 million families. Who is affected? If you or your partner earn more than £50,000 per year you will ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 93 days to go

23 September 2012 - Save money on christmas food Share the cost of Christmas by gathering as many members of the family together as you can. Each person can provide one element – the turkey, booze, puddings, etc. You could also set up a Secret Santa scheme. Each p ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 94 days to go

23 September 2012 - Money-off vouchers for days out with the family, restaurants and supermarket food shopping Don't buy anything until you have searched the 'money off' voucher sites first. It is highly likely that you find a voucher for the item that you w ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 95 days to go

23 September 2012 - Make sure you get the best deal on your Christmas shopping Retailers are fighting for your business which means that they are all trying to undercut each other. With this being the case shop around (looking at different shops on the High street and o ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 97 days to go

18 September 2012 - Day 97 Christmas saving tip Set a limit on spending. It is so easy to simply keep on spending at Christmas and before you realise you have spent a fortune! It is therefore imperative that you set yourself a strict budget of what you can afford to spe ... read more »

Natwest glitch - What are your real legal your rights

17 September 2012 - THOSE AFFECTED BY THE NATWEST GLITCH HAVE RIGHTS – DEAN DUNHAM OF consumeruk.COM EXPLAINS…. Bank says it does not know when systems will be running normally again after IT meltdown Millions of NatWest bank customers have been hit by one ... read more »

My mobile phone is broken but its out of warranty - what do I do?

17 September 2012 - My mobile phone is faulty, what can I do? This is becoming an increasing problem, especially with iPhones. Here’s the scenario which for many people will sound familiar. You go to a shop to buy an iPhone and you get told that you can have the i ... read more »

Save money on petrol

17 September 2012 - How do I save money on petrol? The price of fuel is rising and with this being the case it is now more important than ever that you pay particular attention to the amount of fuel that you use. Here are our top tips on saving fuel: TYRES Check your ty ... read more »

Energy suppliers - your rights

17 September 2012 - Your rights with energy suppliers There is no getting away from it, we all need and reply upon energy suppliers as water, electricity and in some cases gas all form part of our basic living needs. It is probably therefore no surprise that energy pric ... read more »

Doorstep selling - What are my rights? campaign -Office of Fair Trading

17 September 2012 - DO YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHTS WHEN SOMEONE SELLS YOU SOMETHING AT YOUR DOORSTEP? What are my rights? What's the Doorstep selling Law? Doorstep selling is when a salesperson sells you goods or services in your home or on your doorstep. If you sp ... read more »

Cohabitation - know your rights

17 September 2012 - Cohabitation – Know your rights There is a big misconception that if you live with someone for a period of time you automatically get legal rights. If you have just been living together then you should be aware that there is no such thing in En ... read more »

A guide on your tax & NI responsibilities in later life - Part 2

04 September 2012 - Calculating tax and National Insurance Paying National Insurance Responsibilities When you reach State Pension age you stop paying National Insurance Disclaimer Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the legal information contained on “cons ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 3 - Personal Expenses Allowance

04 September 2012 - Personal Expenses Allowance When the council assesses what contribution you have to pay, your local council must leave you with a Personal Expenses Allowance of £23.50 per week to cover your personal expenses. This sum is set by the Government ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 4 - Your home

04 September 2012 - How your home will be means-tested If you own your home, its value shall be included as part of your capital assets in the means-test for residential care. On the other hand, the property should be disregarded if your spouse or partner or another rel ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 7 - How is it going to work?

04 September 2012 - How will the new costing formula work The new costing formula is going to keep a running tally of the full cost of care that you receive. This means that if you only paid a part of the fee and the local authority paid the rest, the total amount would ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 8 - Fees and contracts

04 September 2012 - Fees and contracts When you find a care home which you are happy will meet your needs, make sure the fees and contract terms are acceptable. If you are funding your own care you should be given a written contract. If the local council is assisting wi ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 9

04 September 2012 - What are top up fees? Across the country care home fees vary widely. The care home has a legal duty to find you suitable accommodation at its usual cost. If you would prefer to live in a care home which charges over the usual limit set by your local ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 6 - The reform on funding care and support

04 September 2012 - The reform on funding care and support In 2016 (approximately) the reform on funding care and support will come into effect which should save many elderly people from having to sell their homes. The Government will also increase the means-tested amou ... read more »

A guide on how to fund care in later life - Part 5 - Payment arrangements

04 September 2012 - Payment arrangements The local council who has a responsibility to ensure that the care fees are paid, can pay all the fees (minus any nursing payment made by the NHS) to the home, and can collect your contribution from you. On the other hand, if eve ... read more »

Consumer UK's Dean Dunham on the radio

02 September 2012 - CLICK TO LISTEN Part 1 - BBC Radio 5 Live CLICK TO LISTEN Part 2 CLICK TO LISTEN BBC Northampton BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours by Interview by Winifred Robinson Dean demonstrates a few novel but legal ways to retain your child benefit. CLICK HE ... read more »

Have you been mis-sold a packaged bank account? - What to do..

05 August 2012 - A packaged bank account is generally a current account that has a range of benefits included such as: Insurance policies Music downloads Airport lounge access Commission free foreign currency Various discounts However, such added benefits are not &ls ... read more »

Nationwide customers double-charged

28 July 2012 - Nationwide is the latest bank to have problems with its IT! During the course of this week some of their customers (we are unsure how many at this stage) have been charged 'twice' when using their Nationwide debit card. Whilst Nationwide are ... read more »

Are Pensioners going to lose again?

28 July 2012 - This weeks even-worse-than-predicted GDP figures could be the start of more problems for pensioners and those nearing retirement. The latest data has shown that the economy contracted at a quarter-on-quarter rate of 0.7 per cent, demonstrating that t ... read more »

FSA to introduce new rules to stop Banks mis-selling to Elderly

28 July 2012 - At last the FSA 'seem' to be doing something to stop the banks and other financial institutions mis-selling financial products. This is long overdue and I cannot understand why it has taken so long. Dependant upon how effective these new rule ... read more »

Don't forget to renew your Tax Credits by 31st July!

28 July 2012 - You have until 31st July to renew your tax credits, failing which you could loose out. For more information log on to Disclaimer Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the legal information contained on “c ... read more »

Ofgem plans to cost consumers

16 July 2012 - National Grid's £22bn energy upgrade Ofgem, the energy regulator, set out plans today for a £22bn upgrade to the UK’s ageing gas and electricity networks. The work will allow the connection of more renewable energy projects but ... read more »

Winter Fuel Payment - Part 3 - how can I get winter fuel payments

16 July 2012 - How Can I get an extra winter fuel payment when its extra cold? You'll automatically receive Cold Weather Payments worth £25 when the temperature falls below 0c for seven consecutive days. Importantly: The Warm Home Discount will only be ap ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 4 - Small household repairs

16 July 2012 - How can I get help with small household repairs like changing a light bulb or replacing a tap washer? Small household repairs If you live in a housing association property and need help changing a light bulb, or need to replace a washer you may be ab ... read more »

Olympic lanes in London

16 July 2012 - WARNING: today sees the start of the new 'Olympic' lanes in London. These are special road lanes set up for the Olypics and if you are found driving in an Olympic lane you will get a £130 fine! ... read more »

Winter Fuel Payment - Part 2 - How can I receive winter fuel payments

16 July 2012 - When will I get my winter fuel allowance? You should not have to apply for Winter Fuel Payments as the money should automatically be sent to you normally before Christmas. If you have not yet received it ring the Winter Fuel helpline on 0845 915 15 1 ... read more »

Should O2 compensate?

