Consumer Watch

Changes to the law when someone dies without a Will

06 October 2014 - This week the new Inheritance & Trustees Powers Act 2014 came into force in England and Wales, which has introduced numerous changes to what happens when someone dies without having left a Will, otherwise known as ‘Intestate’. The mai ... read more »

Phones 4U go bust - know your rights

22 September 2014 - Last week Phones 4U was the latest High Street brand to collapse leaving many customers in doubt as to where they stand with their contracts and purchases. At the moment the company is in administration, which is a bit like a life support machine and ... read more »

Dont let fraudsters get fat on slimming pill scams

21 September 2014 - For many people reading an advert about a super sliming pill where you can loose a significant amount of weight and benefit from a FREE trial is simply too hard to resist. But beware as nothing in life is free and the majority of these offers and not ... read more »

Tax discs - the new law

08 September 2014 - Since 1921 vehicles have had to display the iconic round disc. However, all is about to change and if your not up to speed with the new rules you could find yourself on the end of a £1000 fine. Here’s what you need to know: When do the ch ... read more »

Sneaky Bank Fees - Help us to stop this

01 September 2014 - Time to get on my soapbox about a subject that I am passionate about, ‘bank charges and fees’. I have been campaigning about this for a long time to try and get the banks to be more transparent and fairer with their charges. Whilst the ba ... read more »

How to complete Section B of CPP claim form

24 August 2014 - Ive had a flurry of emails from people reclaiming CPP (card protection) asking me what they should write in Section B of the CPP Claim Form so here’s a guide: 1. Identity Protection policies It has been identified that CPP exaggerated the risk ... read more »

Experiencing bad mobile phone coverage?

18 August 2014 - Ofcom, the mobile phone regulator, has found that a third of rural customers are dissatisfied with their mobile phone service, mainly due to poor signal. Sound familiar? Here’s what you need to know: Firstly, the phone provider’s small pr ... read more »

Dont be fobbed off by a warranty provider

03 August 2014 - Its an all too familiar scenario, you buy good from a shop, at the check-out the sales person convinces you that you should take out a warranty to protect you if the goods develop a fault and then 12 months later the warranty provider fobs you off wh ... read more »

Compensation to be increased for power cuts

27 July 2014 - Compensation payments for customers who experience a power cut for more than 24 hours is being tripled. The Regulator Ofgem has announced that the minimum compensation payment will rise from £24 to £70 and the maximum amount that can be c ... read more »

Do the Money Shop owe you money?

23 July 2014 - Here’s yet another example of a payday lender doing wrong. This time the culprit is The Money Shop, that well known lender with shops on the high street. So, if you have loaned money from The Money Shop here’s what you need to know: What ... read more »

Long line of problems at Heathrow Terminal 5

04 July 2014 - Heathrow Terminal 5 lost baggage - Your rights to claim The news has been filled with stories of holidaymakers struggling to get away hassle free. The latest being that many British Airways passengers who have flown in the past week from Heathrow Air ... read more »

La Senza falls back into administration - Know your consumer rights

01 July 2014 - High Street lingerie retailer La Senza has entered administration La Senza falls back into administration for the second time in two years It has been reported that lingerie chain La Senza has fallen into administration for the second time. The news ... read more »

Lost out over BT's loss of service? Find out if you have a claim

28 June 2014 - Know your rights if you suffered loss due to loss of BT internet BT left the majority of it's 7 million subscribers tearing their hair out after problems with broadband stopped customers from getting online. The company soon faced a backlash as f ... read more »

Jane Norman enters administration for a second time

27 June 2014 - Jane Norman enters administration - Know your consumer rights High Street fashion retailer Jane Norman has entered administration Up to 157 jobs are at risk, at Jane Norman after parent company Edinburgh Woollen Mill has confirmed it is to place it&# ... read more »

West Brom Building Society to pay out £2m in compensation

26 June 2014 - West Brom Building Society overcharges mortgage customers Thousands of West Bromwich Building Society customers are to get a share of £2 million compensation after the building society admitted it had charged too much interest on some accounts ... read more »

Virgin mid contract hike puts customers out

20 June 2014 - Virgin Mobile customers face 2.5% mid-contract price hike Around 800,000 customers are facing yet more mid-term price hikes despite Ofcom’s intervention earlier this year. Virgin Mobile is raising its pay-monthly contracts by 2.5 per cent from ... read more »

Independent opticians sweep consumer poll

20 June 2014 - Should have gone independent optician Where is the best place to buy glasses 2014? New research provided by Which? reveals the best and worst places to buy glasses, with local independent opticians coming top and some of the well-known brands ... read more »

Another victory for delayed air passengers

19 June 2014 - Victory for passengers after ruling on flight delay compensation Millions of Jet setters who have experienced delays or cancellations in the last six years could find that they are entitled to claim compensation from their airline thanks to a landmar ... read more »

Lakeland Leather enters administration

18 June 2014 - Lakeland enters administration - Know your consumer rights A leading fashion retailer with 22 stores across the country has entered administration Up to 200 jobs are at risk at Lakeland after specialist administrators McTear, Williams & Wood were ... read more »

Ofgem announces 3 day energy switching

16 June 2014 - Three-day energy switch thanks to Ofgem’s new rules New rules to energy switching will see process taking just three days by the end of 2014 What are my consumer rights when 3 day switching? The Energy regulator Ofgem has announced that a three ... read more »

Earn 12% interest on your money - you wont get that from a bank!

