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Ten Top tips for managing your benefits

11 April 2013 - The process of claiming benefits can be complicated and confusing. There are many forms to fill in and when things go wrong it may take time for things to be put right. Below you will find some tips that should prevent problems arising in the first p ... read more »

If it sounds too good to be true... It probably is

17 February 2013 - ...then it almost certainly is!! Remember this if you ever get offered something that does not ring true. Before you act upon it do your homework to make sure that what you are being offered is 'genuine'. ... read more »

Winter car maintenance tips that can help you save money

14 January 2013 - Car maintenance tips that pay off big During the coming weeks of ice and snow millions of us will be dependent on our cars to visit friends and family. Avoid expensive call out fees and hours of waiting at the side of the road by minimising the risk ... read more »

A major benefit to online shopping

24 November 2012 - 14 day cooling off period uk When you buy something online you get what is called a "14 day cooling off period". This means that you are perfectly entitled to change your mind about what you have purchased within 14 days of delivery and if ... read more »

Check your direct debits to make sure that you are not losing out

23 November 2012 - Every year thousands of people join gyms or other similar organisations, sign up a direct debit ("DD") and then when they stop using the service they forget to cancel the DD. This is very common. Ask your bank for a list of your DD's an ... read more »

An easy money saving tip - Drop one non essential item each week

12 November 2012 - Save money by dropping non essential items One way to limit your spending is to have a look at what you spend each month and split your expenses into two different lists, essentials and non-essentials. First list: Essentials are items such as food an ... read more »

Always read through your online or paper bank statements

05 November 2012 - Protect yourself from Direct Debit fraud A quick check once a month can help guard against financial heartache. Checking your online or paper statements alerts you to a non-payment of a bill, fraudulent activity, bank charges and even a direct debit ... read more »

Use your credit card when buying online so you are protected

17 October 2012 - When buying online you never really know what you are going to get or indeed if you are even going to receive the goods, especially if you buy from a website that is not a well known brand. With this being the case you should always try to use a cred ... read more »

Save 25% on a weekly shop by buying only what's needed

11 October 2012 - How can I save money on my weekly shop? Top tip to save yourself 25 ser cent on your weekly food shop UK Households waste on average 25% of all the food they buy. Purchase only what you expect to eat over the coming week in your weekly shop, and you ... read more »

Ten Top tips when buying a car that you can't live without

01 October 2012 - Top tips when buying a car Decide exactly what you want and need - consider this very carefully so that you can look for exactly what you need. Research how much the car should cost - you can research the market by looking at second hand car advertis ... read more »

A great money saving tip - STOP buying useless insurance policies

27 September 2012 - Useful Tips - Do I need to buy a warranty Insurance is really big business and is a significant money spinner for those that provide it, but how useful or indeed 'appropriate' are many of these insurance policies? In recent times we have seen ... read more »

Ladies - protect your cheap car insurance -Act now!

26 September 2012 - As a result of an EU ruling the likes of Sheilas Wheels and other 'female' car insurance companies will not be able to offer 'cheaper' car insurance for women. This takes affect from 21 December 2012. Act now, we recommend that you tr ... read more »

JJB sports closing down - act NOW if you have unused vouchers

25 September 2012 - JJB Sports in administration - spend voucher while you still can If you have any unused vouchers from JJB sports use them NOW before it is too late. Also, if you have an unwanted purchase from JJB that you want to return, do so immediately. If you le ... read more »

Have you paid for care? Is your time up to claim?

24 September 2012 - How to reclaim care home fees yourself There are just days left to take action if you feel that you have a claim in relation to fees for care that you have paid. However, despite the fact that the deadline is 30th September, which really means 28th ( ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 92 days to go

24 September 2012 - Christmas cards In all honesty they are probably the biggest waste of money at Christmas. Why not send an e-card (there are lots of websites that do these) instead for free? ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 96 days to go

23 September 2012 - Make your own presents. Why spend your hard earned on presents if you can make your own. There are so many great presents that you can make yourself that it is worth looking into this. ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 95 days to go

23 September 2012 - Make sure you get the best deal on your Christmas shopping Retailers are fighting for your business which means that they are all trying to undercut each other. With this being the case shop around (looking at different shops on the High street and o ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 93 days to go

23 September 2012 - Save money on christmas food Share the cost of Christmas by gathering as many members of the family together as you can. Each person can provide one element – the turkey, booze, puddings, etc. You could also set up a Secret Santa scheme. Each p ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 94 days to go

23 September 2012 - Money-off vouchers for days out with the family, restaurants and supermarket food shopping Don't buy anything until you have searched the 'money off' voucher sites first. It is highly likely that you find a voucher for the item that you w ... read more »

Christmas saving tip - 97 days to go

18 September 2012 - Day 97 Christmas saving tip Set a limit on spending. It is so easy to simply keep on spending at Christmas and before you realise you have spent a fortune! It is therefore imperative that you set yourself a strict budget of what you can afford to spe ... read more »

Save money on petrol

17 September 2012 - How do I save money on petrol? The price of fuel is rising and with this being the case it is now more important than ever that you pay particular attention to the amount of fuel that you use. Here are our top tips on saving fuel: TYRES Check your ty ... read more »
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