12 July 2012 - Should O2 provide compensation – UPDATE (1:30pm 12 July) We have asked the question again, “will O2 customers who have suffered a loss receive compensation”?. However, O2 are still keeping silent on the matter. We have head rumours ... read more »

Join me on C4 TV show this Sat

10 July 2012 - Have a consumer rights problem? Let us know This Saturday (14th July 2012) I am filming a consumer TV show with Channel 4. This is a primetime show that is aired at 8pm Wednesday nights starting in 2 weeks. We are looking for people that have had a p ... read more »

Free new boiler and cheap gas and electricity

09 July 2012 - If someone told you that an energy company would give you a FREE new boiler and cheap electricity and gas you simply would not believe it. Why would you in an age where the energy companies cant stop increasing prices. However, this is exactly what a ... read more »

Neighbour disputes - noise

29 June 2012 - Neighbour disputes with noise Dealing with noisy neighbours Local authorities have extensive powers to deal with noise nuisances. You can ask the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) to investigate the noise. They are able to measure the level of noise ... read more »

A Guide to paternity leave rights

29 June 2012 - Paternity Leave If you are a father to be or will share the responsibility with a partner for looking after a baby, you may have the right to Statutory Paternity Leave and Pay. This includes adoptive fathers-to-be. Do I qualify? You will qualify if: ... read more »

A Guide to unfair dismissal

29 June 2012 - Unfair Dismissal There are several ways your dismissal could be unfair: Your employer does not have a fair reason for dismissing you (e.g. if there was nothing wrong with your job performance). Your employer did not follow the correct process when di ... read more »

What to do when you cant pay your utility bills

29 June 2012 - When you can't pay your utility bills I can't pay my Gas, Electricity or Water bills The first thing to note is that water, gas and electricity supply companies can only disconnect your supply as a last resort. If you are having problems with ... read more »

A Guide to what your landlord must repair

29 June 2012 - Your rights as to what your landlord must repair Your tenancy agreement may have clauses about who is responsible for repairs. However, whatever the tenancy agreement says, it is always the landlord's responsibility to repair: the structure and e ... read more »

Employment tribunal claims

29 June 2012 - What is the next steps after I file a claim? Once your claim is received by the Employment Tribunal, it will be reviewed and then either accepted or not accepted. Employment tribunal claims - What if my claim is accepted? If your claim is accepted, y ... read more »

Your rights to access a neighbors land to carry out repairs

29 June 2012 - ACCESS TO A NEIGHBOR'S LAND TO CARRY OUT REPAIRS It is very common for neighbour disputes to arise where neighbours do not allow each other access to their land in order to carry out repairs to their own property or land. Given the fact that the ... read more »

Mervyn King finally speaks out about the “shoddy deceitful” banks

29 June 2012 - Mervyn King finally speaks out about the “shoddy deceitful” banks Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England has today publically spoken out about Barclays and the other UK banks implicated in the recent banking scandals, in a speec ... read more »

Ombudsman and regulatory authorities

29 June 2012 - OMBUDSMAN & REGULATORY AUTHORITIES OMBUDSMAN AND REGULATORY AUTHORITIES If you have complained about a public service or a service provided by a legal or financial organisation and such complaint has not provided you with the desired result you c ... read more »

How to deal with a statutory demand

29 June 2012 - Your rights and statutory demands What do I do if I receive a statutory demand? A Statutory Demand is a formal legal document requiring you to pay off an outstanding debt either by instalments or a lump sum or to secure it against a property. If you ... read more »

A Guide to your redundancy rights

29 June 2012 - Your rights in redundancy What happens I am made redundant? If your employer makes you redundant then you are entitled to work out your notice period, go on paid 'gardening leave', or receive pay in lieu of notice. You will need to consult wi ... read more »

How to complain about a debt collector

29 June 2012 - How to complain about a debt collector If you want to complain about the debt collection practices of creditors and/or their debt collection units, as well as external debt collection agencies you should log on to the website of the Office of Fair Tr ... read more »

Rent deposits and your rights

29 June 2012 - YOUR RIGHTS IN HAVING RENTAL DEPOSITS RETURNED Unfortunately it is all too common for tenants to end up in dispute with their landlord at the end of the tenancy over the deposit - the landlord wants to keep the deposit for various reasons and natural ... read more »

Salary sacrifice

29 June 2012 - Salary sacrifice It is fairly common for employers to give their employees benefits in addition to their salary, such as childcare and pension contributions. Salary sacrifice enables you to exchange part of your salary for a non-cash benefit, such as ... read more »

We need to regulate these banks far tighter - NOW

28 June 2012 - First we had all of the issues over unfair bank charges, then PPI being mis-sold, then the issues with the RBS/Natwest/Ulster Bank and now Barclays have held their hands up and admitted that they have effectively 'lied' about the cost of thei ... read more »

NatWest Hashes - Don't Lose Out

28 June 2012 - NatWest “glitch” don't lose out If you have had problems during the recent NatWest “glitch” you will need to ensure that you keep full and precise details of how you have been financially inconvenienced, including dates, t ... read more »

Downloading on Internet Could Lead to Court Action

28 June 2012 - Illegal downloading films and music could lead to court action A new system set up to tackle online piracy for people who download music, movies and e-books from the internet will see people being sent warning letters that could lead to court action ... read more »

Pensioners should shop around to Boost their Pension

28 June 2012 - Shop around to boost your retirement income The Chief Executive of the National Association of Pension Funds is reported to have said that half a million people retiring each year are being short-changed by up to £1 billion from their future pe ... read more »

Barclays Bank Debacle - Fined a record £290m for ‘rigging’ Libor rates

28 June 2012 - Barclays Libor Scandal At the start of the week news broke that Barclays had been fined a record £290m for their traders being involved in ‘rigging’ Libor rates, now at the end of the week the SFO have announced that they have launc ... read more »

RBS Software debacle - these are your rights

24 June 2012 - RBS promises to compensate customers after major software glitch We have seen hundreds of emails via from RBS/Natwest/Ulster Bank customers who have suffered as a result of the major software glitch that the bank has experienced. ... read more »

Natwest Glitch - Can I claim for my financial loss

22 June 2012 - Update: MONDAY 25/6/12: We are hearing rumours that the bank is now saying that it is not actually liable for the consequences of the software glitch that has occurred, due to its ‘terms and conditions”. Well, I am pleased to say this is ... read more »

Do those tiny terms and conditions trip you up?

20 June 2012 - Have you ever been caught out by the small print If you are one of the many many people that has i want to hear your story as something needs to be done. We are going to campaign for 'ban the small print' and for key terms (such as price and ... read more »

WARNING about fraudsters taking advantage of PPI claims

20 June 2012 - PPI scam victim loses thousands Police in Gloucester have issued a fresh warning about fraudsters taking advantage of people making Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) compensation claims. It comes after a woman from Gloucester was defrauded of thousa ... read more »

My damaged luggage - no comeback and guarantees!

20 June 2012 - Every time I go on holiday I have to buy a new case. Even with a guarantee it is no use as the retailer insists it is airline damage for which the luggage is not covered by the guarantee. Even one that was replaced by an airline came apart on the fir ... read more »

My mobile phone has broken but it’s out of warranty, what do I do?

19 June 2012 - Will apple fix my broken Iphone? This is becoming an increasing problem, especially with iPhones. Here’s the scenario which for many people will sound familiar. You go to a shop to buy an iPhone and you get told that you can have the iPhone FRE ... read more »

'Bogus' Sky Insurance Cover

18 June 2012 - Many mis-sold sky insurance customers complain to Trading Standards A firm in Bournemouth has had hundreds of complaints made against it to Trading Standards following the mis-selling of the insurance for Sky products. The hard selling tactics persua ... read more »

No Human Rights for Elderly

18 June 2012 - Human Rights Act fails to protect elderly The Human Rights Act does not protect the elderly in care homes and hospitals. The only cover for the elderly under the Human Rights Act is for those residents whose fees are paid by their local authority or ... read more »

Benefits to be Lost by Workers who Strike

18 June 2012 - Under a new Universal Credit system, workers who strike and claim benefits to top up their income will no longer be able to do so. Currently, those workers on low pay (under £13,000) can get assistance if their pay falls below a certain level. ... read more »

"Fat Tax" for large Passengers on Flights

18 June 2012 - Airline Fat Tax: Should obese Passengers Pay Airbus, plane builder has changed the layout of their A320 jets to incorporate larger seats for larger passengers, but they will be charged a “fat tax” for the same. The remainder of the other ... read more »

Postal Deliveries Halted in Bad Weather

15 June 2012 - A recent letter to businesses of a city centre has advised that their mail deliveries will be suspended in wet weather conditions, such as persistent rain, ice and snow due to a postman slipping over on the footpath and steps (which it is alleged are ... read more »

Hosepipe Ban Over For Some

15 June 2012 - The end of the Hosepipe ban for some The three biggest water authorities, Anglian Water, Thames Water and Southern Water are due to lift the restrictions for hosepipe bans tomorrow due to the exceptional rainfall over the last three days, on top of A ... read more »

Mothers Who Deny Access To Children Are Threatened With Jail

15 June 2012 - Tough Punishments for mothers who deny fathers access An extension of punishments for breaches of Court ordered care arrangements will be proposed today for mothers who refuse to allow their former partners to maintain a proper relationship with thei ... read more »

Law to be Changed if Judges do not "toughen up" on Human Rights

15 June 2012 - Judges who refuse to deport foreign criminals on the grounds that they have a right to a family life are being told to stop this practice and a vote in Parliament to confirm to Judges what the British public believe and what Parliament has stated wil ... read more »

Crackdown on Motorists

15 June 2012 - Under recently published plans, motorists are to face on the spot fines of £90 plus three points on their licence for “hogging” the outside lane of a motorway. There are also increases of 50% planned for fines relating to speeding o ... read more »

Google and Apple "aerial" map Snoopers

15 June 2012 - Beware Google's spy in the sky The planes used by both Google and Apple to create the 3D maps are so detailed that they can show up objects just four inches wide and the military-grade cameras are believed to be so powerful that they can look thr ... read more »

Have you got a shocking story

14 June 2012 - Contact us for free legal advice on your consumer law matters At consumeruk we keep on hearing shocking stories where people have been 'conned' or just not treated right. Some of these stories relate to bank debts, some relate to finance agre ... read more »

Success using the Consumer UK PPI template letter. Over 36000 downloads

11 June 2012 - We have helped thousands of UK Consumers We have successfully helped thousands of people to reclaim PPI premiums due being mis-sold the policies. Each of these has used out template PPI letters and information to claim. There have been over 36000 dow ... read more »

Are you in debt due to a car loan?