13 June 2014 - A few weeks ago I was contacted by a developer who wanted to explain their new investment scheme and how great it was not only for their business but for investors who want to earn more than the few percent on their money that the bank will currently ... read more »

Top tips to avoid data roaming charges at the Brazil World Cup

06 June 2014 - Don't come back to high phone bills this World Cup Thousands of England football fans will soon be heading out to Brazil for the start of the 2014 World Cup. If you're lucky to be one of them you will know only too well how expensive 2014 Wor ... read more »

All change for child support

27 May 2014 - Changes in child maintenance - parents need to agree or face fees Anyone who is divorced with children will know the Child Support Agency deals with child maintenance – and has come in for a lot of flack over the years. Is has been accused of b ... read more »

Payment slip costs Scottish Power 750k

26 May 2014 - Ofgem penalises Scottish Power 750k for mis-selling energy You'll know by now that mis-selling and scandals over admin errors are a regulator topic in this column. Well, this week it's Scottish Power's turn. They have been hit with a &pou ... read more »

Bedroom Tax Legal loophole – Thousands to get refunds

20 March 2014 - Claim back your bedroom tax cut If you live in social housing you could be one of thousands of people hit by the so – called bedroom tax. But, it has now emerged that some tenants wrongly lost cash for having a spare room – and can claim ... read more »

Internacionale UK has entered administration

28 February 2014 - Internacionale UK collapses into administration This morning the woman’s fashion chain Internacionale entered administration The high street fashion retailer has 89 stores and employs around 1,000 staff. It has been reported that Bruce Cartwrig ... read more »

Rail passengers should know their rights

24 February 2014 - Rail passengers should know their rights This week I found myself stranded at London Euston railway station for hours due to major disruptions. Lots of people were complaining but it was clear that very few people actually knew their rights. In fact ... read more »

Don’t let retailers discount your rights

09 January 2014 - We are now one week into the January sales and already we have seen some bumper deals from the retailers who are clearly trying to get a head start with their 2014 sales. All sounds great, but what happens if you want to return something that you pur ... read more »

Tips for returning unwanted christmas gifts

02 January 2014 - What rights do I have returning unwanted gifts? We all receive Christmas presents that we don’t want, sometimes because we simply don’t like them and on other occasions they are the wrong size or colour, or perhaps they are broken. It is ... read more »

Major networks all agree to cap bills for stolen phones and halt mid-contract price hikes

08 December 2013 - Mobile phone customers will be protected from bill shock if their phones are stolen Good news for mobile phone users Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, as they have become one of life’s necessities. However, they are also a cause of ... read more »

Another IT Glitch for RBS/Natwest/Ulster Banks

08 December 2013 - Natwest fails customers on 'Cyber Monday' - How to get compensation 24 million NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers found themselves unable to withdraw cash, use credit cards or make online transactions last Monday. To make matters worse, M ... read more »

Minimum wage rises to £6.31 across the UK

02 October 2013 - What is the National Minimum Wage? Minimum wage increase starts today Today (1st October) sees a rise in the National Minimum Wage but workers lose out as inflation outstrips the rises. These are the new rates which have come into force. National Min ... read more »

Family awarded €1,600 (£1,238) in compensation from Thomson after flight delay

01 October 2013 - Your rights when the airline refuses to pay compensation Most people are not aware that if they have suffered a lengthy flight delay they can claim compensation. Many people have faced cancelled flights, delayed flights, or even denied boarding, and ... read more »

FCI finds 'serious issues' with PPI complaints at 12 firms

26 September 2013 - Are you unhappy with the way your PPI claim was handled? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found serious problems with the way some firms handle complaints about mis-sold payment protection insurance. In some cases claims for compensation are ... read more »

Beat phone bill run up by child

23 September 2013 - How to get your money back when kids purchased apps Parents have been hit with big bills after their children played games on their ipad and iphone. Obviously prevention is better than cure, so if your child plays with games online consider taking ac ... read more »

Bank insurance mis-selling - CPP card protection - How to claim

01 September 2013 - Another Insurance Mis-Selling Scandal - Your Rights to claim More than seven million people (including me) have been sucked in to their bank's or card provider’s sales pitch that they ‘needed’ CPP insurance (card and ID protecti ... read more »

