Fighting Parking tickets

14 September 2013 - A GUIDE TO FIGHTING PARKING TICKETS If you get a parking ticket you first need to consider if you have any grounds of appeal: Grounds of Appeal1. The contravention did not occur 1. The Ticket should not have been issued For example: The signs and lin ... read more »

An end to cheaper car insurance for women

27 September 2012 - Millions of women drivers could face paying an extra £362 a year for their car insurance after a ruling by the European courts. The increase follows a decision that men cannot be charged more for their policies than women and is due to take eff ... read more »

Drivers Details Sold On

03 April 2012 - DVLA sells on highly sensitive drivers’ information The DVLA have sold on drivers details to parking fine firms which included a convicted criminal who ran a dubious enforcement company. This firm wrongly called in bailiffs, unfairly disallowed ... read more »

Petrol Strike - Panic Buying

29 March 2012 - Latest news - Fuel strike 2012 UK A Government Minister who has told drivers to hoard petrol at home has not only angered fire chiefs by putting lives and property at risk, but has not reminded consumers regarding the law of doing so. Storage of fuel ... read more »

Fuel Tanker Drivers' Strike

27 March 2012 - Fuel tanker drivers strike 2012 The cost of fuel could increase even further due to a strike by fuel tanker drivers. The timing could cause disruption over the Easter break with many garages having to close when the supply of fuel runs out. This coul ... read more »

Fuel Duty Protest

07 March 2012 - Fair Fuel UK - A cut in fuel duty will not cut the Treasury A better deal for drivers is being sought with thousands of people expected to protest at Parliament today and present a report claiming fuel duty cuts would be self-financing and create tho ... read more »

Are drivers being ripped off by insurance companies?

12 January 2012 - Select Committee tells the motor insurance industry to take a tough approach to whiplash compensation An all party Transport Select Committee were advised to “abandon sharp practices” after car insurance premiums rose by 39 per cent last ... read more »

Toll Lanes to be introduced

21 November 2011 - New toll lane planned to kick-start the economy Pay-as-you-Drive - UK Drivers face new Toll Roads The Government has been looking at ways to kick-start the economy and is proposing to introduce toll lanes to relieve our congested road network. It is ... read more »
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