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Have you been Add? Latest Holiday scam costs victims a fortune

23 June 2014 - Jetting away this summer? Protect yourself from bogues travel sites Take these simple steps to avoid new holiday scam alert Here’s what you need to know to keep you and your family safe from phony travel websites. It has been reported that ther ... read more »

GameOver Zeus threatens us all - Protect yourself from becoming their next victim

04 June 2014 - GameOver Zeus virus - Protect yourself against dangerous malware If you are one of millions of Microsoft users in the country you need to be aware of a dangerous malware that has infected thousands of computers. GameOver Zeus virus - What has happene ... read more »

New Facebook email malware - “Pages you might like"

05 September 2013 - Be wary of emails from Facebook which suggests “Pages you might like” The email addresses you by your first name and contains a series of pictures that take you to compromised websites hosting malware. If you do accidentally open the emai ... read more »

New variation of 'Emergency holiday money' phishing scam hooks consumers

31 August 2013 - New emergency holiday money scam on the rise A new variation of the 'emergency holiday money' phishing scam has appeared in the last week. BT internet subscribers have been contacted by fraudsters via email who claim that a new upgraded servi ... read more »

Police send warning not to fall for “China Sports Lottery” scam

01 August 2013 - “China Sports Lottery” scam The scam letter tells the recipient that they have won more than £800,000 in the China Sports Lottery. The letter persuades trusting readers to contact an address in Beijing and London. The warning from C ... read more »

Postal porn scam hits doormats at random exposing kids to hardcore DVD’s

31 July 2013 - Police & Royal Mail are working together to investigate reports from households who have received unsolicited hardcore DVDs The graphically explicit DVDs came in the normal post in plain packaging and were often opened in front of children and ot ... read more »

Don't get coned by new sky card scam

29 July 2013 - Be on your guard when cold callers come knocking - new Sky Card scam In the latest variation of scam artists pretending to represent businesses and organisations in order to steal confidential banking information, Police are advising home owners to b ... read more »

Fraudsters target Deaf people in scam

26 July 2013 - Scottish Police are warning deaf people about an advance fee fraud which is directed towards them The scam works by sending a message via a hacked Facebook account about a new allowance that is being given by the Government and Deaf Commission Action ... read more »

Don't get coned into giving crooks access to your computer

24 July 2013 - Con artists claiming to be from OnlineTec are trying to get access to personal computers Members of the public are once again being warned about receiving phone calls from bogus "computer support" people who trick vulnerable people into giv ... read more »

Be warned Mobile malware is on the rise

01 July 2013 - Mobile phone users have been warned that malware is on the rise How can I protect my smart phone from malware? In the last year malware on androids has risen by more than 600%. Android handsets appear to be the main targets of malware creators with m ... read more »

Going to a music Festival? Make sure that your festival tickets aren't fake

26 June 2013 - What can I do if I have brought fake Glastonbury tickets? Festival goers are being warned about fake tickets being sold for events during the Summer. Bogus tickets cost festival goers £2.7 million during 2012 and those in the 21 - 30 age group ... read more »

Important advice for American jet setters - Beware unofficial Esta websites

25 June 2013 - Make sure that you check esta status through official esta travel authorization application Travellers who need to get Travel Authorisation to travel to America are being warned to only use Esta's official site. All visitors to the United States ... read more »

Scam using the law firm Braund & Fedrick Solicitors

20 June 2013 - Phishing emails from the law firm Braund & Fedrick Solicitors Emails are being sent by someone claiming to be David Fedrick LLB, Senior Partner at Braund & Fedrick Solicitors relating to obtaining the benefit of investment funds from a previo ... read more »

Fraudsters use fake bills to target Homeowners

13 June 2013 - In a new scam home owners are being targetted with fake bills for non existent council work Letters are sent requesting that residents submit their bank and debit card details so that work on internet upgrades can take place. In other instances payme ... read more »

Watch your back as cash machine fraud is on the rise

07 June 2013 - Beware cash machine fraud The number of attempts to steal people’s bankcards and pin codes whilst they are using cash machines has trebled in the past year going up from 7,525 incidents in the first four months of the year, compared with 2,553 ... read more »

Property developers are tricking struggling buyers with Help to buy scheme

05 June 2013 - Help To Buy was announced by George Osborne in April's Budget but it is already being manipulated. The £130 billion scheme allows borrowers to purchase a newly built property worth less than £600,000 with just a 5 per cent deposit. Pr ... read more »