Hospitals increase parking charges by up to 100 per cent

29 August 2013 - Hospital car parking charges Hospital car parking price hike NHS Trusts and local councils in England are colluding with each other to get extra cash from anyone who parks in or near major hospitals. Some hospitals are increasing their parking fees b ... read more »

PPi nuisance call keep on coming dispute public outcry

29 August 2013 - PPI nuisance calls The public is facing a deluge of unsolicited text messages, phone calls and emails about claiming for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, two thirds of British adults have received ... read more »

Your rights - if you want to cancel your holiday to Egypt

28 August 2013 - How can I cancel my holiday? The news has been filled with scenes of protests and violence in Egypt recently and horror stories of hundreds of people being killed in the clashes. If you’ve got a holiday booked to Egypt and no longer want to go, ... read more »

Banks hit for £1.5bn mis-selling bill for ID theft insurance

24 August 2013 - By Mark Kleinman, City Editor - Sky News Britains banks face yet another mis-selling scandal from miss-selling ID theft insurance Britain’s banks will face up to another major mis-selling scandal on Thursday when the City regulator announces de ... read more »

Law reforms may mean that minor crimes would be tried by magistrate

14 August 2013 - Possible magistrate reforms could mean minor crimes could bypass court Reforms to the magistrate court system could mean that shoplifting and some minor crimes could be dealt with by magistrates sitting in an office rather than a court. Thousands of ... read more »

The Owners of killer dogs could face life in prison

06 August 2013 - Owners of dangerous dogs that kill could face life in prison Owners of dangerous dogs that kill could face life in prison under new legislation which will treat dogs as deadly weapons if they are used to attack people. The new rules should come into ... read more »

Have a driveway near a busy train station? Get ready to make some extra cash

05 August 2013 - Your right to rent your driveway Householders may soon have the right to turn their driveway into a car park without requiring planning permission under Government plans to tackle the excessive parking charges imposed by town halls. The Communities S ... read more »

Rail passengers demand same rights as farm animals

05 August 2013 - During heatwave tube temperatures were higher than what would be illegal for cattle, goats and pigs Rail passengers are demanding to be treated no worse than farm animals after it emerged that train operators are allowed to carry commuters in tempera ... read more »

British Gas are trailing "Free electricity on Saturdays" scheme

04 August 2013 - British Gas will soon trial a new scheme which will give its customers free electricity on Saturdays British gas will trial a new scheme which will give smart meter customers an opportunity to join a new tariff, which will mean that using electricity ... read more »

Vodafone raises pay-as-you-go call costs

01 August 2013 - Vodafone pay-as-you-go customers will have to pay more for calls Mobile phone giant Vodafone raises call cost for its pay-as-you-go customers, as it will start charging users per minute instead of per second. Obviously, this will mean that calls will ... read more »

Are nuisance calls bothering you? TPS shamed into doing better

01 August 2013 - TPS under fire for not doing enough to protect people from unsolicited sales calls Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) are to look into the work of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to see if it is protecting consumers from ... read more »

Another bank under investigation over PPI complaints

01 August 2013 - FCA will start an investigation over how Lloyds Banking Group has been handling PPI complaints The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is investigating Lloyds Banking Group over the way it handles complaints concerning the mis-selling of Payment Protec ... read more »

Supermarkets to simplify price labels

31 July 2013 - Aldi, Co-op and Waitrose have anounced decision to simplify their price labels Morrisons, Aldi, Co-op and Waitrose respond to consumer campaign by promising to simplify price labels Shoppers should be able to compare prices and special offers more re ... read more »

Government considers crackdown on nuisance calls

31 July 2013 - Call centers could be closed down if they continue to annoy their callers Under possible changes, call centres will be licensed and could be shut down if they fail to clean up their act. If calls are considered to be "annoying", "incon ... read more »

Postal porn scam hits doormats at random exposing kids to hardcore DVD’s

31 July 2013 - Police & Royal Mail are working together to investigate reports from households who have received unsolicited hardcore DVDs The graphically explicit DVDs came in the normal post in plain packaging and were often opened in front of children and ot ... read more »

Your rights to holiday pay

31 July 2013 - Your rights for annual leave and holiday pay The majority of workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. This is known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave. The only exception is people who are self employed. Almost all ... read more »

Barclays announces extra provision of £1.35 billion for mis-sold PPI

30 July 2013 - Barclays finances are worse than thought as the bank announces £12 bn shortfall Barclays have announced today that they will be making an extra £1.35 billion provision for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and another £650 ... read more »

Do you have a zero hour contract - Do you know your rights?

