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Unnecessary Water Insurance Push by Water Firms

19 April 2012 - Have you been pressured into taking out water insurance coverage? Water companies are pushing to get consumers to take out expensive policies through third parties like Homeserve for burst pipes when they have their own free repair service. A Which? ... read more »

Interest Only Mortgage Fears

12 April 2012 - Are you in danger of becoming a "zombie household" Whilst interest only mortgages may be cheaper at the moment due to the low interest rates and many homeowners changing from Capital to Interest Only repayments, in the long run economists f ... read more »

Mortgage Shortfalls Still Repayable For Up To 12 Years

07 April 2012 - Mortgage repossession shortfall - Your consumer rights If you have had your home repossessed over the last 12 years, you could have to pay out for any shortfall (including agents and solicitors fees) once the house has been sold by the lender. One la ... read more »

Allotment Taken Away From Pensioner

07 April 2012 - Allotment plot taken away from elderly due to safety hazard A pensioner who lived for his allotment has received a letter from his local council giving him three weeks to remove the allotment as they state his bad hip was a safety hazard. The council ... read more »

Water Companies Wasting Water

03 April 2012 - At a time when we are all being told to save water and a hosepipe ban is being introduced from Thursday, some water companies are still “high pressure flushing” to clear mains pipes of sediment and rust. One particular water board sent su ... read more »

Water Rates Rise

14 March 2012 - In the light of the imminent hosepipe ban, customers are furious over the proposed rise by up to 8 per cent in water rate bills. This is to take into account a contribution towards the improvement programme taking place from 2010 to 2015 and has been ... read more »

EDF cutting gas prices

12 January 2012 - EDF cuts energy prices by 5 per cent EDF energy to cut gas prices by 5% EDF has cut gas prices by 5% to take effect from 7th February, and the remainder of the “big six” have been urged to slash their tariffs to follow suit. This is lot l ... read more »
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