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Sell your unwanted items

Sell Your Books, CD's, DVD's. and Games for Cash!

We all have unwanted items and with this being the case we all have an opportunity to make some extra cash.

So you now have a choice, be a hoarder and clutter your house month on month or be ruthless, only ever keep what you need and make money from your unwanted goods.

How do I make extra money?

Here's how:

Make money from Ebay

Anyone can set up an ebay account and you can practically sell anything via ebay. It is therefore well worth setting up an ebay account so that you can sell unwanted items when necessary.

However, make sure that you read the ebay rules carefully as you pay a fee to ebay for each sale so you need to work out exactly how much you will make from each sale after the ebay commission. The advantage of this approach though is that you only pay if you sell, unlike a paper advert which you would pay for up front regardless of whether you sell or not.

Make money from Amazon

Anyone can set up an amazon account. However, this is more for regular traders as opposed to ad hoc sellers.

Car Boot fairs

Most areas have local car boot fairs and these are a good way of selling unwanted household items

How to turn your old Mobile Phone into cash?

There are now numerous websites that buy used mobile phones. If you have replaced your mobile phone don't put your old one in the draw, sell it. By doing a Google search for "sell your mobile phone" you will get a list of websites that will buy from you.

How do I sell Gold/Jewellery?
There are also numerous websites that buy used gold and jewellery. Again, you simply need to Google "sell your gold or jewellery"
How can I make extra cash from my Music and DVD's?

If you want to sell old music (cd's, vinyl) or DVD's there are various sites that will buy from you. Google "sell my DVD'S"

Can I make money from my old Electrical items?

Again, various websites buy unwanted electrical items, including cameras and computers. Google " sell my electrical items"

How can I sell my Clothes?

Various websites/companies buy unwanted used clothes by the sack load. Google "sell unwanted clothes"

Can I make extra cash from used Baby Items?

Many people buy second hand baby items so if you have unwanted baby items Google "sell unwanted baby items"

Sell unwanted books online for cash

There are many websites around which will pay for your unwanted books. All you need to do is simply need to Google "sell unwanted books online for cash"

How do websites which will buy unwanted stuff work?


As a rule of thumb these website work by you entering or scanning the ISBN or barcode and getting a instant quote. Once compete you simply print off a address label and post your goods off for free.

Always Compare

Like with everything its best to search the market for the best price. You don't have to go to each company in turn with a long list of unwanted items, just pick two of three who you like the look of baring in mind customer reviews and see who offers you the most.

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