30 July 2013 - Sports retailer Sports Direct employs over 20,000 staff on ‘zero-hour’ contracts - are you one of them? Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced an investigation into zero-hour contracts. More than 20,000 part time staff at Britain&rs ... read more »

Customers need to know if high energy prices are fuelling excessive profits

29 July 2013 - Are high energy prices fuelling excessive profits? A committee of MPs has recommended that energy bills need to be made easier to understand allowing prices to be compared with those of other companies. The Energy and Climate Change Committee also cr ... read more »

More details of the Government Help To Buy guarantee scheme have been revealed

24 July 2013 - Fresh details on Government's Help-to-Buy scheme Chancellor George Osborne has met housebuilders and mortgage lenders to extend the scheme to any home rather than just new build homes from January 2014. There have been claims that the new measure ... read more »

Credit card transaction fees are to be capped under EU proposals

22 July 2013 - High card tansaction fees should be a thing of the past Card transaction fees to be capped under EU proposals Brussels has come to the decision to cap fees paid by retailers and businesses to banks. Currently this cap will only apply to cross-border ... read more »

New laws to block child abuse images

22 July 2013 - How can I protect my child from online porn? New internet laws to shield children from abusive images Under new internet laws, every internet user will have to opt in to access internet porn. In addition, violent scenes showing simulated rape will be ... read more »

Family court system will be more transparent and accountable under new guidance

22 July 2013 - Will a custody battle or care order be published? The decisions and workings of family law courts are to be far more open after a landmark ruling. From now on judgments determining custody battles, care orders and whether children should be rehomed w ... read more »

Mid term hike – How Can I break my mobile contract mid-term and not pay any penalty fees?

19 July 2013 - Can you cancel your phone contract if prices rise? Some frustrated T-mobile customers who complained because their contract had been hiked have won the right to leave their contracts penalty-free. Earlier this year both Orange and T-Mobile who are pa ... read more »

Santander to discontinue its packaged accounts - how will you be affected?

18 July 2013 - I'm being charged £20 a month for Santander's packaged account, which I was pushed into getting - What can I do? From October Santander packaged account customers will be moved to its free Everyday current account Packaged accounts bund ... read more »

Fed up of excessive letting agent fees? - Urgent regulation is needed for the letting industry

18 July 2013 - The letting industry needs to be urgently regulated so that all the costs involved are presented up front The lettings industry could be regulated for the first time after the Government announced a possible future decision on rogue letting agents. W ... read more »

Don't get coned by Ukash loan fee scam

17 July 2013 - I have been asked to pay a fee for a loan with Ukash - Am I being scammed? Beware of fraudsters operating a loan fee scam The eMoney company Ukash is warning members of the public about a scam involving fraudsters claiming to be from various loan com ... read more »

Hot and bothered? Can my employer force me to where a tie?

17 July 2013 - What are my employee rights in soaring temperatures? Employers can legitimately instruct their employees to dress in a certain way at work and such instructions can appear in contracts of employment. In some cases these instructions pertain to health ... read more »

A guide to Benefits at your home - Disability Facilities Grant

16 July 2013 - How can I get money for larger home improvements? Financial Assistance for repairs and alterations If you or someone you live with is disabled, you might be able to get a Disability Facilities Grant. The grants are available from the local authority ... read more »

News update – Dwell orders may be delivered

16 July 2013 - Where is my dwell order - will it ever turn up? – Your consumer rights Despite the Luxury furniture chain being taken over at the start of July there is still little information on whether consumers' orders will ever arrive. After ceasing t ... read more »

Dwell has been saved but customer’s orders remain undelivered

04 July 2013 - Dwell rescued from collapse, but still no news on undelivered orders After two weeks in administration the administrator Duff and Phelps has announced that Aamir Ahmad has bought the company back. It is unclear which of the 18 stores will reopen, wha ... read more »

Phones 4 u's insurance claim handler has been fined £2.8 million

04 July 2013 - Phone 4u insurance provider fined £2.8m The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined Policy Administration Services (PAS) £2.8m over customer complaints. Thousands of customers' complaints where wrongly turned down and ignored The ... read more »

Egypt travel advice urges british tourists to avoid areas

03 July 2013 - Booked a holiday in Egypt - know your legal rights The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all travel to parts of Egypt. What is the FCO’s advice when traveling to Egypt? Resorts on the Red Sea coast are considered to be s ... read more »

The luxury fashion chain Nicole Farhi enters administration

03 July 2013 - 114 jobs are at risk as the upmarket fashion label Nicole Farhi collapses into administration. The luxury fashion chain will continue to operate as normal hopefully until a buyer is found Will I still be able to spend my Nicole Farhi gift vouchers? Z ... read more »

Long broadband contracts should be a thing of the past says Ofcom

03 July 2013 - The telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced that superfast broadband customers should get cheaper and shorter deals and be able to switch between providers if they offer better value. Why do I have to have a long broadband contract? Under the new plan ... read more »