09 June 2012 - Are you in debt due to a car loan that you took out before 2008? If you are it is possible that the loan does not comply with the Consumer Credit Act and therefore that it cannot be enforced against you. If this applies to you send us your story... D ... read more »

Call for an end to cold calling

09 June 2012 - Npower to stop could calling I interviewed N Power this week and during the interview I took the opportunity to probe them about cold calling. For clarify, Cold Calling is the practice whereby the electricity suppliers (and indeed many other types of ... read more »

s:75 claims

24 May 2012 - I've been told I can't claim on my credit card as the item is not for my use. Is that legal? Am I entitled to a refund when the item I brought is faulty? Section 75 consumer credit act time limit Have you tried to claim against your credit ca ... read more »

Transport for London “don't care if Exempt”

21 May 2012 - Mr Hahn owns a Mini cooper One D. When he purchased the car the dealership told him that the car was EXEMPT from the Congestion charge. Following his first journey into Central London with the car he received a charge notice from Transport for London ... read more »

Credit card company rejected my claim

20 May 2012 - Why is my credit card application being declined? Mr Reid purchased a gift for his daughter using his credit card. Unfortunately the goods he purchased were faulty and when he went to take them back to the supplier he found that they had gone out of ... read more »

UPDATE: Alleged scam known as 'confidential elite'

19 May 2012 - Several people contacted us through the site to inform us about an alleged scam known as confidential elite and asked us for help. Each person parted with their hard earned cash in exchange for certain promises from the people at confidential elite, ... read more »

A Guide to maternity leave rights

29 April 2012 - Your rights in relation to maternity law Am I eligible for maternity leave? What are my BASIC RIGHTS concerning maternity leave? No matter how long you've worked for a company or whether you work part time, every pregnant employee is entitled to ... read more »

Care Homes Failing the Elderly

25 April 2012 - Elderly care home abuse Care homes are coming under increasing attack for the care received by their residents. Another care home has been under investigation by the Care Quality Commission where a male nurse was jailed following his abuse of an elde ... read more »

Cancer Victim Fund Underspend

25 April 2012 - £60 cancer victim fund underspend Cancer Drugs Fund, the fund set up with £200 million in April 2001 for the year to April 2012 by the Government to provide life extending drugs for cancer sufferers is reported to still have around £ ... read more »

Street Court Panels to Agree Punishments

19 April 2012 - Local volunteers to panel neighbourhood restoration for low level crimes Panels of local volunteers are to be set up as justice panels in a shake up of sentencing to be known as Neighbourhood Restoration Panels for low level crimes. “Yobs&rdquo ... read more »

Fear of Debt Collectors and Bailiffs

19 April 2012 - Hundreds of people are living in fear of debt collectors and bailiffs It is reported that there are hundreds of people living in fear of debt collectors and bailiffs and whilst many cases are genuine, many more are simple communication failures. They ... read more »

Unnecessary Water Insurance Push by Water Firms

19 April 2012 - Have you been pressured into taking out water insurance coverage? Water companies are pushing to get consumers to take out expensive policies through third parties like Homeserve for burst pipes when they have their own free repair service. A Which? ... read more »

Brand Pack Sizes Shrinking but Cost Remains the Same

19 April 2012 - Brand Pack Sizes Shrinking but Cost Remains the Same A practice adopted by many household companies known as “Shrink-Ray” is now becoming more widespread. “Shrink-Ray” is where companies reduce the size of the packaging, but d ... read more »

Internet "Trolls" Cause Misery

19 April 2012 - Internet Trolls could be jailed Internet Trolls are becoming more and more prevalent causing misery to people who have lost loved ones. These callous people set up Facebook pages, send messages and generally cause upset and distress to families. One ... read more »

Mothers of Surrogate Babies not entitled to Maternity Pay

19 April 2012 - Surrogacy mother deniyed maternity pay The woman who was born without a womb and could never have children was offered help by her cousin who offered to carry the baby. Her MP has introduced a Bill for the legal loophole to be closed. Disclaimer Whil ... read more »

Lack of Basic Medical Care - Baby Dies

16 April 2012 - 19 month old boy died of dehydration was 'failed by health system' according to parents A couple are distraught following the death of their 19 month old baby last year from dehydration following four days of severe diarrhoea and vomiting aft ... read more »

Fines for Parents of Truants

16 April 2012 - Truancy fines for parents New proposals being considered by the Government which would mean that parents could face fines of up to £120.00 which would be deducted from their Child Benefit if they are not paid. There are claims that an increasin ... read more »

Council Homes to Immigrants

16 April 2012 - 500,000 immigrants have been given social housing in the past decade It has emerged that council homes are being handed over to jobless immigrants whilst the British on waiting lists are still waiting. Anger arose as it was found that 45% of social h ... read more »

Volunteer Football Coaches Suspended for Running a Children's Football Cup

12 April 2012 - Volunteer coaches broke legal duties by being competitive Two volunteer football coaches have been suspended for organising an under 11s football tournament because it allowed children to play competitively against each other. The two coaches who gav ... read more »

The Village Royal Mail Forgot

12 April 2012 - Villagers told by Royal Mail to make 14-mile round trip to collect post A tiny hamlet has, for years, been able to receive deliveries via an alternative route following the condemnation of the 50 year old bridge in 2009, except from Royal Mail. The C ... read more »

Doctor who Failed Exams is Reinstated

12 April 2012 - Failed Doctor goes back to work A Doctor who was banned in 2007 after prescribing the wrong drugs and performing operations for which he was not qualified and who was again suspended in 2010 for failing to show enough improvement has been reinstated ... read more »

Physiotherapists Banned From Touching Patients

12 April 2012 - New NHS rules bans Physiotherapists from touching patients NHS plans were branded “barmy” yesterday after it was revealed that physiotherapists could no longer use their hands to massage aching joints and limbs but had to tell patients to ... read more »

Interest Only Mortgage Fears

12 April 2012 - Are you in danger of becoming a "zombie household" Whilst interest only mortgages may be cheaper at the moment due to the low interest rates and many homeowners changing from Capital to Interest Only repayments, in the long run economists f ... read more »

Elderly NHS Patients Discharged at Night

12 April 2012 - It has been revealed that thousands of patients are being sent home to relieve the pressure on beds in the middle of the night. Some of them being elderly patients who have to go home to empty houses with little or no planning for their return home. ... read more »

EU Proposals for Hairdressers

12 April 2012 - Is the EU banning high heels for hairdressers? Directives have been drawn up by the EU Coiffure and UNI Europa Hair & Beauty organisations which would ban hairdressers from wearing jewellery which would include watches and wearing high heels or w ... read more »

Allotment Taken Away From Pensioner

07 April 2012 - Allotment plot taken away from elderly due to safety hazard A pensioner who lived for his allotment has received a letter from his local council giving him three weeks to remove the allotment as they state his bad hip was a safety hazard. The council ... read more »

Scrapping ASBOs - Landlords' Fears

07 April 2012 - If ASBOs are scrapped, as is proposed by the Home Secretary, landlords fear that nuisance neighbours will be harder to deal with. It is proposed that they will be replaced with Crime Prevention Orders which would leave owners “literally powerle ... read more »

Dormant Bank Accounts To Fund Social Projects

07 April 2012 - Dormant funds to be used to provide loans to social enterprises or charities An announcement today is expected that a new fund to be backed by Britain’s leading banks will be invested in social enterprises. It is reported that the money from th ... read more »

Mortgage Shortfalls Still Repayable For Up To 12 Years

07 April 2012 - Mortgage repossession shortfall - Your consumer rights If you have had your home repossessed over the last 12 years, you could have to pay out for any shortfall (including agents and solicitors fees) once the house has been sold by the lender. One la ... read more »

