Reduce your Electricity Bills

I am paying too much for my electricity bill
Firstly: Compare, compare, compare. There is always a supplier that has a better pricing structure for your individual needs. 
The best and easiest way to compare all of the prices is to use a comparison website. However one important point to note: when you find what you consider is the best deal for you DON’T go direct to the supplier, but instead link through to the supplier via the comparison site. By doing this you will probably get a cash back deal and therefore earn some money! If the comparison site that you use does not have this offer, look at another one.
Key comparison sites 
Secondly: once you have grabbed yourself the best bargain on the market so far as the prices that you will pay for your electricity, you need to consider what you can do to keep your bills down.
Keeping your Electricity Bills down
Make sure that your home is properly insulated – the better your insulation the more electricity you will save. There are various government grants available to help you with this.
Replace your light bulbs with energy saving bulbs and switch off lights and electricity when you do not need them and only turn the heating on when necessary.
Pay by monthly direct debit – many suppliers will give you a discount for paying like this
Take regular meter readings. If you don’t do this your supplier will estimate your usage until they next take a reading and this may cost you more.
Unplug your electrical appliances when not in use





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Last updated: 22 June 2012

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