EasyJet introduce new hand luggage rules

02 July 2013 - From today EasyJet passengers face new rules for hand luggage. The budget carrier EasyJet has reduced the size of hand luggage that it guarantees it will store in the cabin by 37 per cent. Hand luggage that doesn't meet new requirements might hav ... read more »

Pay day lenders may face an advertising ban under new rules

02 July 2013 - Pay day lenders, charities and Government ministers met last week to discuss the 'widespread' problems with the loan industry. As a result, the new City Watchdog is considering a ban on TV advertisements for payday loans. How does the Financi ... read more »

Maternity Rights - Study shows not many women know their rights

01 July 2013 - Nearly half of working women are unaware of their rights New survey reveals that almost half of working women fear possible rejection when telling their boss about pregnancy. According to a survey, half of working women fear the possible rejection fr ... read more »

Modelzone is the latest retailer to enter administration

01 July 2013 - Modelzone is the latest retailer to enter administration The loss making toy and model retailer Modelzone went into administration last week after it was unable to pay its quarterly rental bill putting 400 jobs at risk. Shops will remain open as the ... read more »

New deal guarantees hundreds of thousands of households to continue to get flood insurance.

29 June 2013 - How can I get cheep home insurance if my property it at risk of flooding? If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of UK citizens who have found that their home insurance is unreasonably high due to your home being in a flood area you will be plea ... read more »

Have you had problems with cancelled subscriptions

28 June 2013 - The Financial Conduct Authority has announced new rules concerning the cancellation of Continuous Payment Authorities. How will the new continuous payment rules make cancelling gym membership easier? Currently it is relatively easy to set up a Contin ... read more »

Mobile phone insurance - The FCA found too many consumer who are being let down

27 June 2013 - How does the FCA plan to clean up the mobile phone insurance industry? A review by the Financial Conduct Authority has found that many consumers are being let down by their mobile phone insurance. Many insurers have rejected insurance claims on the g ... read more »

Going to a music Festival? Make sure that your festival tickets aren't fake

26 June 2013 - What can I do if I have brought fake Glastonbury tickets? Festival goers are being warned about fake tickets being sold for events during the Summer. Bogus tickets cost festival goers £2.7 million during 2012 and those in the 21 - 30 age group ... read more »

Important advice for American jet setters - Beware unofficial Esta websites

25 June 2013 - Make sure that you check esta status through official esta travel authorization application Travellers who need to get Travel Authorisation to travel to America are being warned to only use Esta's official site. All visitors to the United States ... read more »

Furniture chain Dwell ceases trading

20 June 2013 - Update: the firm's administrators have said that no deliveries will be made and customers with outstanding orders will have to resort to credit card regulations to get refunds. Upmarket furniture retailer Dwell has ceased trading with immediate e ... read more »

Payday loans banned from marketing quick cash to aid 'Social life'

19 June 2013 - It has been reported that consumers have been getting text messages saying "Hi mate. I'm still out in town, just got £1000 in my account from these guys..," "I'm still out in town, just got £850 in my account from t ... read more »

EU holiday roaming charges could be axed if new law goes ahead

17 June 2013 - Plans to make it fairer to use your phone while holidaying around the EU have been tabled by Lawmakers. Expensive roaming charges and extras for things like receiving a call abroad would be banned if plans become law in the coming year. What is the c ... read more »

New consumer rights unveiled

12 June 2013 - The consumer minister Jo Swinson will unveil new measures to enhance consumer rights in Parliament today The new measures will make consumer rights easier to understand and should come into effect next year The new or enhanced consumer rights bill wi ... read more »

Your rights on cancelled flights – as French air strike hits Europe

12 June 2013 - Since Tuesday, a massive battle has been taking place over European skies. Strikes have been sparked over plans to simplify the patchwork of air traffic control systems and open up more of the air travel duties to private enterprise. The series of st ... read more »

Did Prism break any laws - what are my rights?

11 June 2013 - Did GCHQ break any laws - what are my rights? It has been uncovered that America has been collecting anonymous data from other countries and passing it onto British Intelligence. Edward Snowden's NSA leaks raise many ethical and legal concerns on ... read more »

Lloyd’s caught cheating the system to keep PPI payments

11 June 2013 - Been fobbed off by Lloyds TSB when calming mis-sold PPI? mis-sold PPI? If you have been fobbed off by Lloyds TSB when trying to make a claim for mis- sold PPI insurance you aren’t the only one as it has been revealed today that the biggest sell ... read more »

New rules to give extra support for child witnesses

10 June 2013 - Young victims of serious crimes to be given the right to pre-record witness statements New rules will be brought in to allow young victims of sexual abuse and other serious crimes to give pre-recorded witness statements. Previously video links or in ... read more »