Hosepipe Ban

06 April 2012 - What you need to know for this summers hosepipe ban The speculation of a hosepipe ban has now become a reality so here are some key facts that you need to know: Q: When does the ban start and does it affect me? Dean: The ban started on 5th April 2012 ... read more »

Change to unfair dismissal laws

06 April 2012 - Employment law - Unfair dismissal increase to 2 years Following a change to the law employees now have to be employed for more than 2 years to claim 'unfair dismissal'. Previously the qualifying period was 1 year. Disclaimer Whilst every effo ... read more »

Parking At Work Tax

03 April 2012 - Workplace Parking Levy - Nottingham City Council A “Workplace Parking Levy” has been introduced by Nottingham City Council meaning that for every parking space over 10 that a Company provides to its workers, the Council will charge them u ... read more »

Drivers Details Sold On

03 April 2012 - DVLA sells on highly sensitive drivers’ information The DVLA have sold on drivers details to parking fine firms which included a convicted criminal who ran a dubious enforcement company. This firm wrongly called in bailiffs, unfairly disallowed ... read more »

Water Companies Wasting Water

03 April 2012 - At a time when we are all being told to save water and a hosepipe ban is being introduced from Thursday, some water companies are still “high pressure flushing” to clear mains pipes of sediment and rust. One particular water board sent su ... read more »

Big Brother is Watching You

03 April 2012 - Communications Data Bill – aka the 'Snooper's Charter' Under new planned legislation which is expected to be announced in next month’s Queens speech, GCHQ will be able to monitor emails and website visits on demand. Although G ... read more »

Transplant Organs Hit By Bug

31 March 2012 - Transplant Organs "are hit by bug" Health experts are warning that hundreds of transplant patients could have received donor organs which are potentially poisoned by bacteria from the solution which is used to keep them fresh during transpo ... read more »

Dating Website Conmen

31 March 2012 - The cost of dating and romance scams A recent study has revealed that fraudsters who are posing on dating websites have conned thousands of pounds from their “victims” in the form of presents. Some of them have even been sexually abused o ... read more »

Confidential Elite Scam

30 March 2012 - don't get stung by Confidential Elite scam We are still receiving a number of complaints from people who have lost thier hard earned money through joining the Confidential Elite network at It would ... read more »

Tattooed Worker Forced to Leave

29 March 2012 - Tattooed Worker Forced to Leave shop floor A shop worker who got 80 tattoos in two years was told to cover them up with make up and moved to a stockroom role has said he was “humiliated” and felt he had to leave his job. He is reported to ... read more »

Asbestos Victim Victory

29 March 2012 - Victory for asbestos victims The Supreme Court yesterday overruled the previous Court of Appeal decision and ruled that the insurance liability was triggered for victims of asbestos when the employees were exposed to the dust and not when the symptom ... read more »

Petrol Strike - Panic Buying

29 March 2012 - Latest news - Fuel strike 2012 UK A Government Minister who has told drivers to hoard petrol at home has not only angered fire chiefs by putting lives and property at risk, but has not reminded consumers regarding the law of doing so. Storage of fuel ... read more »

Uncaring Car Clamper

28 March 2012 - Unsympathetic parking attendant hits unwell man with clamp A driver pulled over in a no parking zone feeling unwell and when the car clamper tried to clamp his van, the driver stood in front of his car to block the clamper’s way and collapsed. ... read more »

Tax Blunder at HMRC for the Elderly

28 March 2012 - Another gaffe from HMRC to the most venerable Threatening demands are being received for tax payments, particularly by the elderly, who have not underpaid tax. In November 2011 HMRC advised that over a million people had underpaid tax due to their ta ... read more »

Albert Hall Trustees Selling Seat Allocations on Open Market

28 March 2012 - Royal Albert Hall trustees 'touting charity tickets for profit' It is alleged that some Trustees are touting their seats on the open market which is taking much needed funds away from charity events. Although this is not illegal, the Albert H ... read more »

Congestion charge blunder

28 March 2012 - London congestion charge exemptions I own a Mini cooper One D which is EXEMPT from the Congestion charge. Despite this I receieved a fine for not paying the Congestion charge. I contacted Transport for London and they clearly did not know that my car ... read more »

Pursuing a legal claim without a lawyer

28 March 2012 - How to Take Someone to the Small Claims Court in the UK In most cases it is advisable to use the services of a solicitor or barrister if you want to take a legal action against someone, whether it be against an individual or company. However, there a ... read more »

Abortion Clinics Breaking the Law

28 March 2012 - Abortion Doctors may be braking the law Abortion clinics are reported to be breaking the law and supplying abortions “on demand” or even sending patients abroad where the abortion laws are laxer than in the UK but no prosecutions have hap ... read more »

Teaching Applications from Pedophiles

27 March 2012 - Pedophiles, arsonists and drug dealers all have applied to work with children Freedom of Information figures have shown that paedophiles, arsonists and drug dealers have all applied to become teachers in the last year. Sex offenders were also caught ... read more »

Elderly Discrimination for Cancer Treatment

27 March 2012 - NHS tells Elderly cancer sufferers that they are too old to treat A report reveals that as many as 14,000 elderly people are considered too old to treat and although cancer rates are high in the over 75s, cases are often diagnosed too late and then l ... read more »

EU to Ban Free Plastic Bags

27 March 2012 - Plastic bag levy of 5p to be brought in by 2015 The EU is planning a ban on free plastic bags across the whole of Europe and proposing to make shoppers pay for them which could become law within two years. This has come after some European countries ... read more »

Fuel Tanker Drivers' Strike

27 March 2012 - Fuel tanker drivers strike 2012 The cost of fuel could increase even further due to a strike by fuel tanker drivers. The timing could cause disruption over the Easter break with many garages having to close when the supply of fuel runs out. This coul ... read more »

A & E Charges for Drunks

27 March 2012 - Drunk A&E Patients to pay for hospital admissions Proposals are being considered by city leaders to charge drunks for treatment in Accident and Emergency Departments due to the cost to the NHS of treating them. This is due to the fact that approx ... read more »

Current Privacy Law Works

27 March 2012 - Privacy law will stay as they are A senior committee of MPs and peers is due to rule today that there is no need to have new privacy laws or statutory regulations of the press following the Press Complaints Commission which will close this year. The ... read more »

Dementia Care Crisis

27 March 2012 - New study shows Alzheimer’s sufferers are left to struggle A report by the Alzheimer’s Society has revealed that approximately half a million sufferers have little support and are left to struggle. They are calling for a “radical sh ... read more »

Threat of Fining Pensioner for filling in Potholes in Lane

23 March 2012 - Scout leader may face legal proceedings for repairing potholes Can I get fined for filling in porholes myself? A council has told a public spirited pensioner who has been filling in potholes in his lane with a gravel mix that they will prosecute him ... read more »

Beware Forecourt Finance Sharks

23 March 2012 - Finance plans offered by dealers are not always what they seem They could end up adding thousands of pounds to the loan and even, in some cases, leaving the car in danger of being repossessed. There are fears that sales staff are omitting fees, not e ... read more »

New Jail more like a Hotel

20 March 2012 - So called "first class hotel" called into question by MP's A £200 million jail has been branded a “first class hotel” by some MPs after it was revealed that the inmates are able to order food from their cells, wear the ... read more »

Primary School Shortage

20 March 2012 - Warning of dire primary school places shortage Because of a recent baby boom, and rising immigration levels, a study has revealed that two thousand extra primary schools are needed before 2015. Some Councils are looking at old Woolworths stores and o ... read more »

Shortage of Nurses on Elderly Wards

20 March 2012 - A report has revealed that there is a lack of qualified nurses on elderly wards and the ratio on average is one nurse to every nine patients whereas the Royal College of Nursing requires one nurse to every seven patients, with the ideal ratio being o ... read more »

Cashpoint Charges

20 March 2012 - UK Banks threaten to take away free cash withdrawals High Street Banks are threatening to charge customers for withdrawing money from cashpoints and could even charge for setting up standing orders and direct debits. This has sparked fury with campai ... read more »

Proposals to introduce Toll Roads to Britain

19 March 2012 - Roads: tolls - Government plan The Government is expected to reveal today a scheme for our roads to become privately owned. They state the road system which is second-rate desperately needs a huge injection from the private sector and the Treasury ca ... read more »

Traffic Wardens 'Camera' in Badges

19 March 2012 - Traffic wardens use sneaky CCTV surveillance Surveillance cameras are being hidden in traffic wardens’ badges to film motorists. The camera, which also works in the dark, is a tiny lens hidden within the warden’s badge and the wardens are ... read more »

Foreign Doctors loophole to work in Britain

19 March 2012 - Foreign doctors lack english skills under-fire The General Medical Council rules require any foreign applicant to sit a tough language test to ensure that they can understand patients who have complex or serious illnesses and also have to face the Pr ... read more »

