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Your rights regarding - Age discrimination at work

15 February 2013 - Age discrimination at work - know your basic rights at work and know how to flight back Equal opportunities law aims to create a 'level playing field' so that people are employed, paid, trained and promoted only because of their skills, abili ... read more »

A guide to care homes

25 January 2013 - How can I find a good care home for my dad? Every care home should be monitored and inspected on a regular basic. The frequency of these visits depends on its previous rating and information supplied by residents, the public or local authorities. Eac ... read more »

FSA to introduce new rules to stop Banks mis-selling to Elderly

28 July 2012 - At last the FSA 'seem' to be doing something to stop the banks and other financial institutions mis-selling financial products. This is long overdue and I cannot understand why it has taken so long. Dependant upon how effective these new rule ... read more »

No Human Rights for Elderly

18 June 2012 - Human Rights Act fails to protect elderly The Human Rights Act does not protect the elderly in care homes and hospitals. The only cover for the elderly under the Human Rights Act is for those residents whose fees are paid by their local authority or ... read more »

Care Homes Failing the Elderly

25 April 2012 - Elderly care home abuse Care homes are coming under increasing attack for the care received by their residents. Another care home has been under investigation by the Care Quality Commission where a male nurse was jailed following his abuse of an elde ... read more »

Elderly NHS Patients Discharged at Night

12 April 2012 - It has been revealed that thousands of patients are being sent home to relieve the pressure on beds in the middle of the night. Some of them being elderly patients who have to go home to empty houses with little or no planning for their return home. ... read more »

Tax Blunder at HMRC for the Elderly

28 March 2012 - Another gaffe from HMRC to the most venerable Threatening demands are being received for tax payments, particularly by the elderly, who have not underpaid tax. In November 2011 HMRC advised that over a million people had underpaid tax due to their ta ... read more »

Elderly Discrimination for Cancer Treatment

27 March 2012 - NHS tells Elderly cancer sufferers that they are too old to treat A report reveals that as many as 14,000 elderly people are considered too old to treat and although cancer rates are high in the over 75s, cases are often diagnosed too late and then l ... read more »

Shortage of Nurses on Elderly Wards

20 March 2012 - A report has revealed that there is a lack of qualified nurses on elderly wards and the ratio on average is one nurse to every nine patients whereas the Royal College of Nursing requires one nurse to every seven patients, with the ideal ratio being o ... read more »

Home Carers Disgrace, Elderly mistreated

16 March 2012 - Elderly people and their families to keep a dairy to prove misstreating carers For those elderly people who wish to remain at their own homes, a report has revealed that there are a catalogue of missed visits, food and drink being left out of reach, ... read more »

Elderly man's life made a misery by ASBO Neighbour

08 March 2012 - The buyer of a house in Essex, Mr Hurst, who is an elderly man and keeps himself to himself, was told that there were no problems with the neighbours and he has launched a legal battle for compensation from the seller as it turns out that his neighbo ... read more »

Elderly Neglected in Care Homes

07 March 2012 - Findings from the 'State of Care' report 2012 Report from the Care Quality Commission states that more need to be done to care for our elderly A new report has shown that whilst in some areas the care of elderly residents in care homes is ver ... read more »

Elderly Rally To Highlight Care Home Fee Costs

06 March 2012 - Campaigners urge for pensions facing care bill to keep home Under the current legislation, any pensioner who has more than £23,500 in savings or any other assets, has to pay the full costs of their care home fees. This means that some elderly h ... read more »

Government must take action to stop the cuts affecting the elderly

24 January 2012 - As the NHS has to make savings of around £20 billion, it has been revealed by a survey by the Health Select Committee. The majority of the cuts are on social care budgets with the average cut being 7%. It is reported that half the councils surv ... read more »

The Elderly to lose care services at home

21 November 2011 - Many councils have cut NSH home help for the elderly Town Hall cuts across the country are now affecting the most vulnerable in our society. Free care to the elderly at home is reportedly being cut in more than four out of five councils across the na ... read more »
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