Watch your back as cash machine fraud is on the rise

07 June 2013 - Beware cash machine fraud The number of attempts to steal people’s bankcards and pin codes whilst they are using cash machines has trebled in the past year going up from 7,525 incidents in the first four months of the year, compared with 2,553 ... read more »

Property developers are tricking struggling buyers with Help to buy scheme

05 June 2013 - Help To Buy was announced by George Osborne in April's Budget but it is already being manipulated. The £130 billion scheme allows borrowers to purchase a newly built property worth less than £600,000 with just a 5 per cent deposit. Pr ... read more »

New on the spot penalty fines for middle-lane hogging and tailgating

05 June 2013 - The Government has announced that motorists across Britain who put others at risk through careless driving face an on the spot penalty. From July Police will be able to issue £100 fines and three points for offences such as tailgating or middle ... read more »

How to combat double charging from contactless cards

04 June 2013 - Recently we have had many comments from customers who have been accidentally charged through their contactless card. Some people have been charged twice for things like bus travel if they have two or more contactless payment cards in the same wallet. ... read more »

3 Network Failure

04 June 2013 - We are hearing reports that the 3 mobile network is down and that it is causing serious disruption. Please let us know if this has affected you and more importantly if you have suffered any loss as a result. ... read more »

The Government is to extend consumer rights

08 May 2013 - These Government plans where outlined in todays Queen speech
 The so called "Bill of Rights" for consumers will include many reforms covering digital content, insurance, and mis selling of goods & services. 

Consumers ... read more »

New financial rights are planned for carers

08 May 2013 - The Queen's Speech The Queen's Speech has promised carers new rights as the number of elderly and vulnerable people being looked after by family members continues to rise. The move is designed to help family members who have to give up jobs t ... read more »

Another grey day for Santander who raised capped rate

25 April 2013 - Abbey's mortgage holders face capped rate soar - FCA tells consumers to claim compensation An agreement has been reached between Santander UK and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to contact more than 270,000 customers about unclear informati ... read more »

Another mis-sold Card Protection & ID Protection scam

19 April 2013 - Soon those who have been mis-sold identity protection and card protection policies from a bank or credit card firm will be able to claim a refund. Can I claim compensation for mis-sold Card protection & ID protection? The Financial Conduct Author ... read more »

Ofcom plans to stop mobile operators charging for 0800

18 April 2013 - Ofcom to stop mobile operators charging 0800 Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator plans to ban companies profiting from customers using their mobiles to ring 0800 numbers, which in principle are free. This investigation was sparked as many of us are only ... read more »

Car Recall – Your Rights

12 April 2013 - Important info for 2013 car recall A vehicle recall due to faulty passenger air bags will affect about 152,000 UK drivers. This recall is not confined to new cars as many to be recalled are 10 years old. The main responsibility is with the car manufa ... read more »

New rules for credit and debit card surcharges

11 April 2013 - From the 5th of April the Government banned “excessive” fees for using a debit or credit card to complete online purchases. Under the new law traders are still allowed to levy a “small charge” to cover processing costs. Since ... read more »

Tax and Benefit changes - the basics you need to know

03 April 2013 - The 2013 Budget has brought about some major changes to Tax and Benefits, as follows: Income tax In the current tax year (which ends on 5 April) people aged under 65 can earn £8,105 a year before they start to pay income tax. The tax free perso ... read more »

Small Claims Court Limit raised to £10,000

02 April 2013 - Small claims court limit up to £10,000 From 1st April 2013 consumers can now take larger claims to the small claims court in England and Wales, as the maximum claim limit has risen from £5000 to £10,0000. The Small Claims Court was ... read more »

I have savings with the Bank of Cyprus UK! Will my savings be raided?

18 March 2013 - If you have savings with the Bank of Cyprus UK your savings will not be raided The bank has announced today that British Customers with Cyprus’s UK won’t have their accounts raided, following the bailout agreement which could mean Cypriot ... read more »

Fraudsters used Wongers lax security protocols to raid innocent peoples accounts

15 March 2013 - In a move unlikely to endear the debt company to anyone dozens of fraud victims who had Wonga loans taken in their names saw their bank accounts raided 
for more than £30,000. Wonger refuses to explain how and why the fraud is occurring o ... read more »

Another computer glitch at Natwest

07 March 2013 - Natwest customers are tonight reporting that their bank accounts have been frozen and that they have been unable to draw cash. This sounds like yet another banking computer glitch. We will report further on this when we hear further information. ... read more »

Dreams tumbles into administration

06 March 2013 - Bed retailer Dreams falls into administration with 400 jobs lost A further blow to High Street as the beds giant Dreams falls into administration with a loss of 400 jobs. Dreams has been forced to appoint Administrators Ernst & Young to oversee t ... read more »

Nationwide reveals email addresses in monthly newsletter

25 February 2013 - Nationwide customers should be extra vigilant against spam emails after email addresses were shown in the building society's monthly newsletter. The error occured when customers tried to enter a competition by clicking a link to confirm the custo ... read more »

OFT calls for an end to surprise letting charges

15 February 2013 - The letting industry needs to be urgently regulated so that all the costs involved are presented up front. The OFT has analysed nearly 4,000 complaints made by people renting or letting out a property. The findings are that both tenants and landlords ... read more »

The Horsemeat saga - Can consumers claim?