New PIP Warning

19 March 2012 - PIP breast implants - Your Rights An investigation by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has revealed that PiP implants made before 2001 may contain unauthorised silicone gel, contrary to initial guidance from French health autho ... read more »

PCs to face pay cuts for being overweight

16 March 2012 - PC plod face paycut if they fail to shape up A review of the service yesterday proposed that overweight police officers should have their pay cut and unless they shape up, face discipline. The review states that every officer should take an annual te ... read more »

Faulty Breast Implant Total Rises

16 March 2012 - It emerged yesterday that a further 7,000 more women have been given potentially faulty breast implants following revelations that implants made by the French PIP firm could have contained dodgy silicone before 2001. It has also emerged that some wom ... read more »

Toddler "Too Tall" For Playgroup

16 March 2012 - Can a Toddler be too too tall For Playgroup? A two year old toddler’s parents have been told that they must pay the full price for their son instead of the “toddler” rate as he is too tall and is a health and safety risk. The Advent ... read more »

Hospitals Increase Car Parking Charges Again

16 March 2012 - NHS hospital parking fee rises An NHS survey has revealed that at least one in four hospital trusts have increased car parking, some as much as 200 per cent to £3.50 per hour. Most hospitals in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are free but ... read more »

Home Carers Disgrace, Elderly mistreated

16 March 2012 - Elderly people and their families to keep a dairy to prove misstreating carers For those elderly people who wish to remain at their own homes, a report has revealed that there are a catalogue of missed visits, food and drink being left out of reach, ... read more »

Tax Codes Could Mean Huge Tax Bills

14 March 2012 - The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system Tax codes are due out in the next few weeks for the tax year 2012-2013 and you should ensure that yours is correct to avoid having a huge tax bill for underpaid tax next tax year. You should never rely on HMRC or eve ... read more »

Water Rates Rise

14 March 2012 - In the light of the imminent hosepipe ban, customers are furious over the proposed rise by up to 8 per cent in water rate bills. This is to take into account a contribution towards the improvement programme taking place from 2010 to 2015 and has been ... read more »

Tesco online blunder with iPad

14 March 2012 - Tescos refuse to honor £50 iPad after computer glitch Thousands of online shoppers believed that they had bagged the deal of the year yesterday when they ordered the new iPad, from, for £49.99 instead of the recommended retail p ... read more »

Weekly Refuse Collections Snubbed by Councils

13 March 2012 - Recipients of £250m weekly fund revealed Local Councils have been asked to say whether they would like the chance to bid for cash from the £250 million fund to enable local refuse collections to take place weekly. Local Councils have unti ... read more »

Campaigner of "Right To Die" Wins First Step

13 March 2012 - Your Rights - Dignity in Dying A man who had a stroke whilst on a business trip to Greece in 2005 and has been left so badly paralysed that he can only communicate by blinking, has won the first step to take his case forward in judicial review. He wi ... read more »

Hose Pipe Ban Imminent

13 March 2012 - 2012 Hose pipe ban As Britain’s worst drought for 124 years continues, environment chiefs are advising the country to “take action now” before the water restrictions come into effect on the 5th April. The drought, which is mainly af ... read more »

Family Court 'experts' Unqualified

13 March 2012 - 'unqualified' experts who advise our family courts Following a recent study for the Family Justice Council, a forensic psychologist examined over 100 expert witnesses used in family court cases and found that a huge 20 per cent were not quali ... read more »

Elderly man's life made a misery by ASBO Neighbour

08 March 2012 - The buyer of a house in Essex, Mr Hurst, who is an elderly man and keeps himself to himself, was told that there were no problems with the neighbours and he has launched a legal battle for compensation from the seller as it turns out that his neighbo ... read more »

Disabled Workers Face The Sack

08 March 2012 - Remploy factory closures to put 1,700 disabled people out of work Remploy is a company founded in the 1940s to provide sheltered work for disabled people, many of whom are ex-servicemen. The factories provide goods and services to both private and pu ... read more »

Prisoners Benefiting Whilst Victims Don't Get a Penny!

08 March 2012 - The European Social Fund puts prisoners ahead of victims The European Social Fund (ESF) pays out cash to help improve the self esteem and confidence of criminals and assisting them in finding a job, yet the Ministry of Defence has stated that no mone ... read more »

EU Rule Women Must Pay More For Car Insurance

07 March 2012 - The EU Judges have ruled that it is unfair that men are charged more for their car insurance, even though they are more likely to have a serious accident. As from December 21st this year, women will not longer be able to obtain cheaper car insurance ... read more »

Fuel Duty Protest

07 March 2012 - Fair Fuel UK - A cut in fuel duty will not cut the Treasury A better deal for drivers is being sought with thousands of people expected to protest at Parliament today and present a report claiming fuel duty cuts would be self-financing and create tho ... read more »

Elderly Neglected in Care Homes

07 March 2012 - Findings from the 'State of Care' report 2012 Report from the Care Quality Commission states that more need to be done to care for our elderly A new report has shown that whilst in some areas the care of elderly residents in care homes is ver ... read more »

Council House Tenancy Fraud

07 March 2012 - 90 per cent of council house fraud goes undetected A study has revealed that whilst Council house tenancy fraud is rife, around 90% goes undetected. Most common is the sub-letting of Council houses, or tenants passing the homes to relatives. Those Co ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 9 - Council Tax

06 March 2012 - Will my Council tax change once I reach pension age? Council Tax rules change once you reach pension age You can save hundreds of pounds each year from claiming Council Tax benefit. The main point to state is that if you are receiving Guarantee Pensi ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 2 - Help with mortgage

06 March 2012 - What financial assistance can I get to help me pay my mortgage? More than half the homeowners retiring in 2011 still owe money on their mortgage. The Pension Service on 0845 60 60 265 should be able to help homeowners with mortgage interest payments, ... read more »

Elderly Rally To Highlight Care Home Fee Costs

06 March 2012 - Campaigners urge for pensions facing care bill to keep home Under the current legislation, any pensioner who has more than £23,500 in savings or any other assets, has to pay the full costs of their care home fees. This means that some elderly h ... read more »

Council Tenants To Be Paid For Doing Their Own DIY

06 March 2012 - Council tenants could paid £500 to do your own DIY In a bid to slash the maintenance bill for social housing, a successful pilot scheme is to be expanded nationwide for council tenants to do their own DIY such as repairing minor faults and deco ... read more »

Supermarket Price Cuts Not All They Appear To Be

05 March 2012 - Supermarkets accused of misleading price labels A survey has revealed that the top supermarkets are offering fake price cuts to consumers as whilst they reduce one item they put others up so the weekly shopping bill actually rises. A further study by ... read more »

Secret Courts For July 7 Bombing Hearings

05 March 2012 - Secret court hearings over the suspects of the 7/7 bombings There are proposals that the hearings for inquests and civil cases for victims of soldiers and members of the public killed by “friendly fire” in the 7th July bombings are to be ... read more »

A Guide to Benefits at your home - Part 6 - Saving money on phone bills

05 March 2012 - How can I save money on my landline? Would you like to only pay £5.10 a month for your land line rental? People who receive Pension Credit (Guaranteed Credit) can qualify for cheap line rental from BT. The Government forced BT to provide a serv ... read more »

"Clare's Law" - finding out about a partner from the Police

05 March 2012 - New couples may be given rights to check for violent crimes Similar to “Sarah’s Law” where parents have the right to check on paedophiles in their area, there are plans to be announced regarding a new law to be called “Clare&r ... read more »

No Coffee at Toddler Group for Health and Safety reasons

02 March 2012 - Coffee banned during kids fun due to health and safety concerns. Mums at a children’s centre have been told that they cannot have a cup of coffee whilst looking after their children as it is against Health and Safety rules and is dangerous. The ... read more »

Grandmother Fined for Littering - For Dropping a Thread!!!