Crimestoppers launches service to target charity fraud

17 May 2013 - The move is designed to stop people defrauding registered charities in the UK of over £1 billion every year. Charity fraud occurs when money raised for a cause is used on something else. Members of the public who have knowledge or well-grounded ... read more »

New malware attacks Facebook accounts

15 May 2013 - Microsoft has issued a warning to users to protect themselves against malware, which hijacks Facebook accounts. The malware has been describing itself as a web browser add-on. Once on your machine Trojan:JS/Febipos looks to see whether users are curr ... read more »

May is Scams Awareness Month

02 May 2013 - People are being urged to ‘spot scams to stop scams’ by Action Fraud. Scams come in all shapes and sizes. They can appear in the form of adverts, people knocking on your door, emails, letters, phone calls, texts and over the internet. How ... read more »

Consumers are being warned of the dangers of being scammed by doorstep fraudsters offering "Green Deals"

25 April 2013 - Criminals are taking advantage of a Government "Green Deal" scheme where you can make energy saving improvements to your property without having to pay for everything up front. People are being targeted at their door step to be told that th ... read more »

Don’t get scammed when booking your holiday

19 April 2013 - ABTA launches campaign to raise awareness of holiday fraud The Travel Association (ABTA) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of holiday fraud. Fraudsters scammed travellers out of £1.5 million in 2012 with accommodation, group tours and ... read more »

Job seekers are being targeted by fraudsters advertising non existent jobs

02 April 2013 - Danger Job Scam How to avoid overseas Job Scams Members of the public are being asked to pay a £25 fee for a Criminal Record Bureau background check as part of an application for a fictitious "Security Officer" post at the Department ... read more »

Police investigate alleged Tesco Clubcard fraud

20 February 2013 - Police are currently investigating allegations that a small number of Tesco customer Clubcard accounts may have fallen victim to online fraud. Tesco customers who use the Tesco Club Card get points which are converted into quarterly gift vouchers. Th ... read more »

New film highlights fraudsters targeting deaf people in adoption scam

06 December 2012 - Film warns deaf residents about internet fraudsters A new film has been created by Lancashire Constabulary and East Lancashire Deaf Society to warn deaf people about internet fraudsters. The film was created after police became aware that the deaf co ... read more »

Postal Scam email from Parcel Delivery Service

21 November 2012 - Hoax email from PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) Many people are receiving a chain email mostly on social media that warns people about a postal scam that could leave you £315 out of pocket. This email is a hoax and the information contained in it ... read more »

UK Payment email scam

13 November 2012 - Scam emails from UK Payment - What you need to know Many people are receiving emails from a company pretending to be UK Payment This is a scam and any email and attached links should be ignored. The email looks like this: Subject: Trouble with UK Pay ... read more »

Ofcom text message scam

07 November 2012 - Warnings over latest text message scam Many people are getting text messages form a company pretending to be the communications regulator Ofcom asking for personal details. It should go without saying that this is a scam. Organisations like Ofcom wil ... read more »

Churchcastle who fronted 'Word search' puzzle scam, hit by record fine.

11 October 2012 - PhonepayPlus dishes out record fine to premium rate prize promoter Wordsearch game tricked venerable individuals into phoneing premium rate phone numbers. Churchcastle, who are a premium rate prize promoter, have been given a record fine of £80 ... read more »

Hackers target GMail, Yahoo and AOL passwords

01 October 2012 - Fraud alert: Microsoft Services Agreement email hoax Security firm Sophos has warned users to be wary of emails which claim to come from The emails, which are cleverly designed to resemble official alerts from Microsoft, tell u ... read more »

WARNING about fraudsters taking advantage of PPI claims

20 June 2012 - PPI scam victim loses thousands Police in Gloucester have issued a fresh warning about fraudsters taking advantage of people making Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) compensation claims. It comes after a woman from Gloucester was defrauded of thousa ... read more »

'Bogus' Sky Insurance Cover

18 June 2012 - Many mis-sold sky insurance customers complain to Trading Standards A firm in Bournemouth has had hundreds of complaints made against it to Trading Standards following the mis-selling of the insurance for Sky products. The hard selling tactics persua ... read more »

Confidential Elite Scam

30 March 2012 - don't get stung by Confidential Elite scam We are still receiving a number of complaints from people who have lost thier hard earned money through joining the Confidential Elite network at It would ... read more »
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