07 February 2013 - Over the past few weeks we have been hearing the horrifying story of how various supermarkets and fast food outlets have been selling food products containing horse meat. What makes this worst is that those products did not openly say that they conta ... read more »

Lloyds apologies after Faster Payment System glitch

22 January 2013 - Lioyds payment glitch Customers of Lloyds and Halifax couldn't transfer cash yesterday using The Faster Payment system, due to a system crash. Lloyds have said that all other transfers have been unaffected. The Faster Payment scheme which was lau ... read more »

HMV will accept gift vouchers

21 January 2013 - Are your gift vouchers worthless? Customers of the collapsed music and DVD retailer will be relieved to find that HMV's administrators have done a U-turn on their decision not to accept gift cards. The administrators who were called in last week ... read more »

Blockbusters have gone into administration

16 January 2013 - Blockbusters UK back into administration Here we go again, one day after the terrible news that HMV have gone into administration now yet another high street brand has gone pop! It has therefore been announced that accountants Deloitte have been appo ... read more »

HMV calls in administrators - Your gift voucher rights

15 January 2013 - HMV enters administration The last major music and DVD retailer on the high street called in the administrators last night after poor sales failed to back a dying business model. The 92 year old firm appointed Deloitte as administrators. Deloitte hav ... read more »

High Street camera retailer Jessops goes into administration - Your rights

09 January 2013 - Jessops falls into administration - Know your rights The announcement from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who have been appointed as the administrators of the ailing retail outlet, puts 2,000 jobs at risk as a buyer of all 193 stores seems unlikely. Un ... read more »

Your rights to return Christmas presents

31 December 2012 - Retailers are under no legal obligation to exchange or refund a gift unless: it was faulty when bought it is not as described it is not fit for purpose. REMEMBER: If you receive a gift which does not fit you properly or you simply do not like it, you ... read more »

New consumer rights laws may force business to repay consumers for mis-selling

20 December 2012 - The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has launched a consultation that could see businesses made to give money back which was gained from over-payments or mis-selling. It was announced that authorities like Trading Standards will b ... read more »

Comet sale accelerates - but beware of your consumer rights

18 November 2012 - Comet is preparing to close up to 40 stores by the end of the November. This means that the administrators are stepping up the deals to get rid of stock as quick as possible. However, beware that if you buy something from Comet which turns out to be ... read more »

National Consumer Week 2012

13 November 2012 - National consumer protection week National Consumer Week 2012 will be launching on the 12 November and is organised by the Trading Standards Institute. This years theme is 'cold calling don't buy it'. Say NO to cold callers The aim of the ... read more »

Beware fake government websites

09 November 2012 - Warnings over fake government websites set up to trick consumers and the OFT are warning consumers who wish to access government services to check whether they are visiting the official government website or the website of a business ... read more »

Comet is now accepting gift vouchers!

08 November 2012 - Update on Comet administration: gift cards The decision to suspend the use of gift vouchers in comet stores has been reversed after it emerged that disabled children, who had received vouchers from the Family Fund charity, where amongst those caught ... read more »

Supermarkets cut petrol prices by as much as 2p

07 November 2012 - Four of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK have cut there petrol and diesel prices by as much as 2p. Asda said the cuts are due to wholesale prices. Sainsbury's, Tesco and finally Morrisons followed suit to also say they are cutting gas pri ... read more »

Comet suspends gift cards as chain goes into administration

03 November 2012 - If it is not bad enough that comet collapsed into administration this week it has now emerged that its administrators have suspended the use of gift vouchers even though all comet stores remain open. It has been reported that the staff have been inst ... read more »

With comet in administration here are your consumer rights

01 November 2012 - Comet retailer to go into administration It’s not really any great surprise to see another retailer on the verge of collapse. This time it is Comet that are believed to be on the brink of administration, which will be one of the biggest casualt ... read more »

Do the new Child benefit cuts break EU Laws?