02 March 2012 - Elderly lady fined £75 from dropping a thread from a glove A litter enforcer of a Council in Wales fined a grandmother £75 after a thread fell from her glove in a local supermarket car park. The grandmother was unaware that this had happe ... read more »

Young Drivers' Insurance Premiums may be Preventing them getting a Job

02 March 2012 - Young drivers at risk of being out priced from first job It is reported that a leading MP is warning that youngsters in rural areas are being forced to turn down work because they cannot afford the car insurance to get them there. He has apparently s ... read more »

Breast Implants Should Be Replaced Every Ten Years

02 March 2012 - Many women with implants avoid replacements every 10 years There are a disturbing number of women who do not realise and have never been told that their breast implants should be replaced every ten years. A study commissioned regarding breast implant ... read more »

Left to die of thirst in Hospital

01 March 2012 - 75 year old grandmother Left to die of thirst in Hospital A 75 year old grandmother was dehydrated and died following a lack of care by hospital nurses who it is reported had left her without fluids for more than a week over the Christmas period. The ... read more »

EU now ban drinking Spa Water

01 March 2012 - EU Directive brands Harrogate spa water to be a health risk An EU Directive on private water supplies has branded the water from the spa at Harrogate, which is purported to have healing properties, as being a health risk. Visitors can no longer sampl ... read more »

Replacement Hip Joint Fears

29 February 2012 - Fears of faulty 'toxic' metal on metal hip replacement implant The British Medical Journal has investigated the safety of metal on metal implants, particularly used for hip replacements. There is an increasing fear that metal ions are breakin ... read more »

Sun online legal webchat with Dean Dunham

28 February 2012 - Dean will be doing another live webschat on the Sun online this Friday at 11:30am. During the webchat Dean will be answering questions live on line. ... read more »

Concerns rise as Oxford cancer unit remains closed

27 February 2012 - New Oxford cancer unit remains closed due to lack of funding A Hospital Trust in Oxfordshire has said that it has had to review the opening of a brand new cancer unit built over two and a half years ago and due to open in September 2009 to house pati ... read more »

Flood Insurance Increases or Refusals

27 February 2012 - Have you been refused home insurance due to being in a flood risk? Residents in some areas are being refused home insurance or cannot afford the increase in the cost due to flood risk. The Local Government Association has said “huge swathes of ... read more »

Join @deandunham on Twitter to keep updated, 25,000 followers so far

23 February 2012 - Dean is now posting all of his comments and responses to your legal questions on Twitter @deandunham. Please join him, we have over 25,000 followers so far.. ... read more »

Loan to child

20 February 2012 - How can I get my money back from a private loan? Help - I want my money back! I loaned my daughter £6000 to put down a deposit on a house with her husband. We agreed that they would give it back when they have saved some money. In October 2010 ... read more »

Do you own a vehicle that is exempt from the London congestion charge?

20 February 2012 - Do you own a vehicle that is exempt from the London congestion charge? If you do we have discovered that the exemption does not apply unless you register your vehicle with Transport for London and pay an annual fee of £10. Disclaimer Whilst eve ... read more »

Hip replacement problems

20 February 2012 - Do you know someone, family or a friend, who you think died as a result of having a hip replacement?? If so, please get in touch with us Image: photostock / ... read more »

Internet Scam

20 February 2012 - Watch out for The Latest Scams on internet fraud People who you are talking to over the internet may not be who they say they are or even may not exist A widow lost her life savings of £100,000 when she thought she was talking to a man who char ... read more »

Tell us about your Bank Charges

20 February 2012 - Do you understand the charges that your bank charge you for your overdraft? I am guessing not but I want to hear from as many of you as possible to confirm this. Together, we can do something about this! ... read more »

Neighbor from hell

20 February 2012 - Neighbours From Hell in Britain I’m getting in touch with you further to the post on your website that offers advice re. neighbours from hell. I’m hoping that you might be able to advise re. What this family’s next steps might be. A ... read more »

Bank employee fraud

20 February 2012 - My local bank manager told me about a great investment opportunity that I should get involved in. Coming from a bank official I took great notice of this and believed that it must genuinely be a good opportunity. All i had to do was invest £50, ... read more »

PIP implant disclaimers

20 February 2012 - PIP victims to sign disclaimers & confidentially We are being informed by many women who have PIP breast implants that they have been asked by their surgeries to sign disclaimers before the surgery will replace the implants. STOP, DO NOT SIGN THI ... read more »

HIP replacements

20 February 2012 - Do you know someone that died shortly after having a hip replacement? We are investigating this as we have receieved so many messages from people who someone that this happened to.. ... read more »


20 February 2012 - I have the kids 50% of the time through holidays and a few nights each week as well as days and have have already paid for the kids through divorce. Why do I still need to pay CSA when my ex wife is on a higher wage than me and i see the kids half th ... read more »

Can't use my own driveway

20 February 2012 - I have a shared driveway with my neighbours. I have lived in the house for 18 years but my neighbours only moved in 4 months ago. I am a builder by trade and drive a transit van which i park on my driveway and always have done. My neighbours kept on ... read more »

Dean will be on Day Break ITV tomorrow 16th Feb discussing PIP

15 February 2012 - Dean will be on DaybreakITV tomorrow morning 16th Feb discussing PIP ... read more »

Shyness - A mental illness?

10 February 2012 - Do you think 'unconventional' behavior should be classed as a mental illness? It is reported that experts are warning that childhood shyness, depression after bereavement and behaviour now seen as unconventional could be re-classified as a me ... read more »

New measures for British Travellers

10 February 2012 - New passenger rights when travel firm goes bust What are my rights when a travel firm goes bust? Government Ministers have now updated the Air Travel Organisers Licensing scheme to provide for more cover to British holidaymakers if their travel firm ... read more »

Fines for not signing up to vote

10 February 2012 - Not signed up to vote? You could be getting a fine Under plans being considered by the Government, to fine people who fail to register to vote. It is being decided whether to make it a criminal offence not to sign the electoral register but to make i ... read more »

Boiler Insurance firm scandal

09 February 2012 - Boiler insurance mis-selling scandal The boiler insurance firm HomeServe, which was hit by a mis-selling scandal, is now waiting to see if an investigation and fine by the Financial Services Authority is still a possibility. The Company were cold cal ... read more »

Puppy Microchipping

09 February 2012 - Newborn puppys to be micro-chipped Under new proposals it is reported that every newborn puppy will have to be micro-chipped in an aim to cut down on dangerous animals. The details will be stored on a database which the police and RSPCA will have acc ... read more »

Students exploited by Landlords

09 February 2012 - Are letting agents and landlords exploiting students It is reported that those Students who do not get university accommodation and have to pay privately are being exploited by unscrupulous Landlords and Managing Agents, who are not charging vast amo ... read more »

Wrapping up your home – energy saving tips

07 February 2012 - Top five money saving tips to keep energy bills down If your energy bills are soaring in this cold weather, there are companies who are offering free cavity wall and loft insulation which would increase the energy efficiency in your home and help to ... read more »

Consumers to beat rising fuel bills

07 February 2012 - How can I beat raising fuel bills? The Executive Director of "Which" Magazine, which is the consumer group behind a new campaign called "the Big Switch", is aiming to get a band of consumers who are angry over the continuing risin ... read more »

Freedom to Islamic fundamentalist

07 February 2012 - Radical muslim granted bail after still being a possible threat to UK national security An Islamic preacher who has been behind bars for the last six years has been granted bail even though a ruling by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission state ... read more »

Pension and Care cost crisis

07 February 2012 - Do I have to pay for my own care costs in later life? The vast majority of people are unaware that they will have to pay for their own care costs in old age. Many people believe that the Government will meet these costs, but that is not correct. Annu ... read more »

Grandparents rights blow

06 February 2012 - Do Grandparents have rights over grandchildren after a divorce? The Government will announce that the new legal right to give Grandparents guaranteed access following a divorce to see their grandchildren will not now be forthcoming as it is feared th ... read more »

Left to die in Hospital toilet

03 February 2012 - Calls for inquiry after man died after being neglected in hospital After nurses forgot about a patient for 90 minutes whilst he was in a toilet, he suffered a cardiac incident and died. He was found on the floor. The Coroner has criticized the NHS fo ... read more »

PIP Implants and breast-feeding

03 February 2012 - Did PIP breast implants cause child's brain tumor? A mother who had a PIP breast implant which exploded whilst breast-feeding now fears that the incurable brain tumour which her five year old Daughter has now been diagnosed with, has been caused ... read more »

Hip replacement problems

30 January 2012 - Hip replacement risks - Know your rights It has been reported that some hip replacement implants have been found to shed calbolt and chromium filings if the joint grinds which can seep into the blood stream destroying muscle and bone and over time, c ... read more »

New Breast implant scare

30 January 2012 - PIP breast implants health scare A new health alert has been issued by one of the Country’s top private hospitals regarding the German-made Silimed implants and they have advised 14 of the top surgeons not to use them. They have also quarantine ... read more »

Dawn raid on faulty breast implants boss

27 January 2012 - Boss of faulty breast implants has been arrested The boss of the faulty breast implants was under house arrest yesterday in France after a dawn raid on his villa, together with his ex-chief financial officer. Although other countries are saying that ... read more »

Loophole in self assessment deadline

27 January 2012 - It is reported that due to a tax office strike on January 31st, people who miss the deadline for the return of their tax return will not be fined providing they file their return on the 1st or 2nd February. ... read more »

