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Beat phone bill run up by child

23 September 2013 - How to get your money back when kids purchased apps Parents have been hit with big bills after their children played games on their ipad and iphone. Obviously prevention is better than cure, so if your child plays with games online consider taking ac ... read more »

Avoid Losing Your Child Benefit In January

24 September 2012 - New rules regarding child benefit - What you need to know Over the next few weeks the government will be sending over one million letters out to families that are set to loose their child benefit from January. If one of the parents earns more that &p ... read more »

Mothers of Surrogate Babies not entitled to Maternity Pay

19 April 2012 - Surrogacy mother deniyed maternity pay The woman who was born without a womb and could never have children was offered help by her cousin who offered to carry the baby. Her MP has introduced a Bill for the legal loophole to be closed. Disclaimer Whil ... read more »

Fines for Parents of Truants

16 April 2012 - Truancy fines for parents New proposals being considered by the Government which would mean that parents could face fines of up to £120.00 which would be deducted from their Child Benefit if they are not paid. There are claims that an increasin ... read more »

Physiotherapists Banned From Touching Patients

12 April 2012 - New NHS rules bans Physiotherapists from touching patients NHS plans were branded “barmy” yesterday after it was revealed that physiotherapists could no longer use their hands to massage aching joints and limbs but had to tell patients to ... read more »

Toddler "Too Tall" For Playgroup

16 March 2012 - Can a Toddler be too too tall For Playgroup? A two year old toddler’s parents have been told that they must pay the full price for their son instead of the “toddler” rate as he is too tall and is a health and safety risk. The Advent ... read more »

No Coffee at Toddler Group for Health and Safety reasons

02 March 2012 - Coffee banned during kids fun due to health and safety concerns. Mums at a children’s centre have been told that they cannot have a cup of coffee whilst looking after their children as it is against Health and Safety rules and is dangerous. The ... read more »

CSA Bill covered by Taxpayers

27 January 2012 - CSA receives millions of pounds in tax each year It is reported that millions of pounds every year is paid by taxpayers to the CSA. This is because half of all breakups use the service to arrange maintenance payments. A very small number use lawyers ... read more »

Universal Credit supports working mums

27 November 2011 - New benefits system "Universal Credit" to be introduced 2013 The Government is planning a major shake-up in relation to benefits with a new system "Universal Credit" which is planned to be introduced in 2013. The Government is cla ... read more »
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