29 October 2012 - Is it legal for child benefit to be means-tested? On 7th January 2013 a new Child Benefit Scheme is being introduced which will affect 1.2 million families. Under the new scheme if you or your partner earns more than £50,000 per year you will b ... read more »

OTF tells schools not to force parents on where they buy uniforms

25 October 2012 - 75% of state schools tell parents where to shop for uniforms. The Office of Fair Trading's (OFT) recent report on school uniforms found that a staggering 74 per cent of schools impose restrictions on where parents can buy their child's unifor ... read more »

Tesco discount online

11 October 2012 - Tesco are giving £10 off when you spend £75 or more on Tesco direct (their online portal). All you need to do is enter discount code: TD-MXTN when you get to the online checkout. Disclaimer Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the l ... read more »

Tesco discount

10 October 2012 - How can I save money shopping at tesco? Tesco are giving 25% off Wine by the case for new customers using eCoupon code XXKXFP. ... read more »

Be warned to read the small print on M&S new savers account which is claiming to pay out 6%. A must read for savers

10 October 2012 - Is the new M&S Monthly Saver account all its cracked up to be? What you need to know about the new M&S Monthly Saver account The M&S Monthly Saver offers a fixed rate of 6% gross AER (or 4.8% after tax) to those who can deposit between &p ... read more »

Two people who sent millions of spam text messages face being fined up to £500,000

01 October 2012 - Spam text senders face fines of up to £500,000 We are all experiencing an increase in unsolicited ‘spam’ text messages, usually about PPI, reducing debt or other similar services offered by claims management companies. These texts a ... read more »

Waitrose offer £50 off your first 'five' online shops

27 September 2012 - Waitrose are offering £50 off your first five online grocery shops. To qualify you need to: 1. Spend £75 or more 'per shop' 2. Place your first offer for delivery by 3 November 3. Receive your fifth delivery by 15 December 2012 Di ... read more »

Tesco mobile customers get 12 months free broadband

26 September 2012 - Customers with a mobile subscription with Tesco are being offered 12 months' free home broadband and calls when they also take out line rental. All Tesco Mobile customers - including pay monthly, pay-as-you-go and SIM-only users - are entitled to ... read more »

Asda and Sainsbury cut petrol prices

25 September 2012 - In a move that clearly goes against recent trends Asda has cut its fuel prices pleadging that unleaded petrol will cost "no more that " 135.7 pence-per-litre at its forecourts and that diesel will be cut to 139.7 pence-per-litre. Sainsbury ... read more »

Ofgem plans to cost consumers

16 July 2012 - National Grid's £22bn energy upgrade Ofgem, the energy regulator, set out plans today for a £22bn upgrade to the UK’s ageing gas and electricity networks. The work will allow the connection of more renewable energy projects but ... read more »

Free new boiler and cheap gas and electricity

09 July 2012 - If someone told you that an energy company would give you a FREE new boiler and cheap electricity and gas you simply would not believe it. Why would you in an age where the energy companies cant stop increasing prices. However, this is exactly what a ... read more »

Do those tiny terms and conditions trip you up?

20 June 2012 - Have you ever been caught out by the small print If you are one of the many many people that has i want to hear your story as something needs to be done. We are going to campaign for 'ban the small print' and for key terms (such as price and ... read more »

Are you in debt due to a car loan?

09 June 2012 - Are you in debt due to a car loan that you took out before 2008? If you are it is possible that the loan does not comply with the Consumer Credit Act and therefore that it cannot be enforced against you. If this applies to you send us your story... D ... read more »

New PIP Warning

19 March 2012 - PIP breast implants - Your Rights An investigation by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has revealed that PiP implants made before 2001 may contain unauthorised silicone gel, contrary to initial guidance from French health autho ... read more »

Secret Courts For July 7 Bombing Hearings

05 March 2012 - Secret court hearings over the suspects of the 7/7 bombings There are proposals that the hearings for inquests and civil cases for victims of soldiers and members of the public killed by “friendly fire” in the 7th July bombings are to be ... read more »

Supermarket Price Cuts Not All They Appear To Be

05 March 2012 - Supermarkets accused of misleading price labels A survey has revealed that the top supermarkets are offering fake price cuts to consumers as whilst they reduce one item they put others up so the weekly shopping bill actually rises. A further study by ... read more »

PIP implant disclaimers

20 February 2012 - PIP victims to sign disclaimers & confidentially We are being informed by many women who have PIP breast implants that they have been asked by their surgeries to sign disclaimers before the surgery will replace the implants. STOP, DO NOT SIGN THI ... read more »

HIP replacements

20 February 2012 - Do you know someone that died shortly after having a hip replacement? We are investigating this as we have receieved so many messages from people who someone that this happened to.. ... read more »

Tell us about your Bank Charges

20 February 2012 - Do you understand the charges that your bank charge you for your overdraft? I am guessing not but I want to hear from as many of you as possible to confirm this. Together, we can do something about this! ... read more »

Has your section 75 claim been refused

19 January 2012 - Section 75 Refunds - Your Consumer Rights We are being informed about an alarming amount of cases where credit card companies are refusing to pay out under section 75 claims. We feel really strongly about this as the Consumer Credit Act makes it clea ... read more »
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