CSA Bill covered by Taxpayers

27 January 2012 - CSA receives millions of pounds in tax each year It is reported that millions of pounds every year is paid by taxpayers to the CSA. This is because half of all breakups use the service to arrange maintenance payments. A very small number use lawyers ... read more »

EU further meddling could force more homelessness

24 January 2012 - New EU policy could cause homelessness The EU are pushing a directive through the European Parliament that will force repossessions up and force banks and building societies to give less discretion to those struggling to meet their repayments. This w ... read more »

Government must take action to stop the cuts affecting the elderly

24 January 2012 - As the NHS has to make savings of around £20 billion, it has been revealed by a survey by the Health Select Committee. The majority of the cuts are on social care budgets with the average cut being 7%. It is reported that half the councils surv ... read more »

Tax statement proposals – where is our money being spent on

24 January 2012 - Proposed annual statement showing how taxes are spent debated A new statement to be sent to every employed person annually is being proposed in the Commons today to set out exactly how our taxes are spent. It is only right that tax is paid to the Gov ... read more »

Mother dying of Cancer was dismissed by GP’s 13 times

24 January 2012 - Woman diagnosed with cancer now faces risky operations A mother pleaded with doctors for two years to test her for cancer but was “fobbed off” as being neurotic as she continually complained of symptoms over a two year period. It is repor ... read more »

Cap to be put on benefits

23 January 2012 - Welfare Benefits changes from 2013 The Government’s reforms for the benefit’s system is being heard in the House of Lords and is expected to be defeated. The Work and Pensions Secretary is stating that he will not accept defeat and is ada ... read more »

Right to play in parks without fear of being attacked by dog

23 January 2012 - Six year old girl needed emergency plastic surgery from dog attack A six year old girl on a stroll with her family, including her five year old brother in the beauty spot Pole Hill, Epping Forest was attached by a Staffie. The terrified child who was ... read more »

No-win No-fee lawyer adverts ban defied by NHS

22 January 2012 - Hospitals ordered to ban adverts for no-win-no fee lawyers It is reported that The Department of Health has ordered hospitals to take down advertisements for Personal Injury Lawyers which are distributed in their casualty departments and official lea ... read more »

EU rulings affecting UK

22 January 2012 - European Union rulings affecting government policy EU Judges yesterday ruled that a life sentence means just that. They rejected claims that a life sentences were “inhuman and degrading” and ruled that whole life sentences were not grossl ... read more »

Cassies law - campaign to ban unfit drivers

22 January 2012 - Help us back 'Cassie's Law' campaign - to ban unfit drivers A campaign has been launched by the Mother of a schoolgirl who was killed by an unfit driver last year. The 87 year old man mounted the pavement killing the schoolgirl. It emerge ... read more »

Shotgun licenses for under 11s

22 January 2012 - Children of 11 can obtain gun licenses It is reported that the National Policing Improvement Agency has released figures showing that children as young as 7 are being granted a shotgun licence. Most of the licences were granted in rural areas where t ... read more »

Has your section 75 claim been refused

19 January 2012 - Section 75 Refunds - Your Consumer Rights We are being informed about an alarming amount of cases where credit card companies are refusing to pay out under section 75 claims. We feel really strongly about this as the Consumer Credit Act makes it clea ... read more »

Incompetent Teachers dismissed within nine weeks

13 January 2012 - Education Secretary wants parents in classroom to help drive up standards The Government is to scrap rules which allow incapable teachers so that they can be sacked within just nine weeks. It is reported that the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, sa ... read more »

Are drivers being ripped off by insurance companies?

12 January 2012 - Select Committee tells the motor insurance industry to take a tough approach to whiplash compensation An all party Transport Select Committee were advised to “abandon sharp practices” after car insurance premiums rose by 39 per cent last ... read more »

EDF cutting gas prices

12 January 2012 - EDF cuts energy prices by 5 per cent EDF energy to cut gas prices by 5% EDF has cut gas prices by 5% to take effect from 7th February, and the remainder of the “big six” have been urged to slash their tariffs to follow suit. This is lot l ... read more »

Britain failing in the European Human Rights Court

12 January 2012 - UK loses 75 per cent of European Human Rights cases It is reported that after explosive research, three out of four cases in the UK taken to the European Court of Human rights will be lost. A group of Tory MP’s are demanding action by the Prime ... read more »

Energy Suppliers – daylight robbery and we let them get away with it – or do we?

12 January 2012 - It is a fact of life that we all ‘need’ energy supplies, particularly gas and electricity, in order to survive. So what does this mean to the energy suppliers? Simple, because we the consumer cannot do without them they are in a great pos ... read more »

Gang found guilty of selling counterfeit goods

12 January 2012 - Gang found guilty of selling counterfeit goods Senior Detective blames Britain's 'Only Fools and Houses' culture as gang are found guilty of scam It is reported that a Senior Detective has attacked Britain’s “Only Fools and Ho ... read more »

PIP Breast implants - know your legal rights

07 January 2012 - I had a PIP implant, what are my legal rights? The French and German governments have taken the responsible decisions, which of course must be the correct decision, to insist upon the removal of all PIP breast implants. However, closer to home the Br ... read more »

Payday loans - Be careful!

04 January 2012 - What is a Payday loan? Payday loans are becoming increasingly popular as can be evidenced by the growing amount of television adverts by companies advertising this form of lending. The fact is, if they were not making a huge amount of money from this ... read more »

The dangers of using payday loans for january money troubles

01 January 2012 - Don't fall into the Payday loan trap With the majority of employees being paid mid-December. January is the toughest month for most financially, with the majority having to wait for 6 weeks between pay packets. As a result it is predicted that th ... read more »

Right to return Christmas presents

01 January 2012 - Do I have a right to return unwanted christmas presents? We all will have received Christmas presents that we do not want for one reason or another, whether it is an item that you simply do not like, or does not fit or was not quite what you asked fo ... read more »

Thousands to protest over Rail Fares

01 January 2012 - Rail strikes 2012 Thousands of people will be protesting this week over rail fare increases Thousands of people will be protesting this week over rail fare increases, which on average are increasing by up to 6% this January. This is yet another incre ... read more »

Rupert Mudoch sets aside £100m for phone hacking victims

30 December 2011 - Rupert Murdoch has put aside £100m aside for 'phone hacking' scandal It has been reported that media mogul Rupert Murdoch has set aside a fund of £100m in order to settle 'phone hacking' claims made against News Internatio ... read more »

A Guide to when a gas or electricity company can enter your home

29 December 2011 - Circumstances when a gas/electricity company may enter your home An employee of a gas or electricity company may enter your home in any of the following circumstances : You agree to let the official enter A magistrate has given the official a warrant ... read more »

The jury in the Stephen Lawrence murder trial retires to consider its verdict

29 December 2011 - The jury in the Stephen Lawrence murder trial has retired to consider its verdict at the Old Bailey. Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in 1993 in a racist gang attack in London. Gary Dobson and David Norris deny murder. The main crux of their cas ... read more »

Credit cards - "you have been pre-approved"

29 December 2011 - Congratulations you have been pre approved for your next credit card! "I would like to welcome you to our new exclusive platinum credit card that you have been pre selected for" How many times have you received a letter through the post fro ... read more »

A Guide to Bankruptcy

29 December 2011 - Your rights in bankruptcy - what you need to know Although bankruptcy has a bad stigma and is publicly advertised, it should always be considered when you have severe financial problems. Bankruptcy is one way of dealing with debts you cannot pay. The ... read more »

Energy firm to refund £5m for misselling

17 December 2011 - £5m refund to victims of misselling Is has been reported that energy company SSE has set aside £5 million to refund victims of misleading doorstep sales tactics. SSE's decision to do this follows a court case earlier this year when th ... read more »

Bullied Doctor awarded £4.5m compensation

17 December 2011 - Bullied Doctor awarded £4.5m compensation A DOCTOR hounded from her job in a vicious campaign of lies by bosses after she had a baby has been awarded £4.5million compensation. It is the biggest compensation handout to a public sector work ... read more » scam

17 December 2011 - Don't get conned by Confidential Elite scam This week I have received lots of messages asking for my advice on a scam allegedly operated by I therefore decide to investigate. This company has placed adverts in many loca ... read more »

New cost cutting measures in criminal courts

04 December 2011 - Cost cutting measures may lead inadvertently to people being wrongly convicted or acquitted A brand new policy, which his aimed at cutting the costs in the criminal courts, is to be rolled out as a pilot scheme in London from January 2012. However, w ... read more »

Lloyds TSB are still behind with PPI compensation payments

04 December 2011 - Lloyds TSB are still behind in clearing a massive backlog of unpaid PPI compensation It is reported that many Lloyds customers have waited for more than 90 days to receive their PPI compensation since receiving confirmation of how much they will be p ... read more »

Birmingham bailiffs target 32,000 people who have not paid council tax

03 December 2011 - Have bailiffs targeted you over unpaid council tax? Failed to pay your council tax? Don't let bailiffs give you the run around. Birmingham council has claimed that more than £90m is owed in council tax by nearly 90,000 defaulters across Bir ... read more »

Patients Records may be shared with private companies!

03 December 2011 - Your rights to data protection regarding your patient health records It is being announced tomorrow (Sunday 4th December 2012), that the NHS may start to share 'private medical records' with private companies. It is thought that the reasons p ... read more »

Public sector strikes should be illegal

01 December 2011 - Public sector strikes Yesterday saw one of the biggest strike actions that this country has seen for a very long time as thousands of public workers downed tools and went on strike in protest over their pensions. Those on strike included teachers, po ... read more »

New Legal Aid Rules delayed

01 December 2011 - Legal aid reform delayed till 2013 It has been announced that Cuts to legal aid delayed until 2013 It was announced today that the implementation of new rules governing civil and family legal aid, will be delayed from the originally proposed October ... read more »

Universal Credit supports working mums

27 November 2011 - New benefits system "Universal Credit" to be introduced 2013 The Government is planning a major shake-up in relation to benefits with a new system "Universal Credit" which is planned to be introduced in 2013. The Government is cla ... read more »

Eastenders star could face jail for failing to pay child maintenance

27 November 2011 - EastEnders star Jamie Foreman was yesterday warned he could face jail unless he pays the £47,000 child mainenance he owes. Jamie Forman, who has recently joined the Eastenders cast as Derek Branning, has been told by a magistrates court that he ... read more »

Rising energy costs now putting jobs at risk

27 November 2011 - Rising energy prices is not only affecting people at home but is also now costing people their jobs. It has therefore been reported that the most energy intensive industrial consumers in the UK are paying up to 70 per cent more than in other parts of ... read more »

Levi Roots wins legal battle over ownership of Reggae Reggae Sauce

26 November 2011 - Update on levi roots legal battle levi roots court case 2012 Anthony Bailey, a cafe owner, issued legal proceedings against Levi Roots (who is one of the most successful entrepreneurs to pitch on Dragons Den) last year claiming that Roots' famous ... read more »

Child Support Agency - it is time for change?

26 November 2011 - Child support/ maintenance I did my monthly Sun live webchat this week. For those who have not seen this, it is live webchat via the Sun's website. Sun readers can post live legal questions to myself and my team at One of the qu ... read more »

Toll Lanes to be introduced

21 November 2011 - New toll lane planned to kick-start the economy Pay-as-you-Drive - UK Drivers face new Toll Roads The Government has been looking at ways to kick-start the economy and is proposing to introduce toll lanes to relieve our congested road network. It is ... read more »

Sikhs get the green light to carry daggers to Olympics next year

21 November 2011 - Sikh athletes and spectators allowed to carry kirpan Despite a huge security clampdown, it is reported that Sikh athletes and spectators would still be able to carry daggers at next year's Olympics. The ceremonial blades, known as kirpans, appare ... read more »

The Elderly to lose care services at home

21 November 2011 - Many councils have cut NSH home help for the elderly Town Hall cuts across the country are now affecting the most vulnerable in our society. Free care to the elderly at home is reportedly being cut in more than four out of five councils across the na ... read more »

Can people with epilepsy drive

20 November 2011 - Important information for epileptic drivers Phillip Chapman suffered blackouts for years due to suffering from epilepsy. As a result, Mr Chapman lost his licence but in an attempt to regain his licence he declared to DVLA that the blackouts had stopp ... read more »

Should our judges be British?

20 November 2011 - The Qualities Required of a Judge to represent england Of course they should be or at least they should have resided in the UK for a significant period of time. Notwithstanding this, Ken Clarke has advertised for a Human Rights judge to go to Strasbo ... read more »

Who murdered Natalie Wood?

19 November 2011 - Natalie Wood death investigation Did Robert Wagner Kills Natalie wood? On 29th November 1981 Hollywood actress Natalie Wood was found dead floating in the sea off the California coast. Prior to her death Ms Wood had been aboard her luxury yacht with ... read more »

Government's e-petition site a waste of time

06 November 2011 - HM Government e petitions It is no secret that I feel very strongly about the rising energy prices and in particular the lack of regulation and control over the big 6 energy companies.The Government's e-petition site was launched in 2010 and was ... read more »

CCTV - A big brother nation if inadequate legal protections

05 November 2011 - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 11 years ago parliament enacted the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (otherwise known as RIPA). This was a code to govern the use of surveillance powers by public bodies and is still the relevant law today ... read more »

Long-term gym membership contracts found to be unfair

05 November 2011 - The High Court has ruled in favour of consumers in relation to 'long-term' gym contracts. Another victory for consumers - Unfair long term gym contracts The Office for Fair Trading (OFT) commenced proceedings in March 2010 against Ashbourne M ... read more »

Students launch legal challenge to tuition fees

02 November 2011 - Does increasing university tuition fees break Human Rights legislation? Tuition fees - A Human rights issue Two students are launching a legal challenge to the increase in university tuition fees, which are increasing to up to £9000 per year. T ... read more »

Fathers lose bid for equal custody rights

02 November 2011 - Review of family law - fathers rights A review of family law is being published tomorrow (Thursday 3rd November 2011) and it is bad news for fathers. Many thought that the review would recommend that fathers should have equal custody rights. However, ... read more »

Dean Dunham backs e-petition for the review of energy pricing

02 November 2011 - Help us back energy prices petition Top Solicitor-Advocate and founder of the website "Consumer UK", Dean Dunham, is backing an e-petition for the Government to regulate energy companies and the way in which they set their prices. The e-pet ... read more »

What is the qualifying period for unfair dismissal

02 November 2011 - Qualifying period for unfair dismissal including written reasons for dismissal to be increased The Coalition Government has announced its decision to extend the qualification period for the right to claim unfair dismissal from one year to two years. ... read more »

How to reclaim unfair bailiffs fees

29 June 2011 - RECLAIMING UNFAIR BAILIFF FEES How can I reclaim bailiff fees? If you believe that you have been overcharged by a bailiff company, you may be able to claim back the fees if they are "unfair charges". Before making a claim against a bailiff ... read more »

Landlords grounds for possession

29 June 2011 - YOUR RIGHTS AND THE HOUSING ACT 1988 - GROUNDS FOR POSSESSION Mandatory grounds for possession If a landlord can prove a mandatory ground, the court has no option but to grant possession: the landlord has at some time used the property as his main ho ... read more »

A Guide to remortgaging

29 June 2011 - How to Remortgage your Home in the UK What Is a Remortgage? A remortgage is the process of moving your mortgage loan from one company and product to another. The primary purpose of a remortgage is to save money on your monthly payments and on your or ... read more »

A guide to School Admissions - Part 2

21 March 2011 - Part 2: Admissions criteria All schools have admissions criteria to decide which children can be allocated places. Your local council can give you a booklet about schools’ criteria and how to apply. If you’re applying for a school place a ... read more »

A guide to School Admissions - Part 3

21 March 2011 - Part 3: When are the deadlines for applying? Even if your child’s current primary or nursery school is linked to the school you want them to go to next, you won’t be considered for a place unless you apply. Private schools have their own ... read more »

A guide to School Admissions - Part 4

21 March 2011 - Part 4: Appealing a school's decision All children are entitled to go to primary and secondary school. If your child hasn’t got a place, your local council can tell you which schools have places available. You’ll be sent a letter with ... read more »

A guide to claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI - Part 3

15 May 2010 - How do I check if I have PPI? The first thing to do is to look at the paperwork which was sent to you at the time you took out your loan, credit card, mortgage or other type of finance agreement. The PPI is sometimes included on your repayment statem ... read more »

A guide to claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI - Part 4

15 May 2010 - How do I know if I was mis-sold PPI? PPI may have been mis-sold to you if it turns out that the policy is not appropriate for your needs. Set out below is a list of the reasons why such a policy may have been mis-sold to you. You were aged under 18 o ... read more »

A guide to claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI - Part 5

15 May 2010 - Answers to popular PPI questions How far back can I claim? If your account was still active during the last six years you can claim. So a loan taken out ten years ago, repaid in full five years ago is fine. In some cases you can go back further. I ca ... read more »

A guide to claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI - Part 2

14 May 2010 - What is PPI? The idea is that PPI covers your debt repayments if you cannot work – for example, if you become ill, have an accident or if you are made redundant. For this reason it is commonly sold alongside credit agreements to protect both yo ... read more »
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