Six ways to Recycle for Cash

You will surprised what value others put on your unwanted items, whatever they are! With this being the case before you throw anything away consider if it can be recycled for cash - ie: will someone else but it from you. Here are some ideas:
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Sell your Clothes

There are loads of organisations that will take your unwanted clothes off your hands. Some will pay you, some will exchange with you and others are charities:
  • Fashion site ASOS also has its own Marketplace where you can buy and sell second-hand clothes.
  • H&M will give you a £5 voucher for a bag of clothes

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CDs, games and DVDs
Again lots of organisations will buy your unwanted cds and dvds, including:



Did you know you can sell and swap books?
Lots of organisations will buy your unwanted books, including:

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Trade in your old Mobile phone for cash
You no doubt have seen all the adverts by companies who will buy your mobile phone, including:

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Make money from Aluminium cans!
There are centres in various places around the country that will pay you for recycling aluminium cans in bundles. You can find your nearest centre on

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Can I get cash from used Ink cartridges?
Yes, you really can earn cash from your used ink cartridges. Have a look at